2020 Cosmic Conjunction and Why You Can Expect the Unexpected

What happened on January 12, 2020? 

According to astrologers, metaphysicians and many indigenous cultures, including the aboriginals of Australia, January 12th marked an unprecedented planetary energy activation during the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

All eyes were on what is considered to be the epicenter of the conjunction – the planetary solar plexus “chakra” known as Uluru, in the northern territory of Central Australia.

This conjunction gained attention from many people across the world who’s expectations peaked during what promised to be the beginning of humanity’s “activation.”

But what did you feel? Anything? What did you expect?

I had the honor of being in Uluru during this exciting time, while presenting a lecture at the 2020 Cosmic Consciousness Conference.

Listen in to my perspectives about what happened during my adventure down under and most importantly why we should expect the unexpected going forward, now that this cosmic conjunction has commenced!

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