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A Physician’s Near-Death Experience and Her Glimpse of the Afterlife | Terry Lovelace

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Like many who report having a Near-Death Experience Suzy Quan, a pediatrician who at 14 years old was thrown into a community pool by a bully and lifeless for 32 minutes says she did not want to return to this life. But when she did, she knew that what she was told by a wise Buddhist monk she met while “dead,” would somehow be used to guide her purpose when she returned to her body.

Researcher and author (and ET Contact experiencer) Terry Lovelace writes about this afterlife odyssey in his forthcoming book Free Fall – An American Near Death Experience.

In this interview we discuss how Suzy who always had some psychic ability since childhood, came back from her NDE with enhanced abilities. How she was able to “see” exactly how her father was murdered when Suzy was only six and how the phenomenon of near-death experience could be linked with ET contact. We’ll discuss the common thread between these two areas of experience.

Then in the after show we’ll discuss a FASCINATING subject: The shared death experience. What is it and how often does it actually occur?

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