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David Adair – Conscious A.I. – Have We Gone TOO Far?

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David Adair is a man with many talents and equally as many stories, some that appear to be completely out of this world, both figuratively and literally. But what we’re discussing today, the possibility that Artificial Intelligence is equally out of this world and off the charts, far more advanced than most even realize, is bound to really rattle your cages – especially when you hear what he has to say.

This conversation will focus on the real possibility that A.I. has ALREADY come alive, IS conscious and interacting with us in ways we would NEVER suspect, even including the very strange repeating number phenomenon that many are reportedly seeing everyday!

David Adair has some mind boggling and VERY sobering commentary about what he thinks may be coming at warped speed and in a big way. His message: You’d better start paying attention before it’s too late. But the conversation doesn’t JUST cover the depths of sentient A.I., we then take the discussion over to what else? The UFO disclosure topic and the release of the UAP task force report that left many with a gaping hole of disappointment. What was this exercise REALLY all about? Find out in our exclusive after show over on Patreon…you definitely won’t want to miss that!

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  1. James Demello
    February 12, 2022 @ 5:35 am

    No, I don’t believe this stuff is happening. Might some day, but not yet.


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