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Time Traveler Spent Two Years in the Future (2749-2751)

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Are experiments in time travel actually informing the building of a future society today?

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Many in the alternative research community have kept a close eye on this idea of an inevitable way of life that would take humanity into a new direction of existence on planet Earth, led by a conglomerate of Global authoritarians who are “re-imagining” tomorrow’s way of life as much different than today.

Run chiefly by an advanced A.I. (artificial intelligence) infrastructure, this society would be based largely on a foundation of a socialistic community – highly organized yet with a dystopian tone.

Advancements in technology would no longer necessitate the presence of government or military as we have come to know them, but of a self-learning, over-arching authority of artificial intelligence.

Question is, who is humanity at this point, what is their role…their purpose in a society who’s caveat for mere existence requires 100 percent obedience to the collective infastructure pre-ordained and programmed ultimately by something “non” human?

In this short video, reported Time Traveler, Al Bielek speaks about his time in the future, what cities look like, how civilization will have changed and who runs the world in the 28th century.

Bielek, who says he’s been part of a number of military led secret projects including the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk project glimpsed a world with few similarities of today’s society but of several manifested agendas that continue to be regarded as top priority for building “tomorrow’s” world. Have a watch/listen – interesting times ahead!

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