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My Life as an Alien? One woman’s surprise regression and the revelation that changed her world. (Part 2)

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In part one of this riveting interview we speak with a woman named Kimberly about a unique and life changing experience she had while being regressed and learning of a possible life as an extraterrestrial being. 

Though initially questioned as a played out fantasy while in an altered state, Kimberly begins to recall several additional other-worldly incidents throughout her life that have brought new meaning and a profound sense of synchronicity to her initial experience.

Alexis: Have you ever seen a craft?

Similar to the lights Kimberly witnessed (photo is from
Similar to the lights Kimberly witnessed (photo is from

Kimberly(pause) Yeah, a couple times in fact. (another pause) Actually, I remember even calling the police once about one. I was just driving home from work and it was like, there was traffic on the highway. It was winter time, probably February and it happened to be somewhat of a clear night. It was around 9 clock at night. I was driving home from work. It was a late night. I was driving right down route 128…and what was happening was…you know, we have Wilson State Park, right off the highway. And it’s just woods and everything. So I’m driving down the highway and all of a sudden I just saw – it looked like three blue very fast lights and there were maybe like three and you could tell they were sort of aligned and at first I looked, cause I used to fly – I tried to get my private pilots license – so the first thing I do is try to identify what [kind of plane] this is – especially when it’s low like that. So I said to myself, “What is that? Is it a helicopter…?”

Alexis: How low was it?

Kimberly: It was about the height of a helicopter when its hovering over like a traffic incident.  It was pretty low. And there were three [lights]. They were a good size. They were lights. And they were fast. And I could just tell by the speed and nobody does three blue lights. So I was like, “What is that?” And it went “whooosh” and then it literally dropped down – almost like it was trying to hide. Dropped down into the Wilson Park area. It went straight down. And I thought, did that just crash into the park, and I’m waiting to hear a sound. There was no sound. There was nothing. So I said, “What the hell was that?” So when I got off the highway, I drove by and I’m looking in Wilson’s to see if I could see any fire or lights or anything. Nothing! There was nothing. So I called the police (like an idiot) because I thought maybe it was an airplane and maybe it did crash and God forbid anything happened. So, you know I thought I’d be a good citizen and call. So I told them I think something just flew into Wilson’s. They asked me what I saw. I described the blue lights that just dropped down or crashed into the park. I never heard anything back from them.

Alexis: Did you see anyone else in their cars who were noticing these lights?

Kimberly: No, nobody was. Everybody just kept driving.  Nobody pulled over. Nobody did…It was so fast. It was VERY fast. VERY fast!

Alexis: How long ago was this particular sighting?

Kimberly: Probably about 5 or 6 years ago. And like I said there was tons of traffic. It was brightly lit. It wasn’t like I was out in the middle of nowhere.

Alexis: What about other sightings?

Kimberly then recounts an experience that happened in 1992 in which she had been traveling cross-country headed west for Southern California. She’d been driving through Colorado through mountainous terrain that she thought to be an Indian reservation. Dipping in and out of small hills and valleys, she spotted a bright light (or lights) in her rearview mirror. It was night time. Late. And she was alone. Feeling a bit uneasy about the sudden appearance of what could have been another vehicle, and the fact that she was alone, she began to pick up speed. Initially the light(s) she spotted appeared in the distance, but as she gained speed to try and get away from this “light,” she noticed it had gained speed and gotten much closer to her. While never fully noticing just what this light was, she was determined to keep a distance from it. Several minutes later, she looked back in her rearview mirror and noticed that the light had simply vanished – no where to be found. Was it a vehicle that just turned off the dark and barren highway or was it something else? She believes it was the latter.

Alexis: So you feel this could have been a craft?

Kimberly: I think so. Yeah. And that was the only other time I can remember. It was weird how it was really catching up and I was speeding up. But I never even thought of a craft until after the fact. Could it have been? I don’t know.

Alexis: But let’s go back to your regression for a minute…

Kimberly: You know, this regression. It was very…I don’t know…It wasn’t harsh, it wasn’t loud. Everything was quiet. It was silence. It was very clear and clean and simple. There was no complication. Seems like there was no static…

I felt like I was in a space where there was nothing… Like right now, I almost feel like there’s pollution all around us. There’s some sort of pollution. I don’t know what it is..

Alexis: Sure there is!

