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What’s Really Behind the Recent UFO Buzz

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What’s causing the recent uptick in UFO news? Distraction, Deception, Disclosure? Or something entirely different?

The recent onslaught of media attention surrounding UFOs in the run up to a highly anticipated unclassified report due to be delivered to the U.S. Congress in June has been all but hard to ignore.

And ignore we shouldn’t. According to some deep within the UFO community, the mainstream spill may not be coming for the reasons we expect.

Though interesting to say the least, the media buzz has some people asking why the sudden interest in a subject that not so long ago was only suitable for occasional tongue in cheek sound bites to fill up air time.

Now we’re seeing a marked pivot in demeanor by some of the most notoriously dubious in the news biz. So what gives?

This is not the first time the UFO subject has gained mainstream traction


There has been a fair amount of momentum over the last several years beginning notably in 2017 when the NY Times broke the story about how the Pentagon had been secretly cataloguing the elusive phenomenon they classified as UAPs or unidentified aerial phenomena under the auspices of their $22 million program known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program or AATIP.  Although that headline didn’t reach as far and wide as some had hoped, it denoted the start of a slightly more serious discourse in the mainstream.

Then, right smack in the throws of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic when the world was grappling with mass lock downs, masking and social distancing, something else was coming out of quarantine – and in a big way.

Neatly tucked within the $2.3 trillion COVID-19 Relief bill in December of 2020 was a stipulation that a variety of intelligence agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency had 180 days to disclose in an unclassified report what they know about UFOs or UAPs.

All of a sudden, the news cycle was (and continues to be) lit up with headlines about the forthcoming report due in June, including interviews with notable “whistleblowers” and other insiders lending their “credible” weigh in on the legitimacy and urgency of this latest chapter in the UFO debacle.

But are the expert reports, news segments and headlines leading us down the right track that some call “disclosure,” or tethering us to a path of no return that others in the UFO community are calling at minimum, misleading?

A significant number of UFO buffs have grown increasingly suspicious over the years as to the legitimacy of reports about the reality (or lack thereof) of unidentified flying objects that are deemed “official.”

But even within UFO circles, there are distinct camps and very different discussions that are taking place and that few in the mainstream would ever dare touch.

UFO or ET – That is the Question

Of course the inference about the very term UFO has roots buried deep within the zeitgeist of classic science fiction, that being the presumption that unidentified flying objects along with all of their physics busting acrobatics must be coming from an intelligence, also unidentified but non-human in origin.

Nonetheless, some feel that the re-classification of UFO’s to UAP’s sought to give intelligence agencies a more legitimate justification for their very interest – to dial down the whacky stigma long associated with what UFOs implied and start to craft a more erudite narrative, including one that would imply the possibility that these objects are highly covert technology developed and operated by foreign adversaries.

Regardless of what is behind these enigmatic craft and what the government does or doesn’t know, it is no surprise that they would opt out of throwing caution to the wind when it comes to full on disclosure, but rather tip toe, although reluctantly toward some semblance of transparency.

Rev. Michael J.S. Carter

Reverend Michael J.S. Carter, UFO researcher and author of Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible feels that the public is now possibly getting a slow drip feed that might lead toward eventual disclosure.

“Our government, after decades of misleading the public regarding the existence of UFOs is begrudgingly attempting a baby step towards more transparency regarding the topic,” Carter said.

But transparency toward what? UFOs or ETs?

If per chance all of the recent hoopla is in advance preparation for a revelation that includes the reality of, yes, extraterrestrial entities, and if the governments have been well aware of this fact all along, they might see fit to take a crawl, walk, run approach with the public.

The Aliens Are Here… Run!

Then there are some who feel that all of the recent buzz and the forthcoming UAP task force report is all to do with what some in the UFO camp believe to be a planned false alien invasion, known also as Project Blue Beam.

UFO Space War
Could space eventually be weaponized?

Blue Beam’s supposed objective has two prongs using one approach. One: a meticulously scripted second coming of Christ and Two: a planned Star Wars style invasion by extraterrestrials. Both purport via Blue Beam’s well orchestrated plan, to be achieved using advanced holographic technology.

The latter Star Wars scenario has some tongues wagging as to their ultimate objective – the weaponizing of space.

As deleterious and far reaching a concept as this may seem, it is one that some people feel would be the impetus for a well planned, albeit contrived alien attack.

Popular alternative journalist Daniel Liszt who’s show aptly titled Dark Journalist has a long history of covering the UFO topic in-depth along with many other “fringe” subjects. He said in a recent livestream event on the soon-to-be released report of all of the latest media attention, “The idea that their pounding away that there’s a UFO threat that’s about to take us out like Independence Day is…beyond ridiculous..”

But what might seem even more ridiculous, not to mention unfathomable to the masses is the idea that what the governments really know far exceeds any idea of a threat in the way that has been implied up to this point.

Retired Air Force Staff Sergeant, former practicing attorney, and long time ET contact experiencer Terry Lovelace feels without a shadow of a doubt that there is indeed a non-human aspect to what’s behind all that is going on right now.

