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Before the “Great Reset” – Normalizing the Impulse to Destroy Yourself

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by Dylan Charles | Waking Times

What an extraordinary time to be alive, and depending on how you’re handling it, you could see a blessing or a curse. Either you learn to laugh at the insanity and absurdity of it all, or you pay the price and lurch around in the manufactured anxiety, worry, concern, uncertainty, and fear of it all, like so many others. Ineffective, without purpose or passion, and forfeiting your chance to experience the inner freedom, ease, peace of mind, and sense of wonder that bring joy to life.

The choice is easy, although, the task itself may seem impossible.

We have to do what no other generations of humans have had to do. Our ancestors didn’t have to maneuver around in a frequency prison. They didn’t have to maintain constant vigilance against the hypnotic effects of mass media. They didn’t have to exert such total command over their impulses just to avoid being distracted by meaningless shit. Physical weakness wasn’t their default state, because their food supply wasn’t so thoroughly contaminated with additives, preservatives, dyes, forever chemicals, hormone disruptors, carcinogens, and neuro-toxins. They didn’t have to endure 24-hour corporate and government propaganda, and they didn’t have to absorb the never-ending firehose of fear, confusion, chaos and violence being muscled into the collective conscience.

There is an extreme shift taking place in this world. It’s a top-down redirection of our natural state of being toward a manufactured, artificial, robotic, micro-managed, slavish existence.

The new system is being engineered for efficiency in managing, governing, and controlling people. It’s a massive technological and systemic usurpation of individual autonomy, made possible by outstanding new technological mechanisms of surveillance and punishment. Only the well-positioned, unelected few residing at the top of this hierarchy will have access to how these systems are used and who are targeted with them.

It is a scientific dictatorship. Those who don’t see it are engaging in self-delusion, and those who do see it but refuse to rebuke it falsely perceive themselves to be in a position to somehow benefit from it.

Great Awakening

China’s social credit system is part of it. Digital currencies are fast being standardized and already being used as a tool to punish dissent. Vaccine passports and health-based permissions are now broadly accepted around the globe, as is the idea of mandated medicine. Security cameras are everywhere and are increasingly being accessed by law enforcement agencies. Robots are are being equipped with machine guns and AI targeting systems. Big data is Genetically modified foods and vaccine-injecting mosquitoes are hailed as improvements upon nature. Science itself is replacing all variations of God. The internet is being retrofitted to support censorship and punish free speech, and entertainment media is broadly on message in support of it all. The big plan is publicly called The Great Reset.

When fully congealed the scientific dictatorship will mean that the personal and most intimate details of your life will be used as leverage against you to coerce you into total compliance with the corporate state. This is literally a ‘soul-sucking’ existence, and don’t take my word for it. Consider those of one the chief architects of this madness, futurist and World Economic Forum advisor, Yuval Noah Harari:

“We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals.”

“Today we have the technology to hack human beings on a massive scale… My brain, my body, my life… does it belong to me, or to some corporation, or to the government? Or perhaps to the human collective?”

Yuval Noah Harari

If you were to wind back the clock a mere fifty years and toss all of these ‘advancements’ in the lap of the ordinary person, they’d tell you to go jump in the lake, or perhaps more colorfully, to stick it all where the sun don’t shine. They weren’t ready for any of this. They didn’t need it in their lives, and they weren’t interested in the idea of such a grand intrusion into their personal lives, and they would have rejected it.

They were human beings being human, which is NOT what we’re aiming for today.

Today, however, if you were to put such a grand new design for the world to vote by everyone, the old way would lose. Democracy would murder liberty. It does it all the time.

So, how did we go from rugged individualism to ‘acquiescing to whatever they throw at us is awesome?” And why is this important to what you’re going through today, everyday?

