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DIY Divination – 5 Effective Methods to Tap Your Psychic Ability

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If there was ever a time to turn up the volume on your individual psychic ability, it is now!

With so many people finding themselves in a state of sustained confusion and uncertainty due to the unrelenting crisis of the pandemic – lockdowns, social isolation, and increased turmoil, more people are finding the need to seek answers by turning inward to navigate what the heck is happening out there.

In fact, some reports say that individuals seeking guidance from psychics, including Tarot card readers jumped drastically since the onset of the pandemic back in March of 2020.

While that’s great for those who make reading the cards and other forms of divination their profession, some are feeling the call to tap their own psychic ability by learning different methods that can enable them to flip the intuitive switch on at will.

The ancient art of divination is said to date back to 332 BC when Alexander the Great visited the Oracle of Amun Siwa Oasis in Egypt.

According to some records, divination, described as the ability to gain insight about a question or situation by means of a third party (person) or modality (crystal gazing), was frowned upon by various religious organizations and in some cases was even punishable by death to those who regularly practiced it.

Nonetheless, a variety of divination modalities have grown over the years, while slowly but surely gaining more acceptance in mainstream society.

I have personally been keen to develop my own unique psychic abilities throughout my life and continue to explore methods best suited to my own growth as a spiritually and intuitively inclined individual.

Here are 5 methods I have used effectively and with great success over the years…

1. Pendulum Dowsing:

Dowsing is classically defined as a method of divining for the purpose of locating certain objects like minerals or metal, or finding areas of underground supplies of water.

Typically when using this method for finding objects around or under the earth, a dowsing rod (even a wire hanger) have been used. It is believed that the wire rod naturally responds to energetic hot spots or ley lines on the Earth that can guide and direct the motion of the rod to the desired location.

Pendulum dowsing is the process of taking a weighted object suspended by a chain, string or even a piece of thread and allowing it move freely in response to a specific question – typically one that requires a “yes” “no” answer.

Dowsing has been a key part of my own psychic arsenal for many years, due chiefly to the fact that, although the answers are never 100 percent correct, I have found it uncannily accurate, particularly when working with a partner.

Practice this…

Sit with a friend and ask them to think of a question of which they already know the answer. Ask them to keep the answer to themselves but have them ask the question to see if you can procure the correct information on your own.

I have practiced this method with my good friend on numerous occasions and although I’ve not been correct 100 percent of the time, the number of hits have far exceeded any of chance!

One spin we have also put on this is to follow the process as described above, but instead of their asking the question to me out loud, they will simply think it – a sort of dowsing and telepathy combined.

Again, I was able to procure a stunning number of accurate answers via the pendulum with either a “yes” (clockwise motion) or “no” (counter clockwise motion) response.

As mentioned, you can easily create your own dowsing tool by simply attaching a weighted item like a small rock or even a pen or pencil to a chain or string (this same friend told me that her grandmother used to dowse by simply threading a needle and using that as her pendulum). I find different pendulums can work to a greater or lesser extent depending on what you are using them for.

I have amassed quite a collection of pendulums over the years and find myself drawn to one or the other depending on the type of guidance I am seeking. Some of the favorites in my collection include pendulums made of copper, brass, and of course crystals of all kinds. There are virtually hundreds to choose from. See what resonates with you and have fun collecting these beautiful little pieces of art all while cultivating your psychic ability!

Some of my favorite pendulums available from Amazon










There are also some amazing books to help you on your pendulum dowsing journey that I highly recommend. Some of my favorites include: The Essential Book of Pendulums and Dowsing for Beginners

2. Stichomancy

Stichomancy or simply book dowsing is another amazingly easy method of divining answers to a range of questions.

I recall early on in my divination journey I’d visited a local metaphysical bookstore and found a small but attractive hardcover book at the check out. Simply titled The Book of Answers – this volume is made up of nothing more than simple phrases like: “Now is the right time” or “You better think twice” each featured on a different page. That’s it! Funny thing is that whatever I’d ask (often simply thinking it, rather than speaking it aloud) the answers (or in this case, advice) was strikingly spot on!

