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Michael JS Carter – Aliens Are REAL (How to Face the FEAR)

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👉 ANYONE who has had alien encounters, you MUST WATCH this interview!

Michael JS Carter, ordained minister, author, well known for his frequent appearances on the hit series Ancient Aliens AND long time experiencer shares his own VERY personal journey down the rabbit hole of multiple alien contact encounters and the many layers of fear he had to face about the encounters while trying to understand where and why they fit into his life. Michael was extremely emotional during this interview because we hit a nerve when discussing how he took great pains to cope, not only with the encounters themselves, but the aftermath (including nearly being fired from his job as minister leading a large congregation because he spoke publicly about the ET phenomenon).

This is a very deep and moving discussion, meant for anyone and everyone who believes they have had an ET contact encounter (or multiple encounters) but don’t know how to cope with their experiences. Anyone who has been through this experience knows this is not an easy road to navigate – far from it!

This conversation will bring the ET contact experience to a more personal (and raw) level as well as bring comfort to those who are feeling alone about their encounters. Michael spoke in detail about his own journey including his regressions with well known regression therapist Budd Hopkins along with several others who’d regressed him. We’ll also address these experiences within the context of religious and cultural beliefs, race and personal relationships. This is a part of our EXPERIENCER’S SPEAK Series.

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