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Sound Healing – Healing Practitioner “Names That Tune!”

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Holistic healer uses crystal bowls, other methods

JaNae Francis |

CLEARFIELD — William Ligons said he has seen first-hand how musical tones and vibrations can improve how people feel.

Ligons has a following of people who regularly ask him to play quartz crystal bowls for them in an effort to heal them spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Referring to himself as a holistic healer and the owner of The Touch of Lights, LLC., Ligons works to help people recover spiritually in ways that he believes translates into better health overall as people receive healthy vibrations.

“It is about vibrations,” he said. “Everything we do and experience is a vibration. It’s a vibration in our body.”

He said the bowls help people tune their bodies. “When you listen to a bowl and feel the vibration, it wakes up parts of your body and helps you. The musical notes coincide with the energy points in our body.”

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He said the bowls are designed to balance a person’s chakras. Each of seven bowls has a different tone that corresponds with a particular chakra in the body.

“It all depends on a person’s belief, what resonates with you,” he said, noting that science cannot prove or disprove his practices.

And resonating is what Ligons is after when he rings his bowls. “It is all about sound,” he said. “I want to support life. I want light.”

Legons tells his clients to meditate by concentrating on their heartbeat. “You have to find your own level of resonation,” he said.

And Ligons relies on his faith to tell him how to help heal a person in deciding how to create sounds that will benefit his clients.

“I don’t have any particular order I play the bowls,” he said. “I just let the universe tell me how to play.”

He said the sounds reduce stress and in so doing can give a person health.

“Stress radiates through your body and causes other issues,” he said.

Ligons also actively uses selenite wands, healing stones, and other well-documented musical instruments to promote healing for those who come to him for help.

While helping a client this week, Ligons pointed to the various chakras in her body with is selenite wand both from the front of her body and from the back.

Then, he did a sweeping motion in the location where her angel wings would be if she had them. He called the action wing cleaning.

“Sometimes I’ll tell a person, ’I am giving you your wings and it works just as well,’ ” he said.

Ligons is a certified Reiki master practitioner, using an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing, and a theatre practitioner besides the work he does with the bowls and stones.

He said connecting with others is key to how he works to guide them through healing.

“We are all part of the same source,” he said. “We get our gifts and talents from the universe.”

Sometimes Legons’ sessions with his clients include the ringing of tingshas, Tibetan chimes that make a distinct, piercing sound.

“The vibration they create cleans and balances the chakras,” he said. “It gets out any stuck energy.”

He explained that energy creates emotion and emotion creates stress. “We need to clean out any negative energy,” he said.

“If the chakras are in balance, they are circling the way they are supposed to. Everything else will flow.”

Ligons said he’s seen a lot of people transform their lives when they have addressed themselves in a holistic way.

He said his favorite story happened once when he was playing a quartz crystal bowl in a public place.

A short distance from where he was playing his bowl, he said a special-needs individual had left a group that was caring for her had was sitting on a curb. He said the people in her group were not able to get this girl to move back toward the group where they were doing an activity.

Ligons said he watched the girl transform and become responsive again after she heard the sound of his bowl. He said the life-changing experience only helped to enhance the admiration he already has for these types of people.

Ligons is careful to clarify that he is not certified as a medical practitioner and he does not discourage people from seeking recognized medical treatments for their physical symptoms.

But he does believe he has seen people improve as they respond to their beliefs in the practices he offers them.

There is much scientific research available about how sound can affect a person’s body.

Read the full article here.

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