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Uncharted Depths: A Journey Through the Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

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“To the sea and its mysteries – whose solution may tell us more about ourselves…” – Charles Berlitz, author of The Bermuda Triangle.

Accounts of mysterious disappearances within the famous Bermuda Triangle have been thoroughly researched and well documented, yet despite best efforts, no one has been able to unravel the mystery as to where or how over 1,000 people and their vessels vanished.

While on vacation in the Bahamas Jeanne, a woman living in the Boston area made an excursion to that famous location and although she managed to make it back, her adventure left her with an indelible imprint that changed her life forever.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeanne as she was kind enough to relive the intimate details of this incredible story.

Jeanne – It was May of 2003. We went to the island of Bimini to go on a dolphin swim for 10 days. I went with one other person on this trip, but met two others at the airport who would be joining us on our excursion: Alice and Lisa. We all clicked. We got to Bimini. We were on a catamaran that was supposed to be docked 22 miles off shore. But the engine broke, so we were docked at the pier. And we would take one of those small rubber boats that hold about 12-15 people out for our daily excursions.

We went out anywhere from 20-30 miles from shore on a daily basis, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Some islands we visited were uninhabited. Typically we would do yoga classes at sunrise prior to our excursions to start the day. It was really nice.

Alexis – And at what point did the experience – your encounter happen?

Jeanne – It was towards the end of the trip. It was one of the last excursions of the trip.

Prior to the experience, we were told by our trip leader (captain) that we were going to one day go to this area of the waters where they claim there’s a road. They call it the Bimini Road. Some people hypothesize that it’s the old Atlantis. There’s a phenomenon where there are slabs of rock on the floor of the ocean that simulate a road.

What’s interesting is at the airport in Boston I had picked up a book about Bimini. It just happened to be right in front of me – go figure. I went to get a paperback to read at a little concession stand at the airport and right there in front of me was this book about Bimini. I mean the planes out at Logan are going everywhere. Why did I see this book? But I bought it. They had a story about “the road” and the story of Atlantis. The article was saying there was controversy over whether it was manmade or a natural phenomenon. They said that different people had different experiences at this site. So the day came that we were going and some people kind of knew about this and other people didn’t.

So we went out in our little boat. As we’re going, the captain is telling us to have an open mind. He knew the waters really well. We were in what they call the Bermuda Triangle. So he’s telling us to have an open mind. He said that there are a lot of theories of things we might see but he wouldn’t go into detail. He said different people experience different things. Some people would experience nothing.

But it was a snorkeling excursion. We were out in the middle of nowhere, maybe 70 miles or so from shore. He tells us we have to partner up. Of the three women that I was with, myself and this woman named Alice, we just clicked throughout the whole trip, so you would think we would partner up. So we’re in the boat and we’re all just looking at each other and sort of selecting who our partners would be by eye contact, you know? All of a sudden, Lisa stands up in the boat and points her finger at me and says firmly “YOU! You’re going to be my partner.” And it was so out of character for her. She was so firm. So I said “me?” And she said “yeah, you’re going to be my partner!”

So we get in the water and we start swimming and almost instantly we see what is described as “the road.”

Alexis – How deep was the water at the point you were entering it?

Jeanne – Oh God, I don’t know, we were in the middle of the ocean. 100’s of feet deep I guess.

Alexis – So you did a dive, basically. When you got in the water you dove down?

Jeanne – We had snorkel gear that was specifically equipped for free diving. The snorkels are made to go under water. Not the traditional straight up snorkels.

Alexis – I’m just trying to picture…so you’re out in the water in the middle of the ocean, you get in the water and you begin swimming. At what point are you able to see the road? I mean you can’t see the road at the surface, right?

Jeanne – I mean we weren’t diving. We were snorkeling pretty close to the surface. But to us we were very close to the floor of the ocean. But there was no way, several hundred feet – we couldn’t have been.

Alexis – This is where it gets a bit strange you might say.

Jeanne – Understand that it’s what we saw; it’s not where we were.

Alexis – So this is where the anomaly really begins, right?

Jeanne – I guess so. I mean, other people could see us. The captain was on the boat.

He typically stays to watch to make sure we’re safe. And they keep a head count. So they can see your head bobbing up and down. You’re not down on the floor of the ocean like a scuba diver – you’re on the surface.

People just got in the water; he had us get in two at a time. We got in the water and almost instantly, we saw a road. Much like it was described in the book that I had gotten at the airport. I didn’t know what Lisa was experiencing because I can’t communicate with her with a snorkel in my mouth. But I just remember that she grabbed my hand and we started swimming hand-in-hand together, following this road. I don’t know – we could kind of see each other through the mask so we were kind of looking at each other in awe. Our conscious minds were fully there and aware of each other, but off in the distance it was somewhat foggy. I could see forms of like hills, a few scattered trees and then at one point, Lisa let go of my hand and kind of went off to the side – of the road. She went off the road, but I could see her swimming about or treading water. And then something compelled me to continue on down the road by myself. As long as I could see her, it was okay but at one point she was nowhere to be seen and I started to get a little overwhelmed – a sense of fear, but I was also being compelled to go forward.

