1. Graham Maxey
    March 16, 2016 @ 7:31 pm

    There is a particular form of grief therapy that lets clients reliably experience connection with the people (and pets) that they have lost through death. It is called Induced After Death Communication therapy. It was discovered by Dr. Allan Botkin, Psy. D., in his 20 years of work with the Veterans Administration in Chicago. Since he left the VA and began training other therapists to do this technique, over 400 licensed mental health workers world-wide are able to help people experience ADC about 75% of the time. What is also remarkable about this technique is the reduction in perceived sadness about the loss that this process helps clients achieve. His book, which outlines this story, and the IADC method, is in print in English, German, Italian, and soon in Spanish. There is a major university study underway that is comparing the results of IADC with traditional, supportive grief counseling.

    By the way, calling spontaneous ADCs “grief hallucinations” is far from an accurate description of any ADC. Hallucinations are always disturbing, and cause anxiety. They are not wish-fulfilling. Besides, that “explanation” does not account for the ADCs that take place without the person knowing of the passing of the person who appears, or otherwise, contacts the living person.


    • Posted by Alexis Brooks
      March 17, 2016 @ 11:12 am

      Graham. Thank you for your informative comment. And yes, I concur – the assumption on the part of some that spontaneous ADC’s are “grief hallucinations” is far from accurate, in my estimation. Still, many are loathed to accept a phenomenon that is well outside of their traditional worldview.


  2. Drake Stern
    October 15, 2016 @ 11:49 am

    There is no good reason to think that when people die they hang around waiting for their kids to call to them from earth.
    There is no good reason to think that when Sarah dies she remains Sarah.
    When Sarah dies the personality that was Sarah dissolves.
    It has no further use for her soul.
    It is like getting off a ride at Disneyland.
    When the little car stops, you get out because that ride is over.
    So there is no Sarah around to talk with after her body dies.
    Sarah is in fact dead and gone.
    But we know from innumerable testimonies that people think they talk with Sarah, or someone else, after they have died.
    So – what is happening?
    Something that remains of Sarah after her physical death is the record of her life.
    Some call it the Akash (Sanskrit for “Life”).
    The record of Sarah is a complete record. It includes every aspect of her being.
    That record includes mer most minute, subtle characteristics.
    What it does not include is her consciousness, her soul.
    So when someone talks with Sarah after she has dies, what they are talking with is that record.
    The System, the larger thing of which our world is a small part, is a living, intelligent System.
    When you ask a question of God or of the Universe, the System hears that question because you are a part of it.
    The System responds to those questions with the most appropriate response.
    If you are seriously needing to talk with Sarah, the System will respond to you exactly as Sarah would have responded.
    That response will come in the form of Sarah’s body, if that is appropriate, her voice, her mannerisms, her preferences, quirks, and all aspects of her personality.
    It will, as far as you are concerned, be indistinguishable from Sarah as she existed in life on earth.
    What will not be involved is the consciousness that had inhabited Sarah.
    That consciousness has moved on to its next thing.
    It is not hanging around waiting for a psychic medium or some other person to try and talk with it.
    From your perspective, the Sarah that you talk with is effectively the “real” Sarah.
    It will talk with you exactly as Sarah would have talked with you.
    Form your perspective the fact that the free-will consciousness that was inside of Sarah is not there makes no difference.
    The benefit you get from the communication still accrues.
    The benefit you get from talking with the Akashic Sarah is very real.
    It is what you make of it.
    But the consciousness that saw Sarah is not involved.
    At least, not most of the time.


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