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Paul Levy – Wetiko and the Collective Psychosis of Humanity

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These days we are hearing repeated so often, that we are in a heightened state of alert. Of course the media connotation denotes that of fear and fragility, terrorism and trauma. But is this what we REALLY need to be alert TO and is there another underlying cause for all the tumult and evil in this world? Paul Levy, an author, gifted artist, philDispelling Wetikoosopher, teacher and self-described wounded healer, is one who has tackled this very complex question. And the answer he gives may just surprise you. In this very important dialogue about the dynamics of what he calls a collective psychosis that is plaguing humanity, Paul feels that when we acknowledge that we all play some part in this drama or dream, we will begin the process of healing this virus of the mind. This interview may be challenging for some of you to hear, and for others it may just be the antidote that you’ve been long searching for. As always, only you can decide. Take a listen now to my interview with Paul Levy.

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Highlights from this episode include:

  • What is malignant egophrenia (aka: wetiko) and why is it so critical for us to understand?
  • Are we living in a collective shared dream?
  • The importance of understanding universal symbology.
  • Are all humans afflicted with wetiko and if so how?
  • How do we create our reality?
  • The role of imagination plays in creating our world, individually and en masse.
  • Looking at wetiko as a “virus of the mind.”
  • Is our present state of consciousness due to some “fall of mankind?”
  • wetiko vs. “tulpa” (Do we have the ability to manifest another living entity that appears to be something different than ourselves?)
  • Are we destroying our selves and our world by not addressing this “virus of the mind?”
  • What role quantum physics plays in this inner dynamic.
  • Carl Jung’s ideas on the conscious/unconscious nature of the psyche
  • How recognizing the synchronicity of symbols are a subjective experience.
  • How do numbers like 11:11 play into the big picture of symbols.
  • Diabolic vs. symbolic. What is the significance of each.
  • The daemon vs. the demon. Do each of us have aspects of both?
  • Can each of us be healing aspects for the planet?
  • Can we be tricked into giving our soul away?
  • The non-local aspects of wetiko.
  • Are we literal mirrors of each other in this “waking dream.”
  • The consequences of not taking responsibility for our own darkness.
  • The importance of investing attention in that which you’d like to see vs. what you don’t.
  • The possible risks of taking responsibility for your own shadow side.
  • How pessimism is a trick of the wetiko virus.
  • The “gift” of wetiko.

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Paul Levy - Author of Dispelling WetikoA pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Paul Levy is a wounded healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. He is the author of the newly released book Awakened by Darkness: When Evil Becomes Your Father (Awaken in the Dream Publishing, 2015), as well as Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil (North Atlantic Books, 2013), and The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis (Authorhouse, 2006). He is the founder of the “Awakening in the Dream Community” in Portland, Oregon. An artist, he is deeply steeped in the work of C. G. Jung, and has been a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for over thirty years. He is the coordinator for the Portland PadmaSambhava Buddhist Center. Please visit Paul’s website You can contact Paul at; he looks forward to your reflections.

Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!


  1. tom charles osher
    September 6, 2019 @ 11:38 pm

    Hola, I really like what you say about wetiko. I would like to contact you as I have a very interesting and big project about climate crisis that might interest you. Also, I am the founder of a mostly latino, artist community in Vilcabamba, Ecuador I hope that you have time to check it out and we can talk. Abrazo amigo, Mofwoofoo (Tom Osher)


    • Alexis Brooks - Editor, Higher Journeys
      November 30, 2019 @ 5:01 pm

      Paul Levy would be a great person to connect with in this regard as he wrote the book “Dispelling Wetiko.” You can find him on his website and contact him there. Thanks for checking in.


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