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My Life as an Alien? One woman’s surprise regression and the revelation that changed her world.

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Part One of a Two Part Interview

Author Preface:

In my over 20 years as a new thought/metaphysical writer and researcher, I have come across a plethora of “unusual” accounts – stories that defy all matter of left brain logic but even stretch the farthest reaches of the most open-minded.

Despite unrelenting denial from a materialist/reductionist view of reality and its insistence that no proof (that is by conventional standards of course) has ever been put forward to substantiate these more extraordinary claims of remarkable encounters, the anecdotes still persist in-excess – throughout human recorded history and likely beyond.

For some of the most receptive individuals in the field of consciousness research, and I include myself as one of them, there are some scenarios that insist on challenging us to to the very core of our understanding of the spectrum of human experience and force us to look even deeper into the possibilities that constitute a truly multidimensional universe.

The account that you are about to read is one such example. I ask you, as I asked myself, once privy to this particular testimony, to remain open and inquisitive, absent of any judgement or settlement on what reality is or isn’t. Perhaps it is wiser to simply admit that the more we learn, the more we realize how little we know, at least on a conscious level. It is this story that has further brought me to a state of deeper contemplation about how truly infinite the spectrum of reality just may be.

-Alexis Brooks

Though still considered largely unrecognized by many in the mainstream of psychology, past life regression has gained significant momentum in recent years. Whether one is seeking deeper insight into their current life trajectory, or a method by which to understand karmic repercussions stemming from a previous incarnation, some hypnotherapists have decided to include past life regression techniques in their professional services repertoire as a result of this now burgeoning interest.

In the case of one regressionist, little did he know he was about to get far more than he had probably bargained for – a female client who unwittingly communicated her experience as an extraterrestrial being from another lifetime.

A 52 year old day spa owner who we’ll refer to as “Kimberly” agreed to sit down with me to recount an unearthly experience she had while attending an impromptu past life regression of which her close friends had urged her to attend in the late 1980’s. Much to her surprise, the details that emerged would forever change her ideas about multiple intelligent life-forms and the multidimensional nature of consciousness itself.

Kimberly had been pregnant with twins at the age of 24. Feeling a bit overwhelmed about the pregnancy and going through a not-so-uncommon state of prenatal anxiety, the last thing on her mind would be to see a past life regressionist to learn if she was perhaps a member of nobility from the Victorian era or a male soldier from the Civil War. But with some persuasion from two of her close friends, if only for mere amusement, she decided to join them for a fun afternoon.

The story that follows is what was revealed during her regression, along with a series of otherworldly current life encounters that seem to support the idea that Kimberly may have once lived as an extraterrestrial being. 

Note: some of the following testimony includes italics in parentheses to denote physical gestures or emotional disposition during our recorded session.

We begin by discussing a curious dream Kimberly had about a week prior to our session which was documented in its entirety in late 2014. 

She starts by explaining to me that she has never recalled ever having such an odd dream like this, but thought that maybe it could have had something to do with the fact that she’d soon be sitting down with me to relay this alien past life account. Nonetheless, it begins like this…

Kimberly: In my dream, they [the beings] were coming for me. I was staying at this suite-like hotel [like a temporary residence]. I had my kids with me. I was putting them to sleep. It was pouring rain and the beings were standing on the balcony. I happened to look out through the blinds.  And I said to myself why are these people just standing out there with these raincoats, just hanging out? I couldn’t see their faces or many details because it was rainy. It was dark.  I kept saying I wonder who they are? I remember I’d left something out on the balcony, and it was out in the rain, so I wanted to go out to bring it in. As I opened the door, all of a sudden I had this memory that came forward really fast and furious  – like “Oh no! Shut the door, you’re in danger. You know who they are…” It was like a wake-up.  So I immediately shut the door and one of them tried to open the door or like he was trying to hold the door.  But he wasn’t aggressive. He just wanted to hold the door and like “let me in.” I shut it and I locked it. He starts knocking on the door. But because he didn’t know that when you knock, like when normal people knock, they wait until they get a response.  He didn’t know that so he just kept knocking. A consistent knock.  He knew he was supposed to knock, but he didn’t know he was supposed to stop. Meanwhile he’s waking up the kids and they’re saying “what’s going on?” So I just told them, “Don’t answer the door!” I told them to shut the windows and make sure they’re locked. “If they’re open they know they can come through, but if they’re locked they won’t come through.” But they [the beings] weren’t violent.  They didn’t think they had to crash through or bang or break anything to get in, but it’s like they knew that if there’s a barrier, you don’t go.

