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How Coronavirus Is Speeding Us Toward Transparency: Part 1

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From the Universal to the 3D – Transparency is Everywhere.

We are living through what I’ve been calling “the bridge time”—the transition period between two very different realities. The old reality is one we know well, marked by linear thinking (past-present-future; beginning-middle-end; cause-action-effect)—which results from focusing attention on separation, ego, polarization, will power, and fear as our default setting. The old reality has become too slow because life—and the earth itself—are accelerating; we’re vibrating at ever-increasing frequencies and our old way of knowing and doing can’t keep up. We now need a faster, more elegant way to live and be—one that can match the higher vibration and evolve with it. The new reality is based on spiritual principles and universal truths, and it is birthing itself right now and burning off everything that’s in the way.

This is the time of the Opening of Pandora’s Box, when all the little demons and pests are released—those long-stored, suppressed, subconscious traumas, terrors, griefs, and rages. It is the Time of Clearing, when we learn to dissolve fear and suffering and become transparent. Transparency is a state of being that allows I-the-Soul to flow unimpeded through the various “bodies” or frequencies of consciousness (causal, mental, emotional, etheric, physical) to guide and educate Me-the-Personality about living in a frictionless way and creating the life experience I’m built for.

So, we are experiencing an ongoing release of negativity personally, and in the collective, societal mind—it’s why ugliness, meanness, domination, and hate have been flooding our lives and the media. These are all cover-ups for deep-set fear and panic. Yet there is a powerful force that resists and demeans this clearing: EGO. Ego—the experience of the disconnected, isolated self—wants to maintain its power structure and keep things the way they were. It doesn’t want to experience chaos or the Void.

We’ve watched the rise of narcissism and destructive self-centeredness in leaders around the world because the ego’s methods are now being widely exposed. We see people victimized by these arrogant, insensitive, ego-driven bosses: people forced from their homes and lands, children ripped from parents or sold to sex traffickers, an opioid epidemic that turns people into zombies—to name just a few repercussions.

Get Transparency – Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity

All this is part of the bridge time, part of the surfacing of our deepest fears. To have an enlightened new reality, everything that is not of the light must be seen, understood, and dissolved. This time period and this process must happen. It is part of a positive evolution of humanity and the planet, and it won’t last forever. We must learn to navigate the challenges and clear ourselves—totally—once and for all.

With the increase in frequency on the planet, the ego is being eclipsed. It can no longer hold back the wave of transformation; it can no longer be the boss, the director of reality. Soul-centered consciousness is taking over, causing us to dredge up what’s at the very bottom of Pandora’s Box. So what else might be down there? What could succeed at dislodging the ego’s carefully-plotted, power-maintenance strategy? What could cut through those long-standing negative identity habits to help us see a new way? How might we accelerate our global process of clearing?

Say “Welcome!” to the little but mighty Coronavirus! It seems to me to be the perfect symbolic materialization of our suppressed, subconscious traumas, terrors, griefs, and rages. And of the ego itself. Ego-driven leaders need isolation at the top of the hierarchy to succeed, are experts in domination, easily charm others into agreement, and are clever and chameleon-like, changing on a dime to avoid detection, criticism, and destruction. Coronavirus does something similar, dominating, spreading, and avoiding detection by seeming like “any other flu,” replicating itself, mutating, and hiding.

Coronavirus is an equal opportunity infector. The idea of being special and above the law is being brought low by a tiny, hijacking, parasitic virus that is no respecter of peoples. It doesn’t avoid those with gigantic, “successful” egos; it is not racist, class-oriented, bipartisan or political; and it doesn’t care if you’re famous/rich or a manual laborer/poor. Coronavirus is a great opportunist; it takes advantage of every possible chance to expand itself. It is greedy for power, for space, for attention. In so many ways it is the epitome of the ego; it is the ego’s replicant.

I think of the behavior of greedy, power-hungry people over the centuries, acting the same way Coronavirus acts: invading other people’s territories, conquering by first weakening and debilitating, then imprisoning, and finally killing people. And just as Coronavirus infects people before they even know it, power-hungry dictators have used spies and secretive means of infiltration in the early stages of overthrowing foreign lands.

I think, too, of how we have recently been invaded by cyber-terrorism from the Russian web brigade of bots and troll armies. Just as a virus works to replicate itself, so any thoughts that foster fear, rage, and hate can replicate among people in any walk of life, thanks to the contagion-fostering Petrie dish of social media. So here is a message from the Soul-of-All-of-Us coming via the global pandemic:

How much of your identity is invested in ego? How much have you attached your own importance and survival to having money, power or influence over others, or getting attention from people who agree with you? When you are denied any of these, do you panic and contract like a stone and sink, or do you expand into the imaginal realm, discover new paths, and choose to maintain your preferred “home frequency” state?

 It may seem that life is going down the drain, but beneath the surface, the universal laws still function in compassionate ways, we still materialize our reality based on what frequency we place attention on and match, and what kind of thoughts and feelings we consistently entertain. There are as many possible realities as ever before and nothing holds you back from creating one except your own negative thinking. Creativity is only curtailed by thinking about what isn’t or can’t be.

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Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce is an internationally respected author, visionary, and clairvoyant empath, known for her pioneering work in intuition development and her common-sense approach to spirituality and the development of expanded human capacities. She is a popular author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer specializing in intuition development, inner energy dynamics, expanded perception, transformation, and dream work.

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