1. Hayley Turner
    October 2, 2015 @ 4:39 pm

    Hi I am an indigo child myself and I think you have a good understanding of us and that you respect our views but were not super human, every human is born with these abilities were just here to show you how to use them. Every human is capable of what we are nobody is better than anybody but I must admit the way humanity acts and treats each other, THAT is alien to me I have had to learn to block certain things as I am an empath and sometimes the things people can do to eachother is unbearable to witness. I can read how a person feels or who they are within minutes I see right through them and my whole life people have told me their deepest secrets, even strangers! I can sense ghosts I know if its male or female, good or bad etc but everybody is capable of this gift. I had a hard time at school as the teachers seemed to get angry when they realise you know something they don’t, for instance I knew how, when and why the pyramids exist and sacred geometry etc and I don’t understand why this so-called education system leaves out spirituality in its curriculum it is the ultimate truth but its not about supreme beings its about logic, being good to eachother and thinking how would you feel in situations , this way you could only be good to eachother. All of the material things you acquire in this life don’t mean squat you cant take none of it with you and if you don’t learn you will keep coming back, memories you can take so make sure they are good ones and stay humble!!!! I’m so glad that people are aware and your exactly right we ARE here to wake people up and its extremely refreshing to see that you are aware of that I wish id had a teacher like you growing up so thank you on behalf of all indigo’s.

    blessings xxxx


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