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Astrology and the Coronavirus

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Let’s take a look at the astrological similarities between the corona virus and the Spanish influenza pandemic in 1918-1919.

According to the CDC website, Spanish influenza in the U.S. was first identified in military personnel in the spring of 1918. “Although there is not universal consensus regarding where the virus originated, it spread worldwide during 1918-1919. It is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus.”

And this, from

“The first wave of the 1918 pandemic occurred in the spring and was generally mild. The sick, who experienced such typical flu symptoms as chills, fever and fatigue, usually recovered after several days, and the number of reported deaths was low.

“However, a second, highly contagious wave of influenza appeared with a vengeance in the fall of that same year. Victims died within hours or days of developing symptoms, their skin turning blue and their lungs filling with fluid that caused them to suffocate. In just one year, 1918, the average life expectancy in America plummeted by a dozen years.”
I mention the time frames because of the astrological parallels.

In the spring of 1918 Jupiter and Pluto were approaching a conjunction in Cancer and people who got sick, “recovered in several days.” By August 1918, when the Spanish flu was killing people who caught it in a matter of hours or days, that conjunction was exact. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and prosperity, yes, but it also expands everything it touches. Pluto rules power, the underworld, death and rebirth, so when Jupiter conjuncted it in 1918, death slammed into overtime.

Now: 2020. In late January, Jupiter was approaching a conjunction with Pluto, but they were still 10 degrees apart. By late February, they were only 5 degrees apart. From n article in The Atlantic: “On the last day of February, the CDC reported that 15 Americans had tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.”

In mid-March the two planets were only two degrees apart. From March 29 to April 6, the two planets will be conjunct to the degrees, but the conjunction to the minute happens on April 4, June 30, and again on November 12. But throughout these months, the conjunctions are close.

I think we’re in for a long haul with this virus. It may seem to level out at times, then it slams into full gear again. I hope I’m wrong. The good news is that on December 20, Jupiter enters Aquarius, then in May 2021, it enters Pisces. No more conjunctions with Pluto. We may be in the clear by December 2020, but the world will be vastly changed.

This post is from the blog of Rob and Trish MacGregor Synchrosecrets.

Trish MacGregor

Trish and Rob MacGregor have been professional writers for 25 years. They have mined numerous synchronicities and have fruitfully used the knowledge derived from them. A synchronistic meeting on a flight in the 1980s, for example, resulted in their leading adventure tours to South America for Avianca Airlines. One synchronicity after another led to their many non-fiction books on dreams, psychic development, astrology, yoga, the tarot, divination, and animal symbolism. In 2003, they took over the writing of the popular Sydney Omarr astrology series.

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