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Heal Thyself – With Peppermint!

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Editor’s Note | Higher Journeys

The following “how to” article highlights the multiple health benefits of peppermint. I’ve long been a proponent of the medicinal uses of this age old herb which is said to be a hybrid of watermint and spearmint, cultivated and used widely in both Europe and the Middle East.

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Recently, having been dealing like so many others with a range of common GI problems as well as dental sensitivity (oh my – the issues as we get older) even before doing a boatload of research derived from “experts” about the multiplicity of benefits in using both fresh peppermint and its essential oil, I felt instinctively compelled to put this nature’s miracle elixir back to use. And for the aforementioned issues I’d been dealing with chronically – well, it’s helped significantly. In fact, I’m now using a tincture of peppermint spirits (essential oil) as both an antiseptic and mouthwash, and also putting a few drops on my toothbrush to massage my gums at night.

When we were renovating our home 10 years or so ago, I felt myself to be under great pressure having overseen the project and again, instinct (without research) told me to go out into the garden and start brewing peppermint tea from the leaves which were growing abundantly on the property. And voila – stress symptoms greatly dissipated!

I recall my father telling me many years ago how he would watch our family cat, who was an outdoor cat, meander through the woods and find medicinal herbs like comfrey that she would instinctively know to harvest and eat. We barely had any issues with her and she lived to be nearly 21!

So as you peruse the short article below, although “research by experts” seems to substantiate what the ancients (and our animal companions) knew all along, trust your gut (both figuratively and literally) as to what approach works best for you!



Six ways to maximize the healing powers of peppermint

Source | Natural News

The powerful and distinctive scent of peppermint may evoke pleasant childhood memories of candy canes and peppermint candy balls in some of us.

But there’s more to peppermint than candy. Though used more than any other herb to create flavoring for gum and candy, peppermint has therapeutic applications also.

Green peppermint leaves can be used to create tonic teas, while peppermint essential oils are available for aromatherapy and as a concentrate for creating other solutions.

Many consider menthol peppermint’s main therapeutic active ingredient. However, menthol is joined by rosmarinic acid and several flavonoids including eriocitrin, hesperidin, and luteolin. These combine to produce peppermint’s antimicrobial, antiviral, and antioxidant activities.

Peppermint has demonstrated the ability to relax the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and reduce pain transmitted through the central and/or peripheral nervous systems.

Respiratory problems can also be ameliorated with peppermint. There is also evidence that peppermint has anti-tumor and anti-allergenic properties.

Though offered in several forms, it’s best to use peppermint essential oil or leaves for tea, which should be brewed with a lid to keep the vapors from evaporating.

Six ways to use peppermint for home healing

(1) A couple of drops of peppermint essential oil in water after a meal helps digestion. It even helps eliminate gas and minimize belching or flatulence. Peppermint oil as tea or essential oil drops in water is also helpful for easing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

(2) The relief is quick for respiratory problems, but temporary. It’s non-toxic, so asthma sufferers may find peppermint a useful non-toxic replacement, at least occasionally, for those pharmaceutical corticosteroid inhalers that now require prescriptions.

The most recommended method for bronchial issues of any type is using a few drops peppermint’s essential oil in an inhaler or vaporizer. You can also just add a few drops into boiling water and breathing in the steam using a towel as a shroud for containing the steam.

If you can find an inhaler that is not packaged with a pharmaceutical, you can apply a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil in purified or distilled water and spray it into your lungs orally.

(3) Peppermint oil or tea helps strengthen your immune system. It also improves blood circulation. Use frequently as aromatherapy or tea during a viral outbreak in your region, or to help protect against chemtrails.

Read the full article here.


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