You might look at this new global model as a very extravagant product with a lot of bells and whistles that nobody needs and that really only appeals to the most egotistical, frivolous, and shallow consumer. It obviously makes life more complicated than advertised, and it’s ridiculously, comically over-priced. No one in their right mind would purchase it on its intrinsic merit alone. It’s an emotional buy.

Just like all potentially profitable yet unnecessary products it must be accompanied by an effective marketing and public relations campaign. And like all good marketing campaigns, it must appeal to high emotion in order to bypass the critical thinking faculties of the consumer’s mind. The highest of all emotions is fear, and the apex fear is the fear of death. The secondary great fear is the fear of rejection or abandonment, and confusion is the glue that makes it all stick.

The consumer must be intelligently confused about product’s necessity, and they must be made to fear not having it or be made to believe they will be left out if they don’t get it.

The Covid experiment is the finest historical example of this. The fear about it was exaggerated, the messaging didn’t make sense to the logical mind, and the herd quickly attached their security to authority, creating an intense social pressure to conform. Mass psychosis. The rules of the game were changed, the fight or flight response activated, then the rules were swiftly normalized. Most people bought in because of the fear of death or the fear of being ostracized or punished. All the result of an unprecedented global media campaign.

The effort to subjugate human consciousness on a mass scale began in earnest over a hundred years ago with the industrial revolution and the mass assimilation of the individual into the corporate structure. This forever altered society, creating leisure time and expendable income for many, and giving rise to a new type of citizen: the citizen consumer. With this new consumer revolution came an economy based on the manufacture and consumer goods, which necessitated equally significant advances in marketing.

Enter Edward Bernays who pioneered modern public relations in the 1920’s. He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, and sought to develop an effective way of influencing how the public perceives a product, brand, or company, by exploiting newly understood facets of human psychology.

One of his first successful attempts to change public opinion about an emerging mass-market product was a smashing success. The campaign was called ‘Torches of Freedom,’ which worked wonders to enslave modern women to the addiction of smoking cigarettes.

In the 1940’s the greatest mind control weapon ever devised gained traction as the hottest consumer appliance: Television. This brought sophisticated, hypnotic trance inducing messaging directly into the homes and minds of the masses.

Shortly thereafter, subliminal messaging in television programming became standard fare, as demonstrated by this rather crude implementation in the 1950’s, in which a video of the national anthem during network sign offs toyed around with barely visible scrolling text suggestions. This example employs a fundamental aspect of mind control, which is that the subconscious mind captures and records even that which goes unnoticed by the conscious mind.

Social experiments broadening our understanding of group psychology in the ’50’s, 60’s and ’70’s gave us deep insight into what it takes to override one’s natural tendency to individuate and remain committed to personal values and ideals.

One of the most important studies was that of Solomon Asch who demonstrated that coercion is not required to get someone to vote against the evidence of their own eyes. Instead of force, the powerful presence of a consenting, albeit self-delusional, majority is enough to trigger cognitive dissonance and internal dishonesty. Fascinating.

Fast forward fifty years to when 24-hour biases and opinionated news punditry have all but wiped out legitimate journalism and any serious exposure of official corruption. It’s now normal for even the local news to be completely scripted and overseen by a tiny group of media conglomerates. Montages like this clip from Conan O’Brien, of all places, show you just how real this is.

It’s so absurd and so obvious, yet most don’t seem to care. They still tune in and embrace the fantasy of legitimacy in news, and that’s because we’re simply used to it now. We’ve come to expect it. We’ve become accustomed to it. It’s the new normal, and above all else, frightened people revere the notion of normalcy.

And this is how the scientific dictatorship lands. It’s a soft landing leading to a hard life. It is occurring gradually, and as a result, very few seem to notice or even care. We adapt to it as just another inevitability on this ball of confusion. The proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water. Over time the marketing campaign does its work, the sales pitch wears you down, it all begins to feel normal, and the fear makes it impossible to resist.

