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Self-Identity – Make No Mistake About Who You Really Are

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By William Buhlman

Why do we spend our lives pouring ourselves into the myth of physical self-identity?

Do you believe you are your body? Do you believe you are a physical human, a man, a mother, a Christian, an American? Do you identify yourself by the physical roles you play? There is a current trend to research our national heritage, racial origin, and all of the many limbs on our physical family tree. We celebrate the festivals, clothing, food, and language of those we think were our ancestors. Pictures of long-deceased relatives hang in our homes, museums, and libraries even though there is no evidence that these individuals were in any way part of our soul group or involved in our personal journey.

This is fueled by a false physical perception of who we really are. As soul we are nonphysical beings, we possess no biological structure, ethnic background or sexual identity. We are consciousness using temporary energy vehicles (bodies) for our expression in many different dimensional realities. We plan our opportunities for growth and place ourselves into various environments that will provide the lessons we need. Focusing on and identifying with our current physical race, religion, ethnic, or indigenous background is a complete diversion, for it is not our true spiritual identity.

Few stop to consider the dramatic results we will all experience when entering our thought responsive home. Our current thoughts and beliefs will determine our new reality; at death our self-concept will shape our subtle energy body and our capabilities in the afterlife. This knowledge is essential because at death our fixed self-identity will continue to mold and maintain our self-created limits.

As we awaken we realize that we alone are responsible for the anchors that bind us to the physical. How can we ever experience liberation when we remain attached to the dense limits of our biological body? Instead, begin to visualize yourself as a radiant being of clear light: pure conscious light with the unlimited creative abilities to manifest your ideal personal reality.

Have the courage to shed the outer shell that holds you to the image of your physicality. You are unique, a soul who has incarnated into many bodies during many lifetimes. Your current body only serves to advance your education on Earth in this one lifetime. It is not who you really are.

Learn more about how William began his journey into understanding the non-physical realms through out of body experience

william_buhlman_headshotWilliam Buhlman brings over forty years of extensive personal out-of-body explorations thought provoking insight into this subject. His first book, Adventures beyond the Body chronicles his personal journey of self-discovery through out-of-body travel, and provides the reader with the preparation and techniques that can be used for their own adventure.

He has conducted an international out-of-body experience survey that includes over 16,000 participants from forty-two countries. The provocative results of this survey are presented in his book, The Secret of the Soul. This cutting edge book explores the unique opportunities for personal growth and profound spiritual awakenings that are reported during out-of-body experiences.

Over the past two decades William has developed an effective system to experience safe, self initiated out-of-body adventures. He conducts an in-depth workshop with the Monroe Institute titled, Out-of-Body Exploration Intensive. This unique workshop provides the steps, intention and techniques designed for controlled out-of-body exploration. Each participant will experience a comprehensive array of proven OBE methods including the target technique, inner motion, visualization, chakra and energy body activation. In addition, hypnotic, shamanic and early morning methods will be practiced.

As a certified hypnotherapist, William incorporates various methods in his workshops to explore the profound nature of out-of-body experiences and the benefits of accelerated personal development. Through lectures, workshops and his books the author teaches the preparation and techniques of astral projection and spiritual exploration.

William brings a refreshing look to how we can use out-of-body experiences to explore our spiritual identity and enhance our intellectual and physical lives. William is best known for his ability to teach people how to have profound spiritual adventures through the use of out-of-body experiences. In addition, he has developed an extensive series of audio and video programs that are designed to expand awareness and assist in the exploration of consciousness. William has appeared on numerous television and radio shows worldwide. William’s books are currently available in ten languages.

His new book, Higher Self Now – Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution is now available here.

Visit William Buhlman’s website here.


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