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“Alexis Brooks’ search for truth has been so diligent that her Conscious Musings is able to offer sophisticated insights beyond the usual platitudes. Such grounded expansiveness is both inspiring and timely when both waking up and clear manifesting are critical.”

– Foster Gamble, Creator of Thrive – What on Earth Will it Take?


Conscious Musings – The #1 Best-Seller
Conscious Musings – The #1 Best-Seller

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Conscious Musings – The #1 Best-Seller

Conscious Musings – The #1 Best-Seller by Alexis Brooks

What’s it All About?

As we all search feverishly for a quick fix or self help formula to transform our lives, sometimes the most profound changes can come from just the simplest of acts.

A shift of focus is one such act.  When we change the lenses by which we typically see reality, then reality shifts. And it often happens overnight!

Author and metaphysical explorer Alexis Brooks weaves a variety of uncommon elements together, redefining self help by calling attention to how themes like human behavior, spirituality, and even paranormal encounters are all connected.

Why is recognizing the common threads that tie all human experience together the biggest clue in recognizing our ultimate potential?

Are you beginning to feel like something just isn’t quite right, but you don’t know how to put your finger on it?

Do you have experiences that don’t fit within “normal” reality and are afraid to explore or even discuss your experiences for fear of ridicule?

Are you fed up with traditional self help books, and courses, and workshops claiming to change your world, but you’re still getting nowhere?

Within these pages you will find a unique blend of subjects to contemplate including: the afterlife and “after-death communication,” past lives, animal reincarnationout of body experiences, and dreamwork.  You will discover tools you can use immediately utilizing heart-based meditation and visualization.  You will learn how to tap the “imaginal realm” to consciously create reality, and how you can break simple routine to break free from a lifetime of mediocrity.  Connecting these themes together, Conscious Musings examines the human and social patterning that has largely kept the masses from exploring and achieving true human potential, and what each of us can do to change this pattern starting right now!

When you finish this book, you will never look at yourself or your world in the same way again!

Videos On-Demand

Conscious Musings with Alexis and Friends

Listen on-demand to these empowering discussions about the very real powers of transformation that you can put to work today!

OBE Expert William BuhlmanIntuitive and Author Penney PeirceTransformational Speaker Howard Martin

The Transformative Benefits of Out of Body Experience

Alexis chats with Conscious Musings contributor and OBE expert William Buhlman.

Manifesting Reality from the Imaginal Realm

Intuitive Penney Peirce and Alexis muse about the Imaginal Realm as part of the Conscious Musings collection of contemplations.

How to Manifest - Let's Get to the HEART of the Matter

HeartMath Exec. and Conscious Musings contributor Howard Martin weighs in on the manifesting powers of the heart.

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Conscious Musings – The #1 Best-Seller
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