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Billy Carson – ET Contact and Synesthesia

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Are individuals with synesthesia more prone to ET Contact?

Billy Carson is many things: entrepreneur, explorer, and researcher of ancient civilizations. Anomaly hunter, quantum researcher, amateur astronomer. There’s not much he doesn’t do, and do extraordinarily well! But did you know that he also has a “condition” known as synesthesia? And did you know that he is also an ET contactee (of what he refers to as “the 4th kind”)?

These two very intriguing elements add to the mystique of this extraordinarily successful individual. But how are they connected, if at all?

In this exclusive interview with Carson, we explore the many dimensions of ET contact and how individuals with synesthesia (referred to as synesthetes) may have a predisposition for ET contact encounters.

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Links where you can find more of Billy Carson’s great work:

On Gaia TV – 4Bidden

4biddenknowledge web site

4biddenknowledge – Conscious Music on iTunes

Billy Carson on IMDB

Quantum Physics 101 Facebook Page

4bidden Mobile App

Billy Carson is the founder of 4biddenknowledge.comBilly Carson is also an expert host on the new original streaming series by Gaia named ‘Deep Space’ This series is an exploration of the “Secret Space Program” and the types of technologies being used along with their potential origins. Billy Carson is also an expert host on Gaia’s original series, ‘Ancient Civilizations’. A team of renowned scholars has come together to decipher the riddle of our origins and piece together our forgotten history found in monuments and texts across the world. 

Billy Carson is the co-founder of the United Family of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH). Billy Carson has combined forces with the top anomaly hunters in the world to form the United Family Of Anomaly Hunters(UFAH). Their mission is to provide enough evidence of past and present life on Earth, and other celestial bodies inside our own solar system, of technologies being used along with their potential origins. The group claims to have pioneered two new fields of science. Archeo-Astronomy and Astro-anthropology. Billy Carson feels that these will be actual college courses in the not so distant future.

Mr. Carson is also the CEO of First Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Billy Carson’s space agency is involved in research and development of alternative propulsion systems and zero-point energy devices.

Billy Carson is the Author of “The Compendium of the Emerald Tablets”.


Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!


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    January 19, 2019 @ 2:59 pm

    I have pictures for Billy Carson but no one seems to have any contact info like emails.


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