Kimberly: I mean the frequency. I don’t know whether it’s just our air quality. It’s like a combination. Maybe it’s people’s thoughts. It’s like there’s so much in our space…

Alexis: Well there’s of course what is called electromagnetic fog or smog

Kimberly: Right. Well when I say [this other place] was simple and clean, it was absent of all of that. There is none of whatever I feel here as a person here on this planet. That was one thing that stood out. That and the silence. It was very clear!

Alexis: Do you get a sense for how much time passed while you were there?

Kimberly: I had no sense of time. It didn’t seem that long at all.

Alexis: So you come out of this experience and you are…

Kimberly: I had no idea. I had no idea. I had no idea what had happened.

Alexis: And when you heard the voice (on the recording)…

Kimberly: That scared me! That’s where I kinda said, “Okay maybe I should believe this man [the regressionist] a little bit.” You know, I didn’t believe him. I didn’t believe anything he said about what he said happened and what he said I told him. But when I heard the tape I thought, “Oh God, maybe this guy was right. Like What the heck just happened?”

Alexis: But you’re the one that was telling the story…

Kimberly: Well I think I was. I mean the story didn’t bother me. I kind of walked away like, “Wow, that was so emotional.”

Alexis: Did you question, “Could I have been another type of being in another life?”

Kimberly: I was 24. You know, I was pregnant. I had so many other things on my mind. I was just like, “Okay, that was a weird thing but okay, and I must have a vivid imagination.” And yes, I kind of felt these things. It was kind of cool, you know? But it wasn’t until I heard the tape that I just went, “Oh shit! Something went down.” (nervous laughter).

Alexis: Something went down…

Kimberly: So I thought, maybe I need to look at this a little bit closer. And I kind of got anxious when I heard it because it scared me. It scared me. I was like, “Who am I? Do I know myself?” You know, you kind of start questioning…

Alexis: Sure. But I think it can also be a bit freeing because it brings perspective as to how multidimensional we are and the fact that we’re not just our personalities, and we’re not just our jobs and we’re not… We are an essence that is forever. We wear different names and personalities and entities, species. There’s no limit of possibility!

In part one of this interview with Kimberly, she shares a recent dream account that prompted a “knowing” on her part that we share the planet with other beings who may not be fully of human origin. Entities that may be walking amongst us on a daily basis without most people’s conscious knowledge. She had more to share on this matter and so we explored the idea in a little more detail…

Alexis: So you have a sense that we’re sharing our space with beings that aren’t fully human? (As mentioned earlier in your testimony).

Kimberly: Here? Yeah. I think so.

Alexis: Why do you think that?

Kimberly: Because it’s universal. That’s my feeling…

Alexis: I mean personally. Do you have a sense of it?

Kimberly(Pause) There have been people that I’ve come across. Just acquaintances. Not anyone that I’ve known really well. I just had a sense that I knew that they weren’t human. I just knew. Just weird. But there was just something that just popped into my head or I felt it. Or there was something they did that just triggered it. So yeah, I think so. I’ve run across two or three. And then there are people who are just using their full abilities, their full brain power, their full spiritual abilities, so they are gifted in that respect. I’ve met a lot of people like that. Definitely children.

Alexis: Yes. It’s really felt that there is a new kind of human that’s coming to this planet in greater numbers right now. They’re called “crystal children” “indigo children” “star children” “new children”…Children that are coming here with abilities that far surpass that of other people.

As far as you are concerned, it wouldn’t surprise me based on your own experience that if you are in the presence of someone who you feel is not fully human, that you are particularly sensitive to this kind of energy based on a familiarity that you may have…

Kimberly then transitions to a recollection of anxiety and panic some years ago over the potential alien abduction of her young twin boys. Could there be a common thread here?

Kimberly: I remember when the boys were about 4 or 5, and I had just thought it was new mother anxiety – I would go through a phase where, because our house sits up on a hill, in each of our bedrooms, they faced five acres of other people’s backyards and it looked like a big open field. It was a beautiful view, but it was all sky. Beautiful. And so I would let the children sleep with the window blinds pulled up so when they looked up they would see nothing but stars. So I used to do that, and I remember when they were about, maybe 3, they were actually a little bit younger – I woke up in the middle of the night with an anxiety – like “Oh my God. I shouldn’t do that.” So I went in and I shut the blinds while they were sleeping. Because I had a panic attack. I actually thought to myself that an alien would somehow sense them and see them and could see through the window.