Over the years, and long before I knew of any formal term to describe what I’d been referring to as simply “book dowsing,” I realized that I could probably use the same method with any book I chose. As a journalist and researcher having amassed a fairly large collection of books over time, I would allow my eyes to land on a specific title in my library. Wherever I would find my eyes landing, I would simply pick up the book, keeping my question in mind and open it to a “random” page.

Nearly every time, a profound answer or piece of advice would be right in the book and on the page I’d chosen!

When I narrated an audiobook for best-selling authors Rob and Trish MacGregor back in 2019 called Phenomena – Harnessing Your Psychic Powers, I was stunned to learn that my little “book dowsing” practice actually had a name – stichomancy.

Practice this…

Below is an excerpt from Phenomena that describes the process of stichomancy…

“Here’s a system that’s quick and easy, and can be surprisingly accurate. Think of a question or issue that concerns you. Take a few moments to focus on it. Then open a book and randomly stab your finger at a line. See if the word or phrase your finger touches illuminates your question or concern. We find that dictionaries work best for us. Some practitioners favor using a Bible or other religious texts.

The symbology of the source you use should also resonate for you. In other words, if you’ve never read the Bible, that probably wouldn’t be the ideal book to use. On the other hand, if you’re a fairy tale buff, try Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Think of your question, open the book to a random page and with your eyes closed, point at any spot on the page. See if the word, phrase or sentence your finger touches addresses your question. You might also take note of the fairy tale involved.

If you’re using a dictionary, look at the word you’re pointing at, the surrounding words and especially the word that’s being defined. Also, note the word above and the one below. You might find further clarification. However, if a nearby word defined on the page is opposite in meaning, that might indicate the matter you asked about could go either way. In any case, if the meaning is ambiguous, close the book and ask again for clarification. You might also re-phrase the question so it’s more specific. However, avoid asking endless questions or superficial ones. You’ll tend to receive superficial answers.”

3. Pareidolia

“Say what?” you might be asking. Pronounced Pare-ah-dole-eeya, is described as “the tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus, usually visual, so that one sees an object, pattern, or meaning where there is none. (source: Wikipedia)

I’ve also heard pareidolia described as a “condition” as if the individual perceiving a butterfly in the clouds during the burial of their beloved aunt who loved butterflies or thousands of witnesses saying they saw an evil face emerge from the smoke following the World Trade Center collapse on 9/11, were simply delusional!

Of course it is far easier to discredit a phenomenon that science simply can’t explain by their own instruments, than to explore the possible explanation of a holographically projected reality, and one that can both respond to human emotion and to our individual questions and concerns.

My sense (and I’ve seen this in my own life) is that pareidolia can be harnessed as a tool for divining.

In Everyday Oracles – Decoding the Divine Messages That Are All Around Us, author Ann Bolinger-McQuade says…

“Personal oracles are just that: personal. They resonate with you and you alone according to your unique needs…I’ve yet to meet a person who hasn’t gazed at clouds with wonder and delight, even if they never considered that clouds could serve as personal oracles…for me clouds deliver messages of all kinds.”

Seeing images, often faces in the clouds is probably the most common medium for a pareidolia experience.

Practice this…

Here’s a process you might try to see (literally) if this method works for you.

Ask a question, either out loud or in thought. Simply go outside and lie on the ground, gazing skyward. Note: being in nature also serves as a conduit for connecting with celestial elements which can aid your search for answers.

Next, fix your eyes on the sky and simply notice what you are seeing. Be careful not to push to make yourself see something that isn’t there.  Just witness what’s before you and see if any images emerge.

What’s interesting is that by simply engaging this process of cloud or sky gazing, you may actually have a thought or answer pop into your mind, whether you visually see something or not.

