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Past Lives, In Between Lives, and the Near-Death Experience

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Editor’s Note | Alexis Brooks – Higher Journeys

I could see it coming some 15 or so years ago. I’d been preparing to interview psychic medium John Edward on the set of his then popular TV show Crossing Over back in 2000 in New York City.

Amid an overly enthusiastic and eager studio audience, hoping against hope to have Edward pluck their crossed over loved one out of the ethers and into the here and now with a message of hope and confirmation, I realized this subject – that which is broadly referred to as “the afterlife,” is not going to die anytime soon.

We’ve since graduated from the occasional prime time television show or personal appointment with a psychic medium to whole conferences dedicated to the subject of not only afterlife concepts, but of past lives and even what is referred to as the life-between life state or LBL.

This past January, Melbourne Australia played host to one such conference. The Afterlife Explorers Conference – in which noted authors, speakers, and experiencers gathered to share profound research and personal anecdotes alike, in an attempt to distill life beyond the veil.

Two of the speakers are friends and colleagues of mine, Mary Rodwell and PMH Atwater – both well researched and well versed in the phenomenon of past lives and near-death experiences, respectively.

While perusing the Afterlife Explorers Conference’s website I found this most interesting article that weaves a common thread between two fascinating aspects that may help us understand and thus assimilate the mysterious state we call “The Afterlife,” and all of the accompanying dimensions that make up this vast spectrum of life experience.




Our conference founder, Mick Turner, is no stranger to death.  In this life, he’s gone through four deaths.  One of those was when he died in a diving accident, and was revived 10 minutes later.  The other three times were in a past life regression (PLR) session where he encountered three different life times – and three different deaths.

Encountering past life scenes are both reassuring and traumatic.  Reassuring to discover that death is not the end, that we reincarnate with our loved ones over and over again, and that death is not as bad as being born!  However, the emotions that can be brought to the surface during a PLR session are undeniably real if traumatic scenes are remembered.

Those unresolved wounds and unlearned lessons from a past life can carry over to the current life, resulting in present day complexes, behaviours or issues. Profound and remarkable insight can be gained about patterns in present day situations.

Often significant people and the relationships we had with them in a previous life can reveal surprising connections about the dynamics we share with them in this life.

Past lives made popular

Many of you have probably read books by Dr Brian Weiss, who brought the benefits of past life work to the mainstream.  He stumbled across the incredible healing that revisiting a past life can offer people.  In suggesting to a client in trance that she visit the source of debilitating phobias she was suffering from, Dr Weiss was shocked to hear his client talking about a former life – 4,000 years ago!  It led the sceptical doctor on a drastic career change that resulted in many books and a wider acceptance of past life work.

Beyond past lives and into life between lives

Another pioneering doctor who had a similar surprise encounter with one of his clients was Dr Michael Newton.  Dr Newton had a client who was experiencing intense loneliness.  A simple hypnotic suggestion unexpectedly connected his client with her memories as a soul in the life between lives state.  From this state, she communicated to the surprised psychologist that she was with her soul friends and family in the spirit world.  Incredibly, she learnt the source of her loneliness in this life time — her soul family were not with her during this incarnation. But far from this being a sad mistake, she discovered this was a decision planned by her, with the help of her guide, to foster independence and cope with the tough challenges on planet Earth on her own.

It took Dr Newton 25 years before he felt ready to publish his findings – over 7,000 case studies of clients he regressed to the Life Between Lives (LBL) state and had meticulously databased.  His bestselling books based on that research gave the world an indepth understanding of our immortal home that had never been seen before.  Now his work lives on through highly trained LBL therapists who carry on his methodology around the world in LBL sessions.

What exactly is an LBL session?  The Newton Institute describes the work on their website:

‘A deep hypnotic process, developed over many years, designed to reconnect you with your soul self, your guiding beings and thereby awaken an understanding of your immortal identity….

Each of us is so much more than the physical aspect we can see. We are a combination of the energies, experiences and learnings of countless previous lives; each life a set of contrasting experiences that embody the variety of lessons our inner, eternal self seeks to learn in its quest for development and perfection. That core, eternal self, always searching for growth and new levels of understanding, is our soul self.

Michael Newton’s research enabled him to assemble a model of the spiritual realm. He documented consistent reports from thousands of clients of the existence and incredible support offered by countless Higher Beings in the inter-life; personal guides and teachers, all ready to guide each one of us through and between each life. Wisdom and insights you can now access through LBL Hypnotherapy.

A more complete perception of who you really are as the sum total of your past lives, the collaboration of your soul with other souls and with its guides and teachers, and what you are learning now. A sense of the eternity of the soul…and an end to the fear of physical death.’

Two of our speakers are revealing fascinating stories about the healing effects of PLR and LBL work and the powerful insights that people can gain when they recall their past lives, go through the death scene, conduct a post-life review and become reconnected with the soul group.  Learn about meeting with the Council of Elders, how our guides help us and the pre-life planning sessions where we choose our parents and significant aspects of our next incarnation.

Mick knows that death is nothing to be feared and there is more beyond this life. His mission is to spread that word to as many as possible.   These two inspirational presentations will be echoing his insights in a personal and uplifting way.

Read the original post here.

Learn more about next year’s Afterlife Explorers Conference here.

Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!


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