Alexis – You felt a pull?

Jeanne – No, it was more in my mind. I felt more compelled, a feeling, rather than physically pulled.

Alexis – So assuming at this point you’re both in an altered state (although you say you don’t know for sure what Lisa is experiencing) did you have a sense that you were making physical contact with this road or were you simply following it but not touching it?

Jeanne – I wasn’t touching it. It was like I was swimming right above it, but it was right below my feet. I could see it. But in reality I couldn’t see all the way down to the bottom of the ocean. It was maybe three feet below me.

Alexis – this is where it gets really interesting. You know, a lot of research has been done and many people have seen pictures of what they think to be this road. Is this road supposed to be in actuality at the bottom of the ocean based on what they think they’re (archaeologists) seeing? In conscious reality? I mean, how thick or high up is this road? You were perceiving it to be right below you but you were clearly not at the bottom of the ocean. So the question is how high is this road in actuality?

Jeanne – I think it’s at the bottom of the ocean.

Alexis – So this would lend credence to the fact that you were perhaps experiencing something in an altered state.

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Jeanne – Perhaps. I mean I felt different but I was somewhat conscious. I can’t say what I was in that state but I can say what I thought.

Alexis – Fair enough.

Jeanne – So I followed the road to a point – I mean the more I followed it, the more I felt somewhat isolated and I was getting a little nervous, but I couldn’t stop following it. And then I came upon like a gateway, like to a city. It was kind of like a crumbled archway that was sort of gothic. But it was crumbled and distressed but you could tell it was a gateway. There were these voices telling me to come in but there was also this very strong force, and I don’t remember if this was a voice but it was definitely holding me back and conveying to me “NO!”

It was a very strong force. This is when I sort of stopped swimming and was upright and treading water, contemplating “am I going to go forward?” But (the voices) sort of were coaching me forward and it was pleasant, like I wasn’t afraid anymore. It was a pleasant experience. I felt there was life on the other side of that gate, but there was a very strong force that was holding me. I would have had to swim really hard to get through.

Alexis – So you actually felt that? Like it was a physical resistance?

Jeanne – Yeah. And yet there was a familiarity about the other side of that gate for me. Like it said, “have no fear.” But the fear I had was that force that I was contemplating. I mean I’m an adventurer of sorts. My conscious mind was trying to say “go ahead.” I wasn’t thinking “I’m not really seeing this.” I was thinking “wow – this is cool.” But not aware of anything else around me except the road and off to the distance, some landscape. A very, very sparse landscape. It wasn’t a lot.

I don’t know how long I was there contemplating, but the longer I stayed there the stronger this fear or force got. So I ended up turning around and trying to follow the road back and as I was going, I see Lisa off to the side, so I’m signaling for her to come and swim towards me. So she was coming but reluctantly. Then I started to get a more conscious state of, “maybe it’s time for us to go back to the boat.” So I’m sort of pulling her.

But here’s the other thing I recall, it seemed like we were underwater and at some point I wasn’t aware of the snorkel itself and breathing through it. I wasn’t aware of the fins or anything. I felt like I was just swimming with no breathing equipment or anything. And then I was completely submerged underwater the whole time. I could see water all around me – above, below and to the sides. I couldn’t see the surface. And I wasn’t even thinking about the surface – I was just swimming. Even when I saw Lisa, she was submerged, she wasn’t near the surface.

Anyway, we start to head back and I was pulling her and she was resisting. It seemed like we were moving away from the road and eventually it wasn’t there. I just remember the surface, swimming up to the surface. I came to the surface and I see everybody on the boat looking at us. Some people looked kind of worried. I realized we were the last in the water. We were probably 20 feet away from the boat at this point. They were telling us to come on. But Lisa was still pulling me, like trying to pull me down underwater.

Alexis – Why was she doing this? Couldn’t she tell that it was time to get out of the water?

Jeanne – I don’t think she did. Based on what she told me later, no I don’t think she realized she was back in this reality.

So, I took my mask off to show her I wasn’t going back in, but she grabbed onto my arm and was treading water and every time I tried to swim toward the boat she’d resist. Then I looked at her mask and said “are you ok?” She said “no.” I could see in her mask that she was crying. She kept shaking her head, no. We eventually made it back to the boat and they helped her on. One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that Lisa was seven months pregnant at the time. So obviously that concerned me. But we all got her on the boat and she sat right next to me.

