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Logic, Imagination and the Re-Entry of the “Whole Human”

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The two most formidable individual powers are logic and imagination. – Jon Rapport

Editor’s Note | Higher Journeys

If there’s one person I know who consistently delivers a cogent distillation of our human state of affairs and the world stage as it exists today, it’s Jon Rappoport.

When one dares to look reality straight on and question its validity and authenticity (or lack thereof) using two key ingredients: logic and imagination, one will indeed find themselves on a track that can crack open the padlock of a construct that is only as real as the observers who justify it. But when one refuses to do just that, well, reality will remain quite stale, flat and predictable – qualities that pander to the lower brain of the human.

Though expectation, reaction, habituation, and repetition are indeed aspects of the human psychology, there are other dimensions – dulled by millinea of indoctrination – that now more than ever must surface, if one is to truly crack the lock of status quo reality.

The following short essay by Rappoport speaks to these two dynamics beautifully!

Jon and I spoke of the importance of the coexistence of logic and imagination, along with the tireless efforts of some to diminish this blend of qualities in my interview with him in December of 2014. If you haven’t already, I urge you to tune into that episode.


By Jon Rappoport |

Human Psychodrama on the World Stage

As the drama called Human Life on Planet Earth advances in the 21st century, we are seeing an escalation of lower-brain emotional responses to events. And this is according to plan.

I want to emphasize the underlying propaganda message. It’s very important to understand that message:

As more and more people are unable and unwilling to employ logic and rationality, those qualities diminish in importance, and you should abandon them because…they don’t serve you. They aren’t useful.

You can see where this would lead. More and more people would surrender to their own stimulus-response mechanisms, and the overall level of chaos would increase and expand.

There is no situation in which you should abandon your own ability to employ reason and rationality, no matter what other people are doing. Their surrender should not become an excuse for you deserting your own power on any level.

The two most formidable individual powers are logic and imagination.

Logic is essentially grounding and stabilizing. It allows you to analyze any situation or cluster of information and see through to its validity or invalidity, beyond deception.

Imagination takes you soaring. It allows you to see your greatest vision for your life—and therefore act toward its fulfillment.

Others around you may be succumbing to their own misperceptions and lack of energizing spirit—but that doesn’t mean you have to.

And as an aside, if you decide you want to help those you care about and lift them up, try doing it without logic and imagination and see how far you get.

All this is preface and prelude. It occupied me for more than a decade of research and investigation, as I saw the human psychodrama entering a new phase. Its hallmark was random emotional reaction.

Nothing wrong with emotions, but entering a space where they take you from pillar to post, sucking up and draining energy, while producing no visible progress along the line of fulfilling goals…that’s not a good thing at all. It eventually ends up paralyzing the individual, who retreats from his most profound ambitions.

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Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!

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