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  1. Bruce Dickson
    December 17, 2017 @ 10:54 pm

    Hi Alexis, like your audio blog. What can be added is polarity-opposition as an astral quality, is becoming more and more exaggerated, especially since Trump.

    The higher the Earth’s rising frequency, the more pronounced polarity-opposition becomes in the 3D experience, at this time.

    We can also say some polarity-opposition here in 3D is good–too much is a problem, as you also say.

    The yin~YANG opposition is a larger issue and not so relevant here in 3D now. Rather, what you and myself seem to agree on is it’s unnecessary and exaggerated AGAINSTNESS which is so destructive, especially inerpersonally.

    As someone said recently on TeamHuman.FM podcast, the antidote is often simple civility. ‘Radical civility’ as much as it takes to stay connected and peaceful, inside your own skin, can be a wonderful yoga.


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