The next phase of that was everyone sitting quietly in the boat probably for about 10-15 minutes. Then the captain asked us if anybody wanted to share their experience. People started talking about what they saw or what they thought they saw. There was nothing very significant that we heard.

Alexis – Except for your experience…

Jeanne – But we didn’t share it on the boat. We just stayed quiet. And Lisa kept crying, and it made me cry. She asked if I saw the road and I said yes. She kept saying to me, “I have something to tell you.” And I said, “Well I have something to tell you.” People asked us if we wanted to share but we just kept looking at each other and said, “No.” Interestingly, people saw us in the water swimming around, but we couldn’t see them. They said we didn’t really go that far from the boat. They pretty much saw us the whole time. So they couldn’t understand why we weren’t responding when they asked us to come out.

So it wasn’t until we got back to the catamaran and changed our clothes that Lisa asked if she could talk to me. We went out on the deck by ourselves and she told me the full extent of what she saw and I told her what I saw.

Alexis – And what did she see?

Jeanne – She said that she saw the road, almost right away but she went off to the side because she said that her unborn child started communicating with her – talking to her – like we’re talking right now. He was very excited. He was telling her that his name was going to be Solon. They hadn’t named him yet, but he said his name was going to be Solon or his name was Solon. He told her that he used to live in Atlantis as did Lisa and me and he wanted to show her around. He wanted to show her where he used to live. So she said he took her inside. She said it was a city. He showed her where he used to live and showed her around the area.

Alexis – So he actually took her inside that gate?

Jeanne – No, that’s the thing. She never saw the gate. She went into the city, but she didn’t see the gate. When I saw her off to the side, when we parted ways and where I found her as I was returning, she said she was with her son and they were in the city. And he said I lived there too. He said he was very excited that he was coming into the world as her son and that his name was Solon.

So I told her about my experience and the archway, etc., but I didn’t realize that I had lived there (in Atlantis). He told her that I did.

That’s what we got from each other. We connected the two. Although our experiences were different, they were connected. Apparently we all lived at this time, in Atlantis.

Alexis – Do you think that when you look back in retrospect that Lisa’s being so adamant about partnering with you in the beginning was all connected to the fact that on some level she knew something powerful would happen?

Jeanne – Oh yes, because as I said, it was so out of character for her to jump up the way she did and point and say “I’m partnering with you!” It was just strange. And further more you don’t stand up in those boats. She jumped up and pointed her finger – it wasn’t even her. My sense was, “what the hell is going on?” We talked about that afterward. She told me that right away he (her son) took over her – before we got in the water. She said she didn’t know why she picked me. She wanted to go with Alice. She said all of a sudden this took her over, although she wasn’t conscious at the time it was him. She was as shocked as me. It was automatic. She had no control.

Alexis – When you felt that force holding you back and as you reflect, do you think that if you were able to push through that gate – swim through, I mean we’ve all heard stories of mysterious disappearances of people, ships, planes that have gone missing, never to be found – Do you think that if you made it through, that would have happened to you? That you would have been lost forever?

Jeanne – I don’t know. Initially I thought about it, but the force that was holding me back was so much stronger than the force that seemed to be luring me. That sensation was familiar – like I wanted to go, but the force that was holding me back was scaring me. It made it clear that it wasn’t for me to do that (go through the gate).

I’ll never forget this experience.

Jeanne’s experience is not the only such account in which individuals are convinced that they’ve somehow pierced the veil of this reality and perhaps through an energetic portal are instantly transported to another time and place.

In Charles Berlitz’ landmark bestseller, The Bermuda Triangle, he cites the work of Ivan Sanderson, a writer and naturalist who had covered the anomalies associated with the Bermuda Triangle and other mysterious sights at length. In the book, Berlitz says, “Sanderson poses the question as to whether the Bermuda Triangle and certain other areas, functioning as ‘…vast machines, generate still another kind of anomaly…Could they create vortices in and out of which material objects can drop into or out of other space-time continua?’ For besides the many disappearances that have taken place, a vastly greater number of appearances have occurred in recent years and over the centuries, throughout the world, and seem to continue to occur despite official denials and the fact that they are logically impossible.”

As logically impossible as Jeanne and Lisa’s excursion may appear to some, there are others like Berlitz and Sanderson who dared to ask the questions and to take their own journey into the unexplained. Did Jeanne and her snorkeling partner enter a vortex, warping time and space as we know it? So much of the way our universe works is likely misunderstood. Every once in a while we are afforded a glimpse of the broader spectrum of reality and our place in this continuum of life. Jeanne and Lisa (and Solon) were a few who were fortunate enough to get that glimpse and an excursion that they won’t soon forget.

Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!

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