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Shining Light In The Dark – 3 Tips For Transitioning To A New World

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Many of us (myself included) feel that we are currently living in the early stages of a global transformation – an evolution that is shifting us into a higher state of consciousness. However, because we’ve been conditioned to live mostly from a place of “seeing is believing” and “waiting for a savior” it is possible that we are slowing our own transformation, waiting for things to change instead of helping to create the light ourselves and shift from the inside out. How do we shine our light when things seem to be the darkest they’ve ever been? First. Acknowledge the dark.

Lighting Is Everything

Have you ever been to a club around last call? You’re having an amazing time. The vibe is right, you’re feeling great and it all seems beautiful and magical – in fact the mood is absolutely enchanting. Then BAM! Last call. The lights come on and the magic is over. You see the situation for what it is – there’s puke on the dance floor, someone has passed out at a table and the paint on the wall is chipping. Seeing the reality of things, you hurry off to pay your tab.

Thing is, that state of enchantment might have continued for a very long time had the lights not been turned on. But the lights were turned on, and not just a few warm lamp lights….harsh overhead florescent lights that filled every crack and crevice. Luckily, the light was bright enough to give you a glimpse of what truly surrounded you and motivated you to leave.

When you feel discouraged about all the dark in the world, consider that there must be a great deal of light arriving on the scene as well, allowing you to see the entire picture – inside and out. So how can you help this global transition? SHINE YOUR LIGHT. This might sound hard considering just how heavy things are feeling at the moment. However, starting small with what feels right for you is easier than you think.

Consider That Your Body May Be Changing And Adjust Accordingly

In Mary Rodwell’s book, The New Human she quotes Dr Lena Ohlsen (molecular biologist) as saying:

Recently, scientists in Cambridge presented astonishing data, for the first time in human history, of a quadruple strand (four strand) formation working in human cells. They believe it’s connected with disease, but I believe it’s connected with what I call ‘ the new way of 3D folding DNA’ caused by frequencies we’re bombarded with from cosmos, Earth and the Sun.”

The new just means the genes which have been dormant and further away from each other are closer and activating, giving the bearer (person as well as animals) extra abilities.”

The first 2 abilities listed by Dr Ohlsen are:

a heightened and sensitive nervous system” and “new ways of processing data”.


It’s important to acknowledge that this shift is happening both inside and out. So let’s start there.


1.Regulate Your Nervous System

Your nervous systems may feel like it’s in overdrive right now, so some regulation makes sense. Drink A LOT of water, way more than you think you need. Get enough sleep.

Spend time in stillness. Spend time outdoors. Take a bath, Breathe deeply, Play in a coloring book. Take a walk. Hang out with animals. Create, dance, sing. Play some intentional music.

Experiment with essential oils. Pray or meditate.

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2. Be Mindful Of What You Consume

MANY of us feeling the shift right now are also empaths. Discerning if it is your energy or someone else’s is important, especially when you are watching what you consume.

Consider taking a news/media break. Ask yourself if the thought you are having is authentically yours or are you repeating what you’ve heard on the news? Have you given yourself the time to sit with things and decide for yourself?

Notice how your body feels while you are consuming ANYTHING – conversation with friends, movies, music, food, beverages, your own thoughts. Practicing this allows your very own navigation system to kick in and you can begin to create an environment around you that feels good.

3. Practice Kindness

Starting with yourself. Acknowledge that what you are experiencing right now is BIG and that you’ve never been through anything like it. There are no maps for this, we are in uncharted territory. So giving yourself permission and space to feel what you are feeling and to treat yourself with as much understanding and kindness as possible is key.

Practice softening your self talk and refrain from internally beating yourself up. Take a nap if you feel tired and you are able. Say yes to things you are truly aligned with and not out of obligation. Have a dialog with yourself by journaling questions for the child within who may be feeling scared, mad or confused.

When you practice this kindness it will naturally flow out to others, creating a ripple effect that we greatly need during these times.






Stephanie Gray

Stephanie Gray is a process arts facilitator, Creative Self - Discoverist, writer and artist and is co-founder of Creative Nectar Studio. Stephanie has been process painting since 1996 and facilitating since 2009. Working from her home studio and on line with folks all over the globe she combines process art making, creative writing, active listening, heart-based questioning and over 20 years of her own self-discovery practice to assist individuals in living a more authentic life, cultivating awareness of their sacred selves.

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