1. Angie Millar
    May 15, 2018 @ 1:47 am

    I am hoping someone can help me! My house does have shadow people, some of them are big and tall, while some are about 2-3 feet tall. The Shadow people do not bother any of us, whether they are crawling in and out of mirrors or just watching or running down the stairs. However, we also have shadow animals, I have seen cats, rabbits, and what I believe was a raccoon or something that fits that general description, those animals seem friendly, the raccoon, if it is a raccoon, it jumps on my bed to jump out my window. I have been to a lot of websites looking for what animal it could be that is living in my computer room. I am unsure if I need to get help or not, the animal in here is small it has an extremely loud and terrifying growl with really big red glowing eyes. I have a shelf that is a foot off the floor and this dark/black animal is only in here sometimes. When it is, I just close the door and use the internet on my phone. This animal can not be that big because it hides under the shelf that’s a foot off my floor with a lot of space left over. It does scare me a lot, and I have no idea how to make it go away. If you could please help me, I would greatly appreciate it! I don’t know who to ask for help!


    • Alexis Brooks - Editor, Higher Journeys
      May 15, 2018 @ 2:29 pm

      Thank you for reaching out. This is far more of a common phenomenon than most people realize. Still, the “remedy” for getting rid of these beings seems to be somewhat complex and unique to each situation. I would recommend that you also listen to our interview with Rosemary Ellen Guiley back in 2014 that we devoted to Shadow People and the Djinn. You may find some information helpful on your quest to solve this mystery. Here is the link: https://www.higherjourneys.com/shadow-people-and-the-djinn-a-conversation-with-rosemary-ellen-guiley/. All the best for a solution! – AB


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