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Terry Lovelace | Alien Abduction, Screen Memory & Altered Realities

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ET contact experiencer and author of the best-seller Incident at Devil’s Den, Terry Lovelace joins the show once again to examine three BAFFLING abduction cases.

Though each account is distinct on their own, they all carry common elements. Are all of these considered alien abduction cases in the “classic” sense (or is there something else going on)? Are each of the witnesses giving completely honest and accurate accounts? Do each of the encounters have hallmarks of what is known in UFO abduction research as screen memory?

We examine each of these components and dive deep into what on earth (or off) may be going on.

Terry Lovelace is a native St. Louis Missouri. After high school in 1973, he enlisted in the United States Air Force as the Vietnam war was winding down. He was trained as a medic/EMT and served six years on active duty from 1973 to 1979. In 1977, he and a coworker were abducted while wilderness camping at Devils Den State Park in NW Arkansas. For fear of damage to his legal career and the loss of respect among his peers, Terry and his wife never disclosed what happened in 1977. Since his “coming out,” Terry has published two books on his encounters with alien intelligence and its harrowing aftermath: Incident and Devils Den and Devils Den: The Reckoning (links to get the books are below).

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