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I’ve never been short on words, and I love sharing my ideas with others, though they’re just my thoughts and perspectives – a way to nudge others to begin to shape their own philosophy of life. We’re all on a personalized journey, and that’s a glorious thing! – Alexis Brooks


Skeptiko with Alex Tsakiris

Alexis Brooks interviews on extended consciousness and UFOs, and goes where mainstream media can’t. (June 2019)

Radio Out There

Veteran Australian broadcaster Barry Eaton of Radio Out There interviews Alexis about her lecture in Australia about ET contact as a mass phenomenon, the metaphysics of water and dowsing, simultaneous time and Alexis’ research into animal reincarnation. (March 2019)

Strange Dimensions with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Alexis joins host Rosemary Ellen Guiley for Strange Dimensions on KGRA Radio to discuss all of the “strange” and unusual activity happening on the planet right now, including the Las Vegas and New York City attacks and how precognition, premonition and number synchronicity factors in! (November 2017)

A Conversation with Alfred Lambremont Webre

Alexis shares her own journey of awakening, and discusses the significance of multidimensional experiences, the coming shift and the possible separation of densities with exopolitics’ own Alfred Lambremont Webre (December 2016).

Modern Mystics Podcast Hosted by Tracy James

Alexis discusses liberation through understanding the truth of “the news,” spiritual sovereignty, and the importance of contemplation as a tool for individual evolution. (September 2016)

Feature Article

Alexis explains how becoming an author was not necessarily her planned path and how her new book fast became a #1 best-seller. (June 2014)

Self Transformation and the Urgency of Now!

Alexis discusses critical steps to transformation and the power of individuality based on her newly released book Conscious Musings. (March 2014)

30 Odd Minutes TV

Alexis discusses animal reincarnation based on a personal story that inspired her research into this phenomenon. (November 2013)

UnCommon Awareness with Lorraine Hurley

Alexis and Lorraine chat about the true nature of reality and the “magic embedded within the madness” of life.

Pathways Show Hosted by Paul O'Brien (KBOO FM Portland, OR)

Paul and Alexis share insights on intuition, synchronicity, and manifestation based on principles from Alexis’ book Conscious Musings. (July 2015)

Discussions of Truth with Ian Trottier

Alexis joins Ian Trottier for Discussions of Truth about the Human-Alien Hybrid program and more! (June 2019)

Fade 2 Black with Jimmy Church

Two talk show hosts – one explosive episode! Alexis and Jimmy chat it up about all things paranormal, consciousness, conspiracy, and of course ET’s and UFO’s. The rabbit hole goes deep on this one! (November 2017)

Talking Synchronicity with Dr. Bernie Beitman

What is synchronicity? How does it occur? And are more people seeing synchronicity in their lives these days? Alexis shares her insights about the dynamics of synchronicity with psychiatrist and host of Connecting with Coincidence Bernie Beitman MD (April 2017).

Lilou Mace's Juicy Living Tour - On Location in Montreal, Quebec

Alexis sits down with Lilou to discuss her new best-selling book Conscious Musings and the importance of recognizing synchronicity as a means to transform your life. (April 2014)

Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett on Empower Radio

Alexis speaks with Wendy about synchronicity, paranormal experience, animal reincarnation and much more in this candid interview. (June 2014)

Hundredth Monkey Radio

Listen to the first hour of this interview with Alexis as she speaks with Tom and Ramon about everything from the problem with “Selfies” to ultimate human potential and harnessing “inner” technology. (May 2014)

Reality Shifters with Cynthia Sue Larson

Alexis covers a range of subjects in this interview with Cynthia including the phenomenon of “11:11,” the planetary shift, and the importance of forgiveness during these challenging times. (May 2014)

Into the Light with Andy Myers

Andy and Alexis discuss highlights from her book Conscious Musings including the synchronicity of numbers and animal reincarnation. (August 2014)

Temple of Health with Dr. Susan Kolb on BBS Radio

Alexis and Susan talk about everything including the magic of synchronicity to the madness of “conspiracy” in this jam packed discussion. (November 2014)


Alexis’ book Conscious Musings is reviewed as part of the “reviewers roundtable” segment (Review begins at approx. 15 min. in – 2015)
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