You can also practice this process by looking at the patterns in tree branches or trunks or even in the fabric of your living room drapes!


4. Hypnogogia

It is well known that just prior to falling to sleep as well as the moments just before fully waking up are potent for receiving messages of all kinds. I have both written and spoken quite extensively about this magical element of awareness referred to as the hypnogogic state.

Many world renowned thinkers throughout history including Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were said to utilize this in-between state of consciousness as a process for divining information of all kinds, some of which changed the course of human history.

To reiterate, often-times methods like these, including pareidolia can seem rather arbitrary and unsolicited. But the beauty of these areas of consciousness is that with practice, they can be utilized to tap specific information on demand.

Practice this…

Just prior to falling asleep, make mental or written note of a specific question. As always, make it clear and concise. You can even take the written question or concern and tuck it into your pillow, but in addition make this your last conscious thought before falling off into sleep.

Most importantly, request that you receive insight into the given question just prior to waking up.

Keep in mind that it is also possible you may have a dream that provides guidance to your question. Interestingly, many of our most potent dreams actually happen just prior to waking up, thereby putting us close to the hypnogogic state. No coincidence!

Upon awakening if any messages crop up, be sure to immediately jot them down, and of course, if the answer or advice is sound – act on it!

The fifth and final method I highly recommend may initially sound counter intuitive, but stay with me – this can really work in your favor…

5. Get a Psychic Reading…

Though the focus for this article is to show you how to harness your own psychic or intuitive ability, there is indeed merit in going to a third-party for a reading in order to do just that!

I recall back in April of 2020 I had gone to get a psychic reading from a well known spiritual adviser network.

In all transparency, the company had approached me with an interest in sponsoring my show, and requested that I get a reading with one of their advisers prior to sponsoring the episode.

In the short but powerful session, I was told that they (the reader) saw me featured in a National television series. He literally said to me, “Are you familiar with the show Celebrity Ghost Stories that aired years ago?” I answered, “Yes, I loved that show.” He then said, “It’s like that. It’s a show that you will be on…and I want you to write this down…it’s A&E, History Channel. Are you writing this down?” he said. “Yes,” I answered.

Fast forward to mid August of the same year – and I have to emphasize that I’d LONG forgotten about what he’d told me. To be honest, with all that was going on with the pandemic at the time, I’d not even given the reading a second thought, so it was essentially absent from my conscious mind.

About one week before I would inevitably get a call from The History Channel asking me to appear as a subject matter expert for a new series called The Proof is Out There, I had hired a part time producer for my own show. As I was getting my new hire acclimated to his job I said to him something to this effect: “I don’t know. I may be needing you for some other tasks in the coming months, maybe for another gig that’s coming up. Let’s see.”

Again, I had completely forgotten about the reading I’d received several months before. Furthermore, after I’d made that comment to him, I had no idea where it was coming from! “Am I making this up?” I asked myself afterward. “Am I delusional?”

Then in August…Boom – It happened!

At the time of this writing, season two of The Proof is Out There is set to debut and yours truly is now one of their regularly featured experts for the show!

Here’s the bottom line.

Just merely by the process of obtaining a psychic reading from someone else, particularly if you do it on a regular basis – that frequent engagement can serve to catalyze your own psychic development.


When you are getting a reading, stay open, not only to the messages you are getting but to the process by which it is happening.

In my own case, because I am a researcher within the field that includes psychic ability and other metaphysical areas of study, I was by default perhaps already in resonance with the process, allowing the reading to add potency and accuracy to my own intuitive proclivity.

But this can be consciously obtained by anyone getting readings on a regular basis.

psychic abilities


Practice this…

Be aware of not only what your psychic adviser is telling you, but how they are sharing the information. Pick up on their questions, their tone, even the pauses between their words. Get in rhythm with their energy signature!

By doing this you too can fall into a coherent resonance with the reader and eventually your new favorite trusted psychic advisor will be… you!

Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!

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