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The Crossroad Between Self Identity and Simulated Reality | David Icke

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The idea that 3D reality may actually be a simulation is not a new idea, and yet it has gained traction within intellectual discourse in recent years.

But if we are indeed living in a Matrix like existence, what is this virtual reality designed to achieve?

Alternative researcher David Icke offers his perspective on why “The Simulation” has been constructed in order to trap people in a perceptual tunnel that inhibits our ability to fully live, function and excel as infinite awareness – an idea Icke has promoted for many years.

From this perspective, Icke challenges those who have the desire to awaken out of this simulation, to take the process beyond the five sense level of seeing and into a realm that operates free of a construct that most have been trapped in all of their lives.

This excerpt is from an interview hosted by Rinat Strahlhofer of the We Know Show. The full interview can be watched at the link below this post.

“From my perspective…and more and more mainstream scientists are coming to the same basic conclusion, and that is that what we’re living in is a simulation. And it’s a simulation that’s been specifically created to entrap infinite awareness in a delusion of myopic self identity.”

“You’re born – and while you’re in the womb, you have a headset on – like a virtual reality headset. You come out of the womb, and your parents have headsets on. You then go to school and your teachers have headsets on, and all your mates in the class have headsets on. You go to university and college, and the professors got headsets on. You go out into the world of work and everyone around you has got a headset on. You then turn on the television and someone with a headset on says, ‘Hello, good evening, this is the news.’ You have government ministers, officials and agencies…they’ve all got headsets on. Silicon Valley censors information on the basis of whether you are repeating what the headset is telling you or whether you’re not, because if you’re not, then you’re censored.”

“And so, if you look at that as an analogy, you think if you’ve had the headset on in the womb, and the headset is still taken on at the point that you enter the other end, then what is the likely outcome of that? It is that whatever the headset is feeding you, is your perception of reality. The perception of you – your self identity, your perception of everything!”

“What awakening is, using the same analogy, is taking the headset off, and seeing what is to be seen that [the headset] is not telling you. This simulation operates just like a headset. The body is like a headset. It’s a program which is telling you about reality. It’s telling you about you and it’s dictating your life. The only way to override the program, is to become conscious beyond it. And that means becoming conscious beyond the limits of the simulation, which is a frequency band – that’s all it is. If you do that, then consciousness from beyond the program starts to impact upon the program and you start to WAKE UP! And you see.”

“But this is the point: people don’t wake up – they are awakening. They are not awake. No one is awake in terms of seeing the whole picture. All we can do is to tease open to more and more expansion of awareness and insight – knowing. So you become more and more awake.”

“And so, what I see in what’s called the alternative media far too much, is people awaken to the name, dates, places level of what’s going on, and then they stop. If you stop at that point, what you see is a political solution. [For instance] Trump will be your hero, or someone else who comes along and tells you they’re going to do this or that, and actually when they get the chance they don’t do any of it. Because you are still identifying with the body. You’re still identifying with this reality that I say is a fake reality. And you see, therefore, the answers to what you don’t like within the fake reality to be the system of the fake reality. And that leaves you going around and around in circles and you’ll get very angry and you’ll get very frustrated, and ultimately you won’t change anything. Yes, [some] people will see more and more about how the manipulation works from the level of the five senses, but that’s all they will see. They won’t see an answer. It’s because of this that you get people like in America who see the answer as stockpiling weapons to fight the enemy. This is the Matrix mentality fighting the Matrix mentality.”

“The way out of here is to see it for what it is. It’s an illusion. It’s an illusion that’s here to trap us perceptually, which is the only way the few can control the many and trap them perceptually so [the people] behave the way you want them to behave.”

Watch the full interview with David Icke: Override Your Programming

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