Alexis: What did they look like – the “beings?”

Kimberly: No features that I can remember.  They were tall, that I know. At least six feet or more.  And that was it.  But it was odd because all of a sudden I had this memory come forward that said, “Oh no, you know who they are. Shut the door. So they have come before. And I’ve seen them before and I’ve been in these situations before.

It was very interesting – and that’s how I knew that they weren’t from here.

When I awoke from the dream I said to my husband, “I got the answer, I got the answer.”  Of course he didn’t know what I was talking about. I told him that I know that there are people that are here, and they’re kind of fitting in but they do things that are really weird. Not human-like.

Kimberly later told me that she’d had several conscious experiences in which she felt she was in the presence of non human or hybrid beings. We will get her thoughts on these beings later in this interview.

Although “just a dream,” Kimberly’s experience with the beings on the balcony and her recognition of them may cross-reference to what she was about to reveal…

Kimberly: There was nothing really scary about the actual [regression] experience and what came out, but I think it was profoundly (big pause to think about how to describe the emotion) …It was profoundly sad and profoundly beautiful at the same time.

Alexis: How old were you when this regression happened?

Kimberly: I was 24. We [my husband and two of our friends] went to a psychic fair and did tarot cards with this gentlemen.  The man also mentioned that he did past life regressions. One of the friends I was with was excited when he mentioned regression and said, “Oh I want to do that!” So he must have gotten this man’s information.  I wasn’t really paying attention at the time. But needless to say, I was pregnant at the time with twins.  I was still in the throws of…not feeling 100%.

The following Sunday I’d gotten into a huge argument with my husband and was very upset so I had gone over to my friends who were at the psychic fair with us. When I got there they told me that they had scheduled an appointment for a past life regression. They invited me to come along. So I went.

Everything about the place and the man was just average. Very unassuming character. We went in and he brought us into a room. My friend wanted to go first, but somehow I ended up being first.  One of my friends came in and took notes while the other waited outside of the room. The guy instructed my friend to just write everything down and he’d ask questions. First he guided me in a meditation where I walk up a staircase, open a door, find a chair and sit down. That was it.

He was recording the session. I immediately got very relaxed. The next thing you know, as soon as he said “sit down,” – and this was like a movie – like in front of me – and I’m getting caught up with the movie, but I don’t want to really talk to him (laughing) because I feel like I just want to watch the movie and not be interrupted.

So basically, the first thing I saw were (pausing, while trying to describe) …It was like planets. I just saw planets. and I could feel the immensity and power of it. All of a sudden I saw one planet crashing into another!  And then an explosion! (gets very animated). I can’t even relay the magnitude of it to him. It was so hard. I just don’t have words to describe it. So I was sort of telling him the colors and the two planets collided and they just exploded…

Alexis: Were you on one of these planets?

Kimberly: No, I was just observing it – Like a movie almost. But I could feel the power. I could feel all of that and I just couldn’t even speak.

All of a sudden I’m somewhere else and it’s vague in the background. I can’t see any details and I know there’s a person or like a figure in front of me, but I can’t really see them. They’re coming up to greet me and I’m greeting them but the way they greet is right through here (pointing at her abdomen). This whole section here is like glowing. This section is glowing, and it’s fairly large. To greet the person I put my hand into this section here (still pointing at her abdomen). It’s glowing. It’s how you connect. As soon as I put my hand in – the feeling was (slowly, emphasized) JUST OVERWHELMING! Love and brilliance and beauty and just incredible. What do they call that? When people go into …a state of euphoria. It was incredible! And I guess while I was trying to describe this to the regressionist, I started crying. Because it was just so beautiful. It was just… (can’t find the words). And that’s how you connected. When my hand reached into this glowing section I knew that’s how I was communicating with that being.

Alexis: Through telepathy?

Kimberly: Telepathy. Through the mind. So, that’s how we talked. And I remembered, that’s how we connected. And then all of a sudden I looked around and I could see all these other figures around. They were all kind of around and they all had the same glow. That’s how these people were. They were just filled with this incredible…just beauty and that’s how you connected and they talked this way. So the regressionist is trying to ask what’s going on, so I’m trying to describe all this at the same time I’m experiencing it and then…

Alexis: What did they look like? Do you recall features?

Kimberly: They were light, they were tall, they were thin.

Alexis: How tall?

Kimberly: Tall. A range up to like 6 5”. Very lanky, tall, soft whitish kind of skin. I couldn’t really see features, except I could see head and shoulders and arms and legs but it was all kind of roundish…No hair…

Alexis: Eyes?