“Yes, ET is driving this disclosure. We’re operating on their time table to release official information from government sources before an ‘event’ of some kind happens that makes their presence obvious. That kind of surprise and uncertainty is what could lead to riots in [places like] New York City and Tokyo.  The government can’t afford to lose public confidence. The timing is certainly deliberate and calculated,” Lovelace said.


Terry Lovelace, who came out publicly in 2018 to reveal his compelling though controversial alien abduction encounters detailed his long journey down the ET rabbit hole in his first book which gained wide attention: Incident at Devil’s Den and subsequently Devils Den – The Reckoning.

“What are these [UFOs]? They’re not made at Boeing. These craft are built and operated by non-human entities. How do we know? Because they defy the laws of Newtonian physics and do things that are impossible by our standards. This is proof we’re dealing with entities that are 500 rungs above us on the evolutionary ladder,” Lovelace explained.

Lovelace’s sentiments, though not a conversation that would dare be discussed on the evening news, is not however happening in isolation. Others are also going on the record about the idea that non human intelligence may be who is actually at the helm of the latest and perhaps most revelatory bombshell to ever hit humanity.

Australian based ET contact researcher and author Mary Rodwell is one who is also in this camp.

“…This push for disclosure is most likely coming from NHI’s (non human intelligences). I believe this has been on the cards as it were for some years. The suggestion from [ET contact] experiencers and whistleblowers is that the NHI’s have indicated that if Governments  didn’t disclose this reality  voluntarily ‘they’ would force the issue. I am not sure if it would be from a mass sighting of UAP’s as a likely scenario.  Certainly more and more video footage is captured by individuals globally. Many Experiencers have said they have had ‘visions’ of a mass sighting scenario.  This would cause mass panic unless the governments come clean,” Rodwell explained.

Let’s be clear. This is a mind-stretching scenario, but one that may very well be in our purview, and soon!

Juxtapose that with the rather general though some would argue “naive” inquiry from CBS reporter Bill Whitaker who recently covered this UFO “story” on the popular prime time television program 60 Minutes while interviewing a “whistleblower” who has been front and center in recent years about the UFO “mystery,” former director of AATIP Luis Elizondo.


While grilling Elizondo about the possible legitimacy of UFOs, Whitaker asked, “So what you’re telling me is that UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects are real.”

Elizondo was resolute in his response…

“Bill, I think we’re beyond that already. The government has already stated for the record that they’re real. I’m not telling you that. The United States Government is telling you that.”

Whitaker’s reply: “You know how this sounds. It sounds nutty, whacky.”

A fair assessment by one of a slew of bystanders who up to this point have been watching the UFO game from the bleacher seats.

But the real question within the deep underground of UFO enthusiasts is what is the U.S. Government not letting on about this phenomenon?

The answer to this question is of course at-present up for grabs, even by those who profess to know more about the intricacies of the UFO story.

What is potentially mind twisting about this entire drama is that we may just have a paradox on our hands.

On the one hand, there could be a well thought out (human created) plan to indeed design a scenario that would set us up for an all out space war.

QHHT Official WebsiteConcurrently, non-human intelligence may have been orchestrating the play all along, albeit in the shadows, while letting the human planners think that they are in charge.

Caroline Cory, ET contact researcher and documentary filmmaker feels that extraterrestrials have always had a hand in the unfolding of this plan.

“I believe ETs are always present and working in the background. Whether it is conscious or unconscious, those in power are following ET agendas and have been for many years. Nothing has changed, as we might think,” Cory said.

Though equally compelling, Whitley Strieber, noted author of multiple books including the landmark volume Communion offers a slightly different perspective.

“If there is a nonhuman intelligence behind the phenomenon, then it obviously controls the degree to which it engages with us. It could make itself known very easily, but it is exceedingly careful in the way it addresses mankind, at once conducting what amounts to a theater in the sky while contacting us on a personal level only very secretively and carefully, and on a social level not at all,” Strieber said.

Regardless of what is really happening behind the iron curtain as it were, let’s face it, we all may be staring down a “red” pill that one day we will all have to swallow.

The idea of an authentic alien presence in our very midst may be the proverbial elephant in the room that many, particularly those in official capacity are loathed to admit and are resolute to keep secret for as long as humanly possible.

Despite the cornucopia of evidence, though anecdotal, by scores of experiencers who have shared their own ET encounters in explicit detail, the vehement denial of the scope of this phenomenon coupled with the current narrative in the run up to the report may be the ultimate red herring and the greatest revelation – both existing simultaneously.

In the interim, as the play is still being produced, human beings said to have free will, may just be the ones to have the final say.

For as the late Col. Philip J. Corso once heard when he was said to be in direct dialogue with an alien presence, when he asked what was in store for humanity if we allowed them into our lives, the answer was, “A new world if you can take it.”

Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!

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  1. Sherman Smukler
    May 28, 2021 @ 4:59 pm

    Thank you for your article, Alexis. Here is a video from Dr. Steven Greer from May 19 on the subject: He has been on the forefront of the UFO disclosure movement for many years and advocates for peaceful contact with the ET’s. Here is some info from his website: In Infinite Light, Sherman


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