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Are Earth Moving Events Signifying the Breaking Point?

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The unprecedented earth changes we are seeing now are a signal to pay attention before it’s too late.

By Sharon Millstein |

In December of 2014 I had the pleasure of speaking once again with Alexis Brooks, host of Conscious Inquiry Radio to give my 2015 predictions (both numerological and philosophical) on what I felt we’d be headed for in what is known in numerology as the 8-year. Each year is designated a number from 1 to 9. Each number has its own unique characteristics and of course those features can either be mild or wildly intensified based on the overall time period in history of the given year. Well needless to say, this 8-year has proven to be the latter!

Specifically during our interview, I spent time discussing that this is the year that the earth will move and shift in big ways. And it has played out just that way! Some refer to this collection of “natural” events as earth changes. I think it is much more!

In the first few weeks of 2015 there were historical amounts of earthquakes in areas that don’t typically have them. In January of this year there were 11 earthquakes in Dallas, Texas in the span of 24 hours. On the east coast in Connecticut, unheard of numbers of earth “tremors” were felt over the course of days and weeks almost every day and at approximately the same time each day!

The earth moving events continue and on a regular basis. Not only record breaking earthquakes, but landslides, sink holes, and tornados have continued – some at monumental proportions.

Some of these events have made headlines, but few are sustained in the news as one disaster is quickly replaced by another.

It seems that our planet and earth herself has changed in every area, not the least of which is the extreme weather.  Conditions are becoming increasingly severe – so much so, that many local news outlets have changed the name of their weather segment to “Early Warning Weather.”

But weather is just one dimension of the shift. It appears that most if not all systems that we’ve enjoyed for so long are becoming unstable and breaking apart at the seams.

Technology usage is one such system that we may be forced to forfeit.

I have felt intuitively for many years that we need to prepare ourselves to survive without the grid that we’ve become so dependent on.

Although some feel that this may be a “doomsday” prophecy, I know I am not alone in this sense of urgency.

Many who sit on this side of the fence are encouraging people to stock up on food and supplies and get back to living along with the earth – growing food, tending the land and living in appreciation of its gifts rather than ignoring them, or worse, destroying them altogether!

Many, including Pope Francis have also recently advocated getting off of the constant use of technology (Internet, cell phones, et. al) in favor of doing things that are more “productive.”

Technology for one has made it so easy to exploit ourselves and others. We have sensationalized everyone’s actions or in-actions because it is out there and presented and promoted on social media.

Because of this, we are outside of ourselves; beside ourselves, literally! And as a result, out of touch with knowing who we really are!

Could we be seeing these incredible earth movements because her restlessness has reached a breaking point?

If the earth is at breaking point, then so are we.

This #8 year has to do with energy and movement and it has a hard edge. Appropriately, this particular 8-year of 2015 is showing us its edge in ways like never before.

The experience of time has changed for many, both young and old.  It feels as though it is moving at faster speeds.  The dimension of time has changed as well, and this is connected to the movement of the earth. Just as she is moving like a restless lion with a roar that can be heard and felt all over the planet, many humans will feel the movement as well. And for many it won’t necessarily be pleasant if their refusal to change wins out.

I am urging that we prepare ourselves, and not become increasingly dependent on a system that is already disintegrating and will eventually rumble and crumble – just like the earth is demonstrating right now!

During this eight year, we are bearing witness to earth’s need to shift, and shift it has. What will be our fate if we refuse to shift along with it?

The answer is up to you!

sharon-picSharon Millstein is a psychic counselor, public speaker, numerologist, clairvoyant and healer who lives in Taos, New Mexico. She has appeared on numerous radio shows locally as well as globally.

Her own radio show “The Sharon Millstein Numerology Show” aired in Taos in 1985. She has been published in many newspapers including the British Newspaper “The Metro.”

Sharon has been doing readings and healings for over 43 years. She uses her insight and gifts to help people move through trauma, as well as help them to unblock walls of fixed behavior. She believes that her gift of seeing and her ability to being empathic has helped her to facilitate others, which has resulted in them being catapulted to move!

She says, “This is ‘Classroom Earth’ and we have many lessons and homework to do here while on this planet.” Sharon’s mission is to assist individuals navigate this big classroom!

Visit Sharon’s website here

Listen to Alexis’ interview with Sharon about her predictions for 2015 including dramatic earth changes. (Jump to approx. 27:00 for discussion about earth changes).

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