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Locking Down Into 2022 – Will The “Crisis” Continue? Numerologist Sharon Millstein Explains

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Numerologist Sharon Millstein (pictured above) says “The Saga will continue… as real life drama.”

At the start of each New Year, millions around the world are all too anxious to look the previous year in the rearview mirror in hopes of “better times ahead.” While still in the throws of a pandemic, will 2022 usher in a new beginning or more of the same?

Sharon Millstein, who’s numerology predictions along with a pinch of sage advice weighed in from both a rear-view as well as a forecasted outlook for what’s to come in 2022 and her uncensored thoughts about each, were nothing short of candid and crystal clear!

Higher Journeys: We’ve been in this perpetual state of drastic change and challenge in the last (almost) two years now. From your perspective, what has happened to our Global society, particularly during 2021?

Sharon Millstein: As I predicted 2021 [the #5 year] has been of change, movement, and experimentation. No Permanence!

We see everything changing with new mandates, rules, taking a new order. Yes things have changed. These limitations put on our life and our ability to do simple things like going to restaurants, movies, events, the grocery store, are uncomfortable to say the least

The fact that there is no permanence in our day to day life as well as these chemical inoculations changing, and not exactly being the cure all, are a different kind of navigation!

We are in an unfamiliar time, with mandates on how to precede. We the people who don’t comply for various legitimate reasons, are discriminated against participating in many of life’s freedoms, with respect!

These fears are put out in a mass campaign to scare us!

Fear is what the media is putting out! Plagues, mutants dividing, people dying! We the people/media will continue to stay in the graces of Government Mandates and new rules like obedient soldiers!

HJ: How can we put a stop to all of this and take control of our own health and well-being as individuals?

SM: That’s the question I get these days – My answer? A new world and a new government who pays attention to needs and constructive out of the box measures with intellect!  It may take time. The main people who are getting rich are the Pharmaceutical companies, Medical clinics/hospitals, mask and shield makers, etc.!!

With a different school of thought and a good source of natural healing paying attention to building up our immune system “Preventive medicine” works on many and is very attractive!

As Dr, Andrew Weil M.D. postulates– If you have an ear infection don’t go to the ER go to the herb store, But if you’ve been in a car accident broke something etc.- don’t go to the Herb store go to the ER…a thought!

HJ: What additional Global upheaval have you noticed as relevant to the big picture in the last year…the “5 year?”

SM: The weather anomalies have brought super storms, winds, tornadoes, volcanoes, floods etc., and they will continue.

Watch this for a disturbing summary of some of 2021’s most anomalous weather events.

The earth is filling up with water-melting snow-caps/icebergs, and higher temperatures. We just saw here in Taos, high winds and destruction as well as many tornados in the surrounding states of Kentucky causing acute damage of property, killing so many. There is no stopping Mother-Nature for making a hard point! Lots of karmic debts are being paid and its time for redemption!

In the coming year survival safety measures have to be strongly implemented with more attention than before in places that in the past haven’t needed to have safety, like basements, storm shelters, growing and preserving food, going back in time! Progress/Regress!

Cycles and seasons, people, animals, insects, agriculture, and even earth’s axis is changing including our footing, plans, events, everything!

HJ: Do you feel that what’s happened and what’s to come is history repeating itself?

SM: Yes! It could be time for Noah to come back to get the Ark. Get ready! 

Image by Unsplash

Though a sobering summary of what we’ve witnessed last year, Millstein feels that 2022 (known as the “6 year” in numerology) will be a mix of tumult and triumph.

SM: Domestic Happiness, fixing up a new home and/or buying a new home, a time of adjustment, responsibility, getting money due you, marriage and divorce! There is also completion with #6.

The number symbol of 6 is a circle and a curved line.

The circle is completion – 360 degrees – we’ve been there and done that. The curved line is bending forward indicating – us moving, pushing forward in a different way than before – adjusting to new ways of living and survival!

HJ: How is it that a number (or set of numbers) can represent such a variety of messages? Where does this originate?

SM: Numbers are as old as the universe and are a secret language.

For years now I’ve seen the warnings not just in my mind’s eye, but the same numbers – repeating themselves: doubles, triples and quadruple on clocks, etc.

In our Holy books the number 6 represents the 6 days for creation and the 7th day for rest! A box has 6 sides: 4 walls, 1 top, and 1 bottom and it’s complete!

The week has 6 days of work and enterprise, the 7th day is rest!

In some agriculture settings, we work the earth for 6 years – the 7th year is a sabbatical. The Earth rests.

HJ: This 6 year seems somewhat unique because it contains so many 2’s (2022). Will this have a different effect than other 6 years?

SM: Because this 2022 which equals a 6, having 3 number 2’s there are more dynamics that will influence us.

Although number 6 and 2 are different numbers that have different vibrations, they have a similarity as far as love and companionship are concerned!

The number 2 is a dual number -representing relationships, partnerships, associations, cooperation. This number 2 is a female number!

The three 2’s in 2022 may help us to get back on track with our communications. For a time now I’ve been concerned that our communications are in jeopardy!  Not just our phone acting weird, but our conversations, rhetoric, they’re not penetrating!

On The Duality of #2

Male and female, Adam and Eve, moral and immoral, compassion and cruelty, ethical and unethical, paradise and hell, to name a few.

We may see renewed relationships, marriages, partnerships, globally as well as locally that may be healed through patience and clear communications!

HJ: Any final thoughts on your purview about this 6 year of 2022?

For a few years now we have seen this country and world polarized.

We need to wait no longer! People [especially women] will voice their opinions on breaking away from the status quo, like Brian Williams did on MSNBC, recently!

By and large, women and mothers who choose to give life, understand that war is not always the answer!

In this new year, 2022 #6 there will be more help, various agencies will help the needy with monetary as well as housing for the homeless – we pray!

We all have the power to redirect and change our world!

Get in touch with Sharon!

If you would like to make an appointment for a reading to understand how the year 2022 the #2 and 6 will influence and affect you email Sharon Millstein:

Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!

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