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Numerologist Sharon Millstein – 2021 Forecast by the Numbers: “We Will Become Unearthed!”

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After a year that brought the “Twilight Zone” to real life, what do the numbers have to say about 2021?


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2021 Numerology and Our Annual Forecast by the numbers…Here it is! 

Everyone is more than ready to look 2020 in the rearview mirror. The 4 year, as my guest numerologist Sharon Millstein predicted back in 2019 would wreak havoc on us all and needless to say, we know what’s happened. Now we’re headed into 2021 – the “5” year.

What will Sharon reveal according to the numbers about what’s in store? “It’s been like a holographic experience where we’ve been sucked through a black hole,” Sharon said of this year’s events. And that’s what Sharon Millstein uses as her language to foretell what’s to come in the following year.

Sharon discusses our last 5 year (2012) and looks at some of the events that took place then as a means to compare with this upcoming 5 year. Does this hold a clue as to what’s to come? Sharon says “This is a time of redemption….we have several wars going on in a sense and I feel some of them will come to fruition in 2021.”

Find out what Sharon means when she says in 2021 we will become “unearthed.”

She also discusses how she feels the uptick in seeing double and triple numbers warned us about what was to come, and what will come in the years ahead. “The numbers don’t lie. They never did lie. They’re as old as the universe.”

Bottom line: She says the number 5 is a number of no permanence.

How will that translate into what’s to come in 2021?

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