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A Certain Transhumanist Future? Think Again. Here’s Why Damar Hamlin is a POWERFUL Case-in-Point!

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Earlier this week, millions witnessed a stunning, shocking and what appeared to be a life ending injury sustained by Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin.

As the masses stayed glued to their media platforms to get the latest on Hamlin’s condition, millions immediately resorted to prayer for his survival and full recovery.

As of this writing, though still reportedly listed in critical condition, Hamlin is making marked progress.

What might account for this miraculous rebound from the brink of death? And what does humanity have to do with it?

We explore this powerful dynamic in the face of what some feel is the next “evolutionary” step in mankind: “transhumanism.” Is transhumanism imminent or a futile attempt to change Homo Sapiens into something else? And if it IS but a “fantasy” on the part of some, what will wipe this expectation off the board?

In this episode of Conscious Commentary 2023, I will examine the dynamics at-play with the idea of transhumanism, organic humanity and why changing people into their synthetic counterparts won’t be as easy as some think.


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Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!

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