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Revealing the Hidden: Unraveling the Mysteries of Otherworldly Encounters Through Psychic Readings

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There are many people around the world who find themselves in the throws of what are considered otherworldly encounters. They can range from angelic visits to alien abduction – shadow being intrusions to out of body experiences. The phenomena are broad and its origin largely unknown. Many reported accounts often include physical sensations or marks, psychological impacts and even drastic changes in beliefs or behaviors.

As confounding and often jarring as some of these encounters can be, many who have lived these experiences yearn to know more about the significance of their incidents and moreover, what they mean for their personal journey of self discovery.

Insofar as the alien abduction phenomenon is concerned, some will turn to a process known as hypnotic regression in order to gain a clearer understanding of what took place during their encounters. Though regression can be beneficial in certain cases, there are others who feel that the process of being put “under” in order to bring to the surface repressed or “screened” memories may be too much to handle. The issue of feeling out of control or revealing something that they weren’t ready or willing to hear might serve to further repress rather than reveal the origin and purpose of the experience.

Some experiencers have sought out other methods in order to understand more about their encounters.

I recently spoke with three individual experiencers who agreed to an in-depth psychic reading from a reputable psychic services network and partner with Higher Journeys, Psychic Source, in order to begin the process of finding answers about their deeply profound encounters.

From these interviews, I wanted to get a sense as to how each reading might begin to uncover some long unanswered questions and also initiate a deeper look into the origin of these experiences.

Though each reading did reveal insight about their encounters, there were other equally intriguing elements that emerged for all three.

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Portal to Another Dimension?

Angie J. received a reading from Psychic Dara from Psychic Source to gain some understanding around her lifelong encounters with the otherworldly.

Angie has had brushes with the supernatural since childhood, along with encounters that she says involved “alien beings.” Though she says she isn’t afraid of her string of experiences, she has felt a sense of inhibition about diving deep to uncover the answers.

In her reading, the psychic advisor she said, “blew me away!”

“I was just laying there. I felt something strange. I couldn’t move.”

Specifically, Angie wanted to learn more about a recent experience in which she was lying in her bed, but wide awake. Her husband had gotten up to brush his teeth. Once he had left the bedroom she says she saw what she could only describe as a portal that began to open up in the room, somewhere between the wall in front of her and her bed.

“I was just laying there. I felt something strange. I couldn’t move, however I was able to open my eyes. Across the room, half way between the bed and the wall, something was getting really hazy at eye-height. [This hole] just started opening, and I’m saying to myself, ‘I’m not asleep. I see what’s going on but I can’t move,’”Angie explains.

As the experience was unfolding, she kept thinking, “Where’s my husband? Why is he taking so long?” She started to panic.

“As I continued to stare at this haze, it looked like something was trying to come through…[although I should’ve been afraid], maybe this isn’t so scary, I thought. Maybe something is trying to communicate.”

She then asked in her mind, “What are you? What’s going on? If you’re trying to communicate, I’m open.”

The moment she made that statement, her husband came back into the bedroom, and in an instant, everything stopped.

Though Angie has had multiple encounters throughout her life, this latest sojourn presented one of her most perplexing mysteries to-date.

Many individuals have reported encounters with what might be considered a multidimensional reality, in which the presence of orb like beings or balls of light, shadows or even geometric shapes will appear to the witness and begin what has been described as a two-way telepathic communication. In an excellent article that describes a similar phenomenon, Beyond The Veil: Encounters With Multidimensional Beings, the author and experiencer explains her incredible journey into these multidimensional realms.

As with Angie, her brush with the multi or extra dimensional peaked her curiosity and she had to find out more.

When she met with the psychic to try and get insight into this latest incident, the psychic asked her if she had ever astral traveled. Angie was stunned about the psychic’s ability to know that her out of body travels were something she’d been able to do since she was a child.

The psychic then explained that Angie’s portal incident involved her going out of body and possibly coming through the portal herself. In other words, she became entangled with what she was witnessing as something outside of herself, referring to the incident as an “energy exchange.”

“This reading was amazing! Especially when she told me I was an astral traveler. How would she know that?” Angie said.

In my recent interview with consciousness researcher and experiencer Susan Manewich, we talked about the upside of getting a psychic or spiritual reading as opposed to the more intrusive hypnotic regression. Susan remarked that in the process of getting a reading, a good psychic will often weave together several scenarios that although may seem unrelated, can often paint a bigger picture when it comes to the sitter’s initial inquiry. This, in addition to a more gentle approach can make for the perfect entry point for exploration.

The “Writing” is On the Wall!

This was the case when Timothy R. received his reading from Psychic Naomi. Timothy is also an experiencer or “contactee” and has long been inquisitive about the significance of his encounters.

“I didn’t want to lead [the psychic] in anyway, but she did hit some nails on the head,” explained Timothy. “Number one – she talked about loss. I didn’t say anything about that initially.”

“Someone has been protecting you and watching what you’ve been doing.”

Timothy, whose father had died recently had been dealing with the loss and managing care for his mother. Although his initial reason for getting the reading had to do with his otherworldly encounters and what they meant,  he had also wondered whether his father would come up in the reading.

