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“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.”

That now famous quote by author Donald Miller though certainly true, is just part of the story.

If we are to engage the process of becoming evolved beings both individually and collectively, it will not be by information alone.

We are at a critical stage when it comes to moving the needle of mass consciousness and our human and spiritual trajectory. Each and every one of us not only has the ability to procure from the vast knowledge base of our exterior world, but to go into the interior of one’s self to discover where knowledge truly lies.

Through that discovery we will understand that along with information comes experience, and by synthesizing personal experience with exterior knowledge, we will come to know ourselves and relate to our world in a more powerful, productive and positive way.

Higher Journeys is a media hub that creates content designed to support that discovery by covering the areas of consciousness, spirituality, metaphysics and beyond. In so doing, we are here to add to your “exploration arsenal” as a means to help shift the consciousness of you the individual and that of humanity at-large.

There exists a broad spectrum of life experience that has historically and systemically been left out of public discourse. The good news is that with our growing and diverse sources of media, these areas of experience are beginning to get more attention.

But this is just the beginning!

As discussions around these areas of life are becoming more commonplace in both community and private conversation, more sources of “deep dive” information are needed to guide the discussions and corroborate the many experiences individuals are having – often on a daily basis. Where the mainstream is still reluctant to place due attention on these critical subjects, we at Higher Journeys are here to provide a portal where you can regularly “check in” with these areas of reality that are critical to understand in order to assist this shift in personal and collective consciousness.

Whether it’s understanding the dynamic of intuitive and synchronistic experiences or grappling with a lifetime of encounters from areas of life that you just don’t understand, Higher Journeys’ content is presented to further explore these and many other aspects of life that heretofore have not been taken into serious account.

Through its written blog and audio/video podcasts since 2012, Higher Journeys has been producing content around these transformational topics that include:

Consciousness and the Nature of Reality

Psychic ability (intuition, synchronicity, precognition)

Channeling and Divination


UFOs and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence (ET contact)

Afterlife, Past lives and Reincarnation

Near death and Out of Body Experiences

Alternative Healing

Quantum Physics

Mind, Body, Spirit (including health/wellness, meditation and other alternative modalities.)

…and much, much more! As the experience evolves so will the subjects we explore here at Higher Journeys.

We are rooted in, and committed to the idea that in order to make the shift into a truly evolved species, we must be willing to fully investigate these areas of experience that have played a central role in all of humanity since the beginning of time. And it is with this idea in mind that our mission is to support our readers, listeners and viewers with all that they need to discover the true essence of self and of our world.

Most importantly, it is with these ideas in mind that understanding self is at the heart of it all. When this happens, we will be primed to evolve.

As Higher Journeys’ founder Alexis Brooks once told an interviewer when asked what she’d discovered in all her years of research and experience within the more esoteric realms of reality, she said…

“The biggest discovery in all of this is self-discovery!”


If you would like to learn more about Higher Journeys or you’re interested in contacting HJ’s founder and editor Alexis Brooks for a media appearance please be sure to contact us HERE.





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