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The Placebo Effect – More Powerful Than You Think!

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The superposition of states may yield more than just scientific jargon  to the everyday person.

According to studies – We Got Juice!!

[quote]The first time I bi-located I was beside myself with excitement. —Swami Beyondananda[/quote]

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Cynthia Sue Larson

Source: | Cynthia Sue Larson

A growing number of physicists agree that you and I and everything else exists in a superposition of states. There is increasing support for the idea that the ‘quantum realm’ is not relegated exclusively to the domain of the too-small-to-be-seen, but instead is part and parcel of everything in existence, including ourselves. This vast realm of possibility likely provides us with the means to enjoy benefits from the placebo effect— in which people notice improvements in test scores, reduced pain, increased mobility, and better vision when provided with placebo words of confidence, placebo surgery, placebo pills, and placebo airplane pilot accoutrement, as described in Quantum Jumps As usual, Nature is there first to show us just how such superposition of states can optimize a range of natural processes in the astonishing efficiency found in plants and animals. Photosynthesis occurs in plants with the efficiency of a quantum random walk, so plants achieve remarkable efficiencies of converting photons of light into stored energy far beyond anything humans have yet to achieve with photovoltaic technologies. Some birds such as the European robin navigate much better by the light of day, thanks to utilizing quantum processes that help them continuously and correctly maintain a correct sense of direction. Based on recent research findings in the fields of visual and olfactory science, I expect we’’ll soon be seeing evidence of macroscopic quantum phenomena in all of our senses, from smell to vision to hearing to touch and taste. While it is unlikely you will literally bump into one of your other possible selves, you might at times hear that someone saw you some place where you are certain you weren’t. As I’’ve reported in past issues of RealityShifters, the phenomena of seeing loved ones before they arrive at their destination has been so well known for so many years in some parts of the world that they’’ve got a name for it: Vardøgr (vard-deh-AY-grr), which is a Norwegian word meaning “premonitory sound or sight of a person before he arrives.” And perhaps most intriguingly, you may one day find (or have already noticed) some people seem to appear in your life who you are certain you should have previously come across before. I share my personal experiences being that someone who appeared out of nowhere— and also noticing someone important to me who seems to have come out of the blue— in my recent blog post, Meeting People Who Weren’t There Before. Want to know more about Reality Shifters and the work of Cynthia Sue Larson? Or do you have your own story of the “superposition of states?” Then email Cynthia and share your story. I know she’d love to hear from you!

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