Kimberly: Vaguely but not really. Or mouth or nose. The focus was that glowing center.

Alexis: What color was the glowing center?

Kimberly: It was definitely a golden white. White golden – like bright! It didn’t throb. It didn’t do anything. It was just there. I think, if I recall, when my hand went in that there was almost like a little center – like a reddish orange – a harder center. I think when I touched…I’m not sure. I vaguely remember something like that. I could be wrong. It’s been a long time since I thought about this regression.

And then he (the regressionist) asked, “Can you see anything? Can you see clothes?” And as soon as he said the word “clothes,” all of a sudden these people, the same people were all dressed in clothes with masks on like a masquerade party …I know, bizarre! It’s as if they we’re like, “Okay, here’s our clothes!” I’m describing it to the regressionist: “It’s looks like a party, a masquerade party and they all decided to put crazy masks and clothes on.”

Alexis: Human-like clothes?

Kimberly: Yeah, like something you’d see in a costume party. You know different period clothing. All different types. All random.

Alexis: So they were responding to his…

Kimberly: …request for clothes. They’re all like costumes of different periods.

Alexis: Were you in the center of these people?  Where were you? What was your vantage point?

Kimberly: I was standing and I was facing out and they were all kind of facing but not necessarily in a circle. There was some sort of a background of like a space. I don’t know if it was a room. It didn’t feel like it was outside.

Alexis: This space. Was did it look like?

Kimberly: (pausing) It wasn’t square like a room. That I know.

Alexis: Do you believe you were on some sort of a craft?

Kimberly: I don’t feel like it was a craft.  I didn’t feel like any mechanical power. Anything like that. Everything was kind of fuzzy. Vague and blurry. Everything was soft, like muted. The background wasn’t pure white, it was actually a bluish white kind of background. It wasn’t black. It wasn’t dark, it wasn’t silver, it wasn’t metal, it wasn’t hard, it was soft. Everything was soft. And they [the beings] even looked soft, almost as if they would be like flesh and white, whitish skin. Maybe even a little bit shiny-ish kind of –  (with a question) like a glistening, including the faces. Everything was all soft. They were all the same. Kind of glistening and…the glow and (Kimberly’s voice gets increasingly softer and slower as she’s describing this).

He then asked me to go back to [the scene of] the planets, so I went back to that. And that’s when I got upset because I could just see I was somewhere else and there was another planet, and another, and then all of a sudden – they’re hitting (hitting her hands together) and colliding, it was SO sad! The explosion. SAD! It was like I felt overwhelming grief when that happened. So that’s what I mean – there was a sad encounter and there was a beautiful encounter.  But this was so like something died. It was destroyed. It was gone! And the sadness – it was like a universal sadness…

Alexis: Based on these two planets colliding?

Kimberly: …and exploding.

Alexis: Did both planets have death on them?

Kimberly: I couldn’t see anything, but it looked like they both were gone – Yeah.

Alexis: Do you have any idea of the time frame?

Kimberly: I would say it wasn’t anything recent. It seemed to me like this was a long time ago. Whatever it was, was… a long time ago. My sense was that it was before anything that I can even…I don’t know. I just know that it wasn’t happening right then and there [during the regression] and it wasn’t happening recently. Even the sense that it was a [I don’t know if it was a] rewind of something that someone was showing me or if I actually witnessed it. It felt to me like I witnessed it because the power and the colors and the vibrancy and the – just the magnitude of it. That impact and the size… I mean to see a planet – like it’s right in front of you – like you can touch it is like  CRAZY, CRAZY! That’s what it felt like.

Alexis: That’s how close it felt to you…

Kimberly: I had no idea what it would be like to be this close to a planet.  It’s funny because while you’re watching this you’re still talking – all through the regression. Initially I thought I was responding pretty quickly, but when I reviewed the tape, I was speaking like, “Oh —yeah, well —it’s —like— a big planet —and it’s — kind of — exploding…” (speaking VERY slowly, she said it was almost mechanical.) Well, whenever I heard the tapes I didn’t even recognize my voice!

Alexis: This is what I recall you telling me the first time…

Kimberly: I didn’t even know who that person was. And the silences in between me talking is like…these huge gaps. And the voice was like SCARY! It was deep and really slow.  It wasn’t even me!

Alexis: You said it was almost machine-like…

Kimberly: It was just not my voice. It was eery. I don’t even know what that was. It was eery! And you know to this day I think I’ve listened to maybe five minutes of those tapes and I wouldn’t even listen to the rest of them. That’s how freaked out I was from those tapes.

