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Is Intuition the Best Medicine?

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Doctor Talks ‘Miracle’ Recoveries, Using Intuition

Dr. Larry Krantz considers what may be at work in “miracle” recoveries.

Tara MacIsaac | Epoch Times

Image source: Epoch Times/Dr. Larry Krantz

The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge. In “Beyond Science” Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide.

Larry Krantz, M.D., has seen patients recover from incurable diseases without any known medical explanation.

For example, while grocery shopping he ran into an old patient of his who he thought would have died long before. This patient had metastatic cancer. Krantz had recommended an oncologist to treat it, but the patient decided not to receive treatment. He didn’t think she would be around much longer, but there she was years later in good health.

“Cases like that boggle the mind, and I think all doctors have seen them. People get better from all kinds of conditions; [their recoveries] are surprising and defy explanation,” Krantz said. He’s noticed that patients with a cheery or positive attitude tend to recover better than those with a negative attitude.

Cases like that boggle the mind, and I think all doctors have seen them. People get better from all kinds of conditions; [their recoveries] are surprising and defy explanation.— Dr. Larry Krantz

He cited the many studies in recent years suggesting stress can harm the body. Perhaps something similar is at work here, he said. He believes inner stillness can help a patient recover, and it may also help doctors understand how to better help their patients.

Why Doctors Should Find Inner Peace and Listen to Intuition

Krantz often found that while driving to work, a patient would pop into his mind. He gradually realized that this was almost a sure sign he would see that patient that day. He learned to trust his intuition.

He has assessed patients’ symptoms and arrived at diagnoses and treatment recommendations based on the visible facts, only to have a nagging feeling that he was wrong. Stepping back, clearing his mind, he listened to intuition. Very different diagnoses and treatments emerged, and they were the right ones.

“I think it makes sense to use your intuition as a tool in combination with … medical training and intellect,” he said.

He looks to the wisdom of the past as having the potential to guide the future.

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