Corporations and marketers know this about human beings, which is why there is no shame in researching and developing evermore intrusive ways of accessing and hijacking individual consciousness. I saw a great recent example all over mainstream media just the other day. All the respectable news hacks uncritically ran a PR piece for a Russian digital-marketing/satellite company endeavoring to display massive celestial, glowing advertisements against the dark of the night sky over densely populated areas. Yes, that’s right, they want to replace the stars to turn a profit. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, as they say.

Here are some choice quotes from this story, displaying the hubris required to pursue something like this:

“If you ask about advertising and entertainment in general — haters gonna hate… We are developing a new medium. At the advent of television no one loved ads at all.”

“We are ruled by brands and events… The Super Bowl, Coca Cola, Brexit, the Olympics, Mercedes, FIFA, Supreme and the Mexican wall. The economy is the blood system of society. Entertainment and advertising are at its heart. We will live in space, and humankind will start delivering its culture to space. The more professional and experienced pioneers will make it better for everyone.”

The “…ego is brighter than the sun.” 


Yeah if you don’t want to be cut off from the mystery, inspiration, and wonder of the heavens above, well then, you’re a hater. A hater who doesn’t get it. So shut up.

It’s berserk, y’all. The scientific dictatorship is already alive in the minds of the masses. We’ve already been convinced of its inevitability, and our psychological means of resistance have been hammered and taken off line.

We’re already on autopilot, absent-mindedly adhering to an ever-expanding code of conduct, because everyone else is doing it so it feels normal. We are going along to get along, even though it so obviously leads to self-destruction. Colossal self-sabotage.

Which leads me to my main point. Acquiescing willingly, albeit unconsciously, to harmful policy is an act of self-sabotage. And self-sabotage really is the most effective means of controlling pesky rebels like you.

When naturally good and independence-oriented individuals unconsciously and repeatedly make poor decisions for themselves, they are doing the important of work of weakening themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, and spiritually. Weakened people don’t have the strength or courage to say no. They acquiesce because the potential consequences of being ostracized and rejected by the big tribe are too severe. It’s too dangerous to stand alone when you are weak.

If you read my work at Waking Times you know that I’m personally interested in awakening the power of the individual so that people like YOU can live a life of meaning and influence in your personal sphere. And after over a decade of publishing and over two decades of searching for truth, I see self-sabotage as the most visible sign that we’ve have been beaten. In addition to the writing and publishing I do here, I also facilitate educational events and trainings to deepen your understanding of how your mind and emotional body has been turned against you, and you how you can rapidly take it back.

Some of my knowledge and experience in this area is available in the workshop Activate Your Power to Win in Challenging Times, so click HERE for details on how to access that.

Information like this is important because when you find yourself chronically experiencing anxiety, fear, overwhelm, worry, and self-doubt, the best of you has been sidelined. A non-threat to the authoritarian push. Benched at a time when your A-game is require.

And your life generally sucks when living this way. It sucks to be stuck in negative thought loops all day. It sucks to be financially stressed. It sucks to be in conflict with those you love the most. It sucks to feel heavy, sluggish, and inflexible in your body. It sucks to be at war with yourself.

I also assist people like you deeply understanding self-sabotage and how you can overcome it. Book a free 15-minute call with me HERE, to talk with me personally, and jump in right now to an upcoming program I’m hosting called, Overcome Self-Sabotage 2022, which is a hybrid group / one-on-one self-sabotage program which will show you how to reverse these self-defeating programs and free yourself from yourself.

Peace and Power,


About the Author

Dylan Charles is a self-mastery and self-sabotage coach, the editor of Waking Times, and host of the Battered Souls podcast. His personal journey is deeply inspired by shamanic plant medicines and the arts of Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Yoga. After seven years of living in Costa Rica, he now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where he enjoys serving, training, and spending time with family. He has written hundreds of articles, reaching and inspiring millions of people around the world. Follow Dylan on telegram here, and sign up for his weekly newsletter here. On Facebook

Dylan is available for interviews and podcasts. Contact him at

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