Alexis: Was the voice, the cadence in the voice, the same when you described your time with the beings?

Kimberly: Everything was the same. I asked my friend who was taking notes if I really sounded like this.  He said, “You talked like that through the whole thing. And at some points you were actually crying!”

Alexis: Did you get a sense of your own being at the time?

Kimberly: I felt like they [the other beings] all knew me. They all recognized me. They were greeting me. They were completely accepting. I felt, to be honest with you, that I was one of them. I didn’t feel like I was a stranger coming in. I felt like I was one of them. I was just one of the beings.

Alexis: Were you that same being looking at the planets as well?

Kimberly: Yeah (somewhat sad). I had that sense that it was me but it wasn’t me. And again, you’re so swept up with what you’re visually seeing and feeling.  It’s not just visual. You feel.  I didn’t hear anything though. Throughout the whole thing, I didn’t hear anything. There was no sound.

Alexis: Even when you saw the planets colliding, no sound? (surprised).

Kimberly: No sound. No crashing, no banging…

Alexis: But did you see fire, did you see…

Kimberly: Oh yeah, it was like orange and red and just HUGE! Initially it was happening in slow motion when it first hit and then after that just the explosion was… (long pause, recalling).

I remember I got kind of pissed because he [the regressionist] kind of cut me off when he was asking me something and it was at that sort of critical point of what was going on and I just remember being annoyed because I was just so immersed in everything happening. I felt like saying, “Leave me alone. I want to stay here and be…” I really wanted to stay there. I was perfectly content to stay there. I wanted to stay there and I wanted these people [the friend and regressionist] to go away and leave me alone so I could just be.

Alexis: Were you watching this collision by yourself or were you with the beings?

Kimberly: I was by myself. It was pretty big. It was not like an atomic bomb or anything…it was like slow motion where you see special effects like explosions, and you can see all the red and orange and…  I think he [the regressionist] interrupted me because I wanted to see how it would all end with the planets …like with the little pieces. Would they go out into space? I was curious as to what would happen next and I didn’t get to see that part. So I think that’s why I got ticked off that he kept interrupting me.

Alexis: So those were the two main things – you were with the beings and then you were witnessing this planetary collision.  And of course the glowing abdomens of the beings. Did you get the sense that your own abdomen was glowing?

Kimberly(after a pause) I knew I had something too. I felt it. And that’s where I think I felt a connection. When I touched the abdomen I felt a connection that I could feel immediately with myself. Absolutely – Yeah!

Then the regressionist stopped the interview and asked if I’d ever done these regressions before. And I said, “No, this is the first time.” So I said, “Well what the heck was this?” He said, “Well, I haven’t had many of these, but I think you just skipped all your lives and went to your first life. That is probably what you saw.”

Alexis: Interesting because I’m getting a sense that this isn’t “past life” the way you think it is.

Kimberly: What do you mean?

Alexis: That it could actually be a future life that you’re looking at…

Kimberly: Oh!

Alexis: Our whole idea of linear time going in one direction – a past, present, and then future has been an idea that’s been challenged.

There may be what is called “simultaneous time” where these so called “past lives” as well as “future” –  300, 500, 1,000 years into the future are actually co-existing, and when you go into these altered states you can actually put yourself in a future state as well as a past state.

Typically, in traditional reincarnation or past life research a lot of people feel that when you’re being regressed, the most likely scenario your going to experience in the regression is your most recent life, whereas to him [the regressionist] he hadn’t experienced anything quite like this before. Some hypnotherapists I know specialize in future life recall, which sounds a little like a back to the future scenario, as well as past life recall, as well as abduction phenomena, not just abduction but ET encounters. The individual that’s being regressed sometimes feels they are one of the beings. People have been regressed and have learned of intimate encounters with various beings that produced what they describe as “hybrid babies.” There is a good amount of research that covers these things. In fact a Harvard psychiatrist, since passed, by the name of John Mack was really getting into experiencer research and these sorts of regressions of individuals…It’s a combination of things – again, whether they themselves felt that they are hybrid in some way in this present life or they are getting taken by beings on a regular basis… Either way, I think there’s a connection between all of these things.

In part two of Kimberly’s story, we discuss two UFO sightings, as well as several anomalous encounters she has had that may link her “regression” experience with her current life. 

Alexis B&W miniAlexis Brooks is a personal intuitive consultant, best-selling author of Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential and is the host of the popular  Conscious Inquiry Radio program, exclusively presented by Conscious Life News.  Visit Alexis on FacebookTwitter and YouTube!

Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!

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