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Politics Now – But What’s Next? Ego Death!

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In this third and final essay on intuition and politics, we examine politics now and the death of the egotistic landscape.

At present, politics is functioning in an old paradigm manner; it is divided within, and ego in its various guises is in charge of both poles. The more our old paradigm political parties — both conservative and liberal — polarize against each other, the less they see, hear, or understand the whole picture. They begin to live in totally separate realities where they manufacture their own facts to support their own views and neither side believes anything the other one says. Stalemate! It’s like not seeing Magellan’s ships.

Those who live within the morphological field of oppositional consciousness are thus partially blind; they see life through a filter that misses many important emerging trends. And, sadly, this mass hypnosis doesn’t encourage people to let go and enter the unknown to be renewed, nor to face and heal deep underlying emotional pain, nor to grow by allowing one’s beliefs and worldview to change. This just adds to the world’s “density” and inability to change.

The higher frequency reality we are entering is based on unification, fluidity, compassion, cocreation, and evolution. What resists change and flow, what is too isolated and self-protective, or what is too apathetic and disempowered, acts like a dam that will eventually break under the flood of intensifying energy waves. The evolution process in politics is the same as that affecting individuals. It’s about removing those “solid,” locked in places: fixed beliefs, negative emotions, dependence on the past, or projection into fictitious futures. It’s about ego death — learning to work with the whole brain rather than just the left hemisphere. What doesn’t match today’s fast frequency must be dissolved, or eventually there will be explosive, traumatic releases.

Politics needs to experience political ego death. Not maintaining oppositional thinking means the ego dies — and then who are you if you’re not defined by your beliefs, material accomplishments, roles, and possessions? Or by your dreams and ideals? It is the dread of this loss of the limited identity that allows the ego to rule and keep us separate. What better way to avoid letting go than to actively engage in a battle with trumped up rivals? No one has to lose their point of view or identity by being defeated in the “battle,” or even through compromise — this is just the left brain’s partial way of perceiving. The soul would ask: Who are we if we integrate the other side’s ideas with our own? Then what might want to occur naturally? Might our worldview increase exponentially? Might we discover a self that is so much greater than our ego could ever imagine?

It is the collapse of the ego that is what both sides are really fighting against, much more than they are fighting each other. The battle against each other is just an ego strategy to keep itself alive and in charge. 

As new paradigm thinkers stop opposing conservative and liberal positions and move into unitive consciousness, it drains validation and energy from the conservative and liberal identities. Since the two parties define themselves largely by their resistance to each other, when resistance dissolves, some of their identity dissolves and the ego feels threatened. In the short term, this may heighten efforts to generate more drama and fear, to keep the old ego-identity going. There could even be the possibility for a revolution of some sort. But in general, this effort will soon exhaust both sides.

I sense that chronic resistance and constantly seeking dominance will create a powerful experience of sacrifice and depletion. There may be a greater prevalence of people in politics becoming ill, or dying of natural causes or assassinations, or just dropping out from disillusionment. The old methods won’t function, results will diminish, and the focus on secrecy, surveillance, and control will seem ridiculous and boring to the general public; the whole idea of oppositional politics will suddenly seem so antiquated. The same thing will be true for terrorism. The new paradigm consciousness does not value winners and losers. Transparency will become the new norm.

Penetrating through the Mass Hypnosis; There Is No “Battle” 

Even with intuition, it can be difficult to see the truth through the dust storm of propaganda blown into our atmosphere by both parties. Those in power are often masters at deflecting views they don’t like with wide-brushstroke putdowns, and those who craft lies and perpetrate secrets know the art of mixing just enough truth with the lie to fool people into not looking any further. Because the views of investigative journalists may be watered down by the censorship of their media outlets or because their stories don’t contain the whole of a complicated explanation, their entire exposés can be rejected as bunk. And then, of course, there are paranoids who can find conspiracies under any innocent rock and make outrageous claims that fly at high speed across the Internet. All this creates a crazy mix of uncertainty, because intuitively we do sense when things are “off” but we’re not practiced at seeing below the surface to find out why.

To add to the smoke and mirrors, many people are all too ready to be mollified by stereotypical heroes, or to condemn those who vary from the norm. They just want things to be simple, defined, and black and white — with no more foggy shades of grey. Why were so many people happy to believe in OJ Simpson’s innocence because he was a football hero, or in Reagan because he was a handsome, charming movie star, or in Bush because he strutted around on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit? Why do so many people want to believe Barak Obama isn’t American, or that he is “black” when he is actually also half “white”?

A politically savvy friend of mine who walks the territory between parties, wrote this to me: “Why are people so quick to believe that politicians have their best interest at heart? Why do people willingly hand over private information (personal identification, etc.) to corporate interests or government institutions? To play ball when the government tries to tell them what they can and cannot put in their bodies? Or when, where, and how they can start a small business?”

