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The Shadow and Light of Hollywood Film with Randall Libero (Replay)

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What do motion pictures (Hollywood Film) have to do with human consciousness? According to film historian and new media expert Randall Libero, a lot!

When we watch a movie, whether romantic comedy, deep drama or even documentary, are we tuning in to tune out or are we staying conscious within ourselves and not allowing what we’re experiencing with our physical senses take us over?

These questions spawned a most intriguing discussion about the role of media in consciousness and why now more than ever we must choose wisely the images that we allow to come into our lives.

Both shadow and light have a critical role to play in the way we view film and it is with this perception that many ancient peoples understood the benefits of both in all aspects of life.

With more choices than ever to view media as well as create it, we can certainly choose which side of the veil we wish to partake.

Fortunately with these choices, the emergence of conscious media is now being given a starring role. And with this burgeoning trend, we now have the opportunity to allow that which we take in through our eyes and ears – expand our consciousness, rather than repress it.

In this special replay episode we discuss:
  • Our core relationship with media messages and their origins.
  • How to remain “present” during the watching of film and why it’s critical that we do so.
  • The psychological “strings” that are pulled on the viewer.
  • The ability to discern “real” from “fabricated” in media.
  • How to recognize “live news” from prerecorded sound/video bytes.
  • How to view “9/11” from a different lens.
  • The motivation of messages embedded in film.
  • The new movement of high consciousness film-making.
  • The paradox of technology and access to new media.
  • How the public has become virtual film-makers at-large.
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More about our guest:

randall-libero-jpeg-pictureRandall Libero is a producer and online media authority with more than 25 years of professional experience across three major media industries. He has a combined media background in creative and technical film and TV production for network and independent television, broadcast news journalism, and Internet Radio & TV. He began as a comedy writer at NBC television in Burbank and later shot, edited, directed and produced TV pilots, documentaries, TV talk shows and commercials in Los Angeles. In the 1990s, he created the first online media research facility and historical news archive for the U.S. State Department’s International Bureau of Broadcasting and WorldNet TV and was nominated for a major agency award.

He is currently known for being one of the first “Internet Producers”, producing thousands of hours of TV and radio programs and online events with some of the world’s leading best-selling authors, motivational personalities, visionary thinkers, and business leaders. He has built highly successful New Media content and innovative online marketing strategies for many NY Time bestselling authors and notable personalities such as Jack LaLanne, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. John Gray, Dr. John Demartini, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, and many others.

Randall is the producer and host of the Spirit of Film: Conversations radio show, an Internet Radio program that premiered in September 2006 and has been heard by more than half a million people globally. He is also the producer and host of the new “Visionary Entertainment” TV series and a speaker at conferences, seminars, and workshops internationally.

As Senior Executive Producer for the VoiceAmerica Network, (, he created and directed the pioneering 7th Wave online radio broadcast channel, which premiered in May 2006 and has grown to more than a million listeners monthly.

Randall’s mission is to promote the idea of a new emerging period in media history which he calls the era of “Visionary Entertainment,” a term he coined in 2005 which refers to a convergence of the worlds of media and entertainment, technology, culture, and consciousness in the Digital Age and their impact on both the individual human being and society.

The discussion continues – Read Alexis’ latest post – The Shadow vs. Light of Media and the Act of Free Will at

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