Alexis: Not a neighbor, an alien?

Kimberly: An alien! From the sky they would see them and sense them and see these perfect little identical beings and they would want them and I thought they might abduct them. So I started shutting the blinds and my kids were wondering why every night, all of a sudden, I was shutting the blinds, because they liked seeing the stars. It took me a long time to open up those blinds again.

…I remember that’s the first time I’d ever thought about alien abduction…And I’d be up at night, listening and wondering, “Did I hear anything?”

Over the course of our lengthy and revealing discussion, Kimberly talked about several other anomalous encounters that included several shadow-like bedroom visits as well as one encounter in which she felt herself to be inside the mind of another person…

Kimberly: Well, in general, I know I have a sensitivity. I pick up on people’s illnesses. I can touch them and their feet and I can tell them stuff…and it’s before I can even process it that the words are coming out of my mouth. So that has happened. I’m really sensitive to energy and places.

I had a very odd experience a couple of years ago where I was literally in someone’s head. Very eery. And this went on for quite a few nights. I  was in somebody’s head. Looking out through their eyes, watching them. And I could feel what they were feeling. I could see what they were projecting. I could feel their desires and I knew they wanted to do really bad things. And that scared the shit out of me because I knew what they were trying to do, like they were planning to stab somebody or they were going to grab a girl. This went on for a while. These were dreams, but I could detail the neighborhood, the place, the feeling, the person. Someone I never knew. Nobody I’ve known. And I knew I was in that killer’s head, looking out through their eyes…I could even feel what was pushing them to want to do whatever they wanted to do to these people.

Alexis: Did you get a sense that this person was in close proximity to you?

Kimberly: No, it was like in Michigan or Illinois. Somewhere in the midwest. No, didn’t feel like it was here. It was like middle America – USA. And I tried about the third or fourth time to get more information about this person. I know this was a male. If anything happened, I could at least, I don’t know – do something. I watched the news around that time to see if anything came up. …Sometimes they [this man] were just planning. Sometimes they were trying to do stuff. And when they were actually going to do stuff I would just vacate. I would just depart.

Kimberly went on to talk about several other “strange encounters” she’d had over the course of her life, including what she referred to as “a spirit” that she believes followed she and her children back home from a trip to New Mexico, and lived in their home until she mustered the courage to make it leave. 

This woman, now 52, has admitted that her psychic sensitivity has increased over the years. She describes the energy as getting more intense. I sensed a bit of trepidation over this increased “ability” as she feels that somehow it will compromise her ability to live a “normal” life.” 

Still, Kimberly counts her sojourn to another life, possibly as a non-human entity as one that has given her a greater understanding for the myriad intelligent life-forms that co-exist with our own, and the possibility that the soul can live through a spectrum of forms. 

Regardless of her ambivalence about her increased psychic sensitivity, Kimberly admitted that she wouldn’t be adverse to having another regression to possibly learn more about her life as “an alien.” 

As much as the anecdotes of recalled previous lives persist within the annals of past life research, many skeptics are quick to call these accounts nothing more than vivid confabulations by those who tell of their experiences. Despite the arguments that discount the validity of such experiences, the stories continue to spill forth. For Kimberly, hers was an unexpected journey of revelation, emotion, and a new sense of understanding that we truly live in a multi-dimensional universe.

UFO/ET Contact Researcher Mary Rodwell
UFO/ET Contact Researcher Mary Rodwell

Stay tuned to CLN Radio’s Conscious Inquiry as we further explore Kimberly’s story with UFO/ET Contact researcher, teacher, and hypnotherapist Mary Rodwell. We will discuss a variety of familiar features from Kimberly’s account as compared to some of the 2,500 plus cases from over 20 years of research that Mary has compiled. 

The aforementioned account was delivered exclusively to the author under the condition of anonymity, but with the full consent to convey and thus publish the experience to a broader audience in order to bring a sense of awareness about such encounters.

Alexis Brooks is a personal intuitive consultant, best-selling author of Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential and is the host of the popular  Conscious Inquiry Radio program, exclusively presented by Conscious Life News.  Visit Alexis on FacebookTwitter and YouTube!

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