“She then told me that even before we had talked, she got the sense that somebody had been following me all of my life,” Timothy added. “Someone has been protecting you and watching what you’ve been doing,” the reader said.

Timothy then said that the reader specifically heard a message from his father, saying, “You don’t write enough. You need to write!” Timothy, an English professor is currently an assistant Dean of a college in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Though he says that his profession is rewarding, he shared that he had hoped that his career in academia would afford him the opportunity to do more writing, but in his current position, this is not the case. In fact, Timothy shared with me in our post reading interview that prior to his father’s passing, he’d asked his son when he was going to finish his book. Clearly the psychic was able to pick up on that as a major theme. Furthermore, the psychic had no idea of Timothy’s professional background!

“This reading got me to thinking how I don’t write enough and how my dad really did reinforce that I finish my book. The psychic was insistent. ‘You do a lot, but you don’t write things down. You must write.’ She kept repeating that over and over again.”

Timothy did say that he had been wanting to write an analysis of American culture, along with a fictional history of his family.

Although the reading didn’t necessarily reveal any specific insights about his visits into the otherworldly realms, other than the fact that he had been watched and followed all of his life, Timothy emphasized that the psychic began with this aspect and she insisted he’d had a lifelong connection with whomever was watching him. This raised an eyebrow as to Timothy’s lifelong interaction with the non- human realm.  With that, the psychic continued to repeat, “You must write down and record…write down and record.”

Upon reflection of my conversation with Timothy, I can’t help but wonder whether or not this insistence on the part of the psychic that he commit to recording and writing about the things he has done throughout his life  may include his encounters with non human entities.  After all, this was what initiated his desire to get the reading. But in connecting (apparently) with his deceased father and the theme of writing and recording repeatedly coming up, one must ask the question, was there a deeper significance to the reading he received? And could the invisible powers that be have intended for him to get the answers to his inquiry of contact with non human intelligence through the act of writing? As they say, this story has yet to be completed!

Hat Man and Other Encounters of High Strangeness

Eve D. has had an odyssey of bizarre encounters since childhood. Though her curiosity has remained throughout the multitude of paranormal incidents that have plagued her, she admitted that getting a regression in order to reveal critical details about her experiences were off the table – at least for now.

“I’m not really ready to take it to a deeper level insofar as a personal regression is concerned. Sometimes I get a little closed down in these situations. I felt I had more control in this situation [with a psychic reading], said Eve.

Beginning as a child, Eve would have regular visits from what are referred to as the Hat Man. Often seen as shadowy figures with no visible facial features, they are seen wearing a fedora style hat and sometimes a long trench coat. This was the case for the being that would visit Eve. Never approaching or harassing her, this shadowy being would stand at her bedside, simply observing her.

In addition, she has had multiple encounters involving the Moon and dreams that she says include interactions with “energy balls” or orbs.

For years, Eve would hesitate to open up about these experiences, but has learned to not only embrace her experiences, but to look deeper into their significance.

Still, she hesitated to do a full on regression. She felt a good psychic reading would be the right move for her.

“My hesitancy with the regression and being put under is that I don’t really understand what’s happening. They may open up something that maybe I’m not ready to open up. With the psychic, she wasn’t pushing to go into areas that I wasn’t comfortable with. She wasn’t going too far. With a regression, that process could go a lot farther than I’m ready for at this time.”

“This particular psychic made me feel comfortable. She wasn’t pushing to go to areas that I didn’t want to go.”

Eve said that opting to go over to Psychic Source and receive a reading from Psychic Ella provided the perfect balance of insight and compassion. She was able to take much of what was shared by the psychic and start to connect some dots. As a result, she is planning on doing a series of readings with this same advisor in the future.

“This particular psychic made me feel comfortable. She wasn’t pushing to go to areas that I didn’t want to go. Even though her reading was spot on, I feel like she wasn’t going too far into stuff I wasn’t really ready for,” Eve said.

There are many reasons why an individual may not want to commit to getting a full on hypnotic regression, but clearly the sense of opening pandora’s box as to the truth about a personal encounter is probably the most common of concerns.

For experiencers who wish to delve deeper into their encounters, psychic readings are non-invasive and can be less stressful than hypnotic regression. The individual remains fully conscious and can choose to accept or reject the information presented.

Readings often provide symbolic or interpretative insights, which can be more flexible and open to personal interpretation, like in the case of Timothy. This can help individuals find meaning in their experiences without feeling constrained by specific narratives.

Psychics can often offer a sense of emotional support and validation. For someone grappling with confusing experiences, this can be comforting and affirming. This was certainly the case for Eve. In fact, as the oldest and most experienced psychic network, Psychic Source is well known for their community of compassionate psychic advisors – a distinction that sets them apart from many others in the field.

Choosing between a psychic reading and hypnotic regression depends on the individual’s goals and concerns. A psychic reading might be a better option for those seeking non-invasive, supportive, and flexible insights without the risk of creating more confusion and stress in the process. This method can gently begin to reveal profound insights into the enigma in which so many of us find ourselves in, while answering some of life’s most profound questions about the nature of reality and of the self!

Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!

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