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Ken Elliott – The Law of Attraction – There’s MUCH more to the story!

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Alexis speaks with Ken Elliot,  author of Manifesting 1-2-3, about thought building, and the mechanics of the law of attraction.


manifesting1-2-3bookWith so many these days clamoring for more information on the idea of manifesting, there are now hundreds of books, courses and workshops on the law of attraction, abundance and reality creation. But in this candid interview with the author of Manifesting 1,2,3 (and you don’t need 3), Ken Elliott takes manifesting to a whole new level. If we could see our thoughts in actual form, what would they look like? If you were the producer, director and actor in your own movie, how would you write the script? Is it possible to offload fear and worry to make room for the circumstances that you truly desire? Ken had some very interesting answers to these questions as he shared his philosophy on the manifesting process  which is not only fun, but easy as 1-2-3!

About our guest:

Ken-ElliottKen Elliott is an artist and writer living in Castle Rock Colorado. He is been on a dual track for over 25 years as an accomplished artist and as someone who has experienced and collected astonishing stories.

Ken was uniquely and convincingly shown how to make changes in his life and in those of others. He enjoys passing this valuable information on to individuals and groups. For more information on Ken’s lectures and workshops, email Ken.

Visit Ken’s website(s) at:

Highlights from this episode:

  • There’s more to the dynamic of manifesting than what we’ve been told.
  • How thoughts can be sent and received non-locally.
  • How thoughts can be intervened by other forces. (JC)
  • The mechanics of how thoughts create form and how then can actually be seen.
  • How thought experiments reveal the power of intention.
  • What did “The Secret” really reveal?
  • Can we act as both psychic senders and receivers?
  • Telepathy on demand.
  • How thoughts precede everything we see in the physical world and how that works.
  • How we can “see” thought forms in the out-of-body state (e.g. William Buhlman)
  • Why law of attraction (LOA) is actually a side effect of a thought.
  • How thought forms act like the physics of gravity.
  • How to realize the power we have over the life we have.
  • Do random/quick thoughts manifest?
  • The importance of “conscious redundancy” of thought to manifest.
  • How to “offload” worry and fear.
  • The vibration of both love and fear.
  • Both money and fear do NOT require the circumstances we think.
  • Why it’s NOT always necessary to be specific in visualization.
  • How to “offload” worry and fear to clear the way for manifestation.
  • How to take action on lack of money.
  • How to create a movie as a tool for manifesting.
  • Integrating authentic gratitude into the manifesting formula.
  • How to take scrapbooking, vision boarding, and list making to another level.
  • How can we “control” the time factor in the manifesting process?
  • Where does a sustained state of happiness come from?
  • Why it isn’t necessary to visualize details about your ideal partner in order to bring you the perfect soul mate.
  • Using the power of creative imagination and improvisation to manifest (despite all odds).
  • How to be a vocal cheerleader for your future, to create more juice!
  • Why creating physical layers to intention brings more power to manifesting.
  • What is #3 (to manifesting) about and why DON’T we need it?

Other resources and links from this episode

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Additional article on The Secret:  Physics errors in “The Secret”

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