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The Spiritual Symbolism of Pinecones

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Conifers are believed to be among the oldest forms of plant life on Earth, possibly dating back almost 300 million years. Pines in particular have been dated back to 153 million years.

With this as a backdrop, pinecones have a deep spiritual significance among many cultures since antiquity, including Hindu deities, The Aztecs, The Assyrians, The Celts and Greeks.

The sacred significance of the pinecone has been revered for its symbolism representing human enlightenment and particularly its relationship to the pineal gland, often referred to as the “Third Eye.”

Our PINEal gland is shaped like (and named after) this ancient cone and its behavior mimics that of a pinecone as well.

Illumination and the Fibonacci Sequence

The pinecone and our pineal gland bear a striking resemblance to each other when it comes to its response to light and dark. Our pineal gland is connected to our body’s perception of light (enLIGHTenment), as it attunes our circadian rhythms and wake-sleep patterns. Similarly, the pinecone responds to light by opening and then closes during darkness.

Additionally, the geometry of the pinecone fans out in a Fibonacci sequence in both directions. Referred to as the Golden Spiral and the Golden Ratio, this sequence can be found everywhere in nature including within our own brain with the epicenter at (you guessed it) the pineal gland!

There’s much more to the spiritual significance of pinecones! Below is a list of great resources where you can further explore and learn more about this sacred creation of Mother Earth!

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