Is courage and common sense being programmed out of us? Are we allowing ourselves to be distracted by busy lives, the addictive oxytocin-dopamine effect attributed to texting, the hype of media pundits, and a desire for designer label everything because we don’t want to go inside to see who we really are?

The more a group can create fear in the public, polarizing us against a host of dangerous enemies, the more unthinking and paralyzed we’ll be, and thus open to being programmed by super-confident “know-it-alls.” When people are scared by uncertainty and not thinking for themselves, when they unconsciously merge with old paradigm thinking and feel reassured by its definiteness, they can easily go into trance, repeat cleverly crafted media sound-bytes and false accusations, and succumb to the deflection of attention from what’s real in the larger, changing paradigm. This can be dangerous. Men and women who are cut off from their body, heart, and intuitive nature — or from the healthy guidelines that come from universal truth — can easily find it logical, viable, or necessary to sacrifice the few for the “greater good.”

As people learning to improve our intuitive ability, we should not be so fooled by these things. Where is our radar? How many of us are feeling into the underlying inner blueprints, paying attention to our truth and anxiety signals? 

What We Can Do

If we want to see through the smokescreens that confuse us today, we have to be perceptive about which strategies and structures align with evolution and which come from fear in its many guises. We need to embody the universal, fair morality of the heart and be people who refuse to abuse or disrespect others in any way, and who refuse to be abused or disrespected.

Because many of the people who are aligning with the new paradigm don’t realize what they’re really doing, they are not taking a strong stand for the new truth, or for new forms of societal and global influence. The danger is that those of us who are not oppositional will be hypnotized into not participating in the destiny of our country, in the American experiment in enlightenment. To ensure transformation with the least violence and damage, we must not be apathetic now, nor can we be angry, blaming, and mean. We can be thought leaders and innovators, not resisting anything but simply showing the way into newness.

We can pay attention and act from wisdom, not to resist what fear-mongers are doing, because that puts us in their mindset, but simply to strengthen our own field of truth and bodily conviction about the way we individually, and thus societally, can burn through this current period of chaos. The courage to do this helps us find clarity.

With clarity, we can easily experience how any one of us — in any country — can have great influence, without ego. We can examine our systems of thought and views about governance impartially. Do they reliably produce outstanding, healthy, growth-oriented results based on clear-mindedness and open-heartedness? Or are they based on partial understanding of universal law, and do they repeatedly produce resistance, domination, new fear, or even violence and hatred? What is beyond the either-or reality; what is the third way?

Meanwhile, I hear people talking about leaving America to live elsewhere if the degenerative cycle here continues. As I’ve said, I think dissolution is good, and part of a larger clearing process — in spite of feeling sick over the extent to which our standards are being lowered, how easily we can be drugged by reality TV and the celebrity culture, and how we can be manipulated into maintaining a dualistic view of life. To not have the emergence of the ugly side would be suppression and denial, and I wouldn’t want to live in a country where that’s possible. I know it’s a necessary part of evolution and not really negative at all in the long run. So I’m here for the duration, and I’ll keep plugging away, no matter what.

It’s important to remember that this is a global process, so no matter where we go, the same clearing process will be happening. It also means that people everywhere are waking up to a new way of being and are beginning to understand what the new paradigm will feel like. Truth does emerge everywhere at once, where there are openings. Clear people simply need to hold their minds and energy steady, and stay in the midst of the confusion, to act like tuning forks that help stabilize the frequency of the new reality.

We must not be so attracted to the siren call of righteous battle; instead we can eclipse that oppositional reality by creating a field of harmonious consciousness around us that includes all sides of any issue, and the possibility for win-win-win solutions. This holistic field of thought telepathically educates others about new paradigm consciousness, and drains away the urge to fight and destroy. Solutions can become effortless in the blink of an eye when both inspiration and permission (right brain perception) and focused, sane boundaries (left brain perception) combine. We can:

  • Use our intuition! Make some time, penetrate below the surface, look past the rhetoric, and SEE. Be quiet and know from the heart, soul, and mind. That way we understand the big picture as well as the details.
  • Embody greater transparency personally, and ask for it from our organizations.
  • Realize that working first at the inner energetic level, on the inner energy blueprint of something, is the most efficient and rapid way to shift the outer form.
  • Have the courage to not take sides, to be a unique thinker. How might we take a stand for the soul’s new both-and reality? Can we be peaceful “Warriors of Innovation” that pierce the veil with clear vision and action?

Now’s the time to join with people on our wavelength to see how new cooperative, cocreative, multifaceted solutions might emerge to truly make progress toward national and global enlightenment.

Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce is an internationally respected author, visionary, and clairvoyant empath, known for her pioneering work in intuition development and her common-sense approach to spirituality and the development of expanded human capacities. She is a popular author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer specializing in intuition development, inner energy dynamics, expanded perception, transformation, and dream work.

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