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Are you struggling to understand what ascension is and how it works?

In What the Ascension Is (and Isn’t) with Cynthia Sue Larson you will learn how to separate ascension fiction from fact. Is the idea of ascension or awakening a new age fallacy? Have we been sold a bill of false goods when it comes to how individual and collective ascension & awakening are supposed to happen? If human ascension is a real phenomenon, who says so and what historical data can we use to give evidence that this is happening? And this is critical: Are we in the ascension period right now, and if so why does it seem so “dark?”

Cynthia will help us make sense of all of these big questions by breaking them down into manageable levels of understanding in order to successfully navigate the shift that’s underway right now.

Pensive Senior Woman Resting in Garden

You will learn how to:

  • Identify ascension “markers” (i.e. odd physical symptoms, pronounced and frequent synchronicity, repeating number syndrome and Mandela Effect like experiences), as directly related to individual and planetary ascension. 
  • Embrace and Integrate these occurrences into everyday life. 
  • Understand the pain point of ascension (i.e. The Pandemic “Crisis”) as a key marker that ascension is underway. 
  • Navigate day-to-day challenges in the “old world” paradigm in order to ground higher frequency into your body, mind and spirit.

You will learn how to:

  • Distinguish real from perceived personal power by feeling into it.
  • Make conscious decisions by intentionally directing your power.
  • Identify your visible and invisible body
  • Tap the four energy fields that make up YOU!

Are you looking for effective techniques to activate your potential during the Global Awakening?

Ground Your Power to Navigate the Planetary Shift with pioneering consciousness researcher PMH Atwater will guide you through some of the most powerful and life changing exercises to better equip you for handling the new you in a new world.

Called “The Ascension,” “The Great Shift” or “Frequency Acceleration,” many of us know that something powerful is happening on the planet and to us!

As the frequency of “Gaia” thrusts forward with an accelerated momentum, we are also being asked to go along with her. But how do we navigate this unfamiliar territory?

PMH will show you how to consciously engage in this process so that you can be more naturally and powerfully aligned with the natural acceleration of earthly (and universal) energies.

This workshop will show you with easy to do, powerful and effective techniques.

Are you trying to understand the “strangeness” of these times in order to evolve through them and regain personal power?

In How to Stop the Ascension Hijack and Stay on the High Frequency Path with Robyn McClendon you will learn to navigate through this matrix by recognizing and sorting through the frequencies present on the planet and within you during these times. 

In March of 2020 Robyn McClendon received an urgent download about the powerful frequencies being birthed from the aurora borealis and from within the earth. Within this transmission was a message that explained how there are clear mechanisms at work attempting to halt the process. 

This resulted in many feeling the push to navigate a new world without a roadmap. 

But the map has been shared! 

Metaphysical and consciousness warrior Robyn McClendon will be your “straight up” navigation guide to lay out WHAT is happening, WHY it is happening and most importantly HOW to make sure you’re in harmony with planetary expansion to sure up your transformation during this powerful period of global alchemy.

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In this Bootcamp Session for Ascension Warriors, you will learn how to:

  • How to identify the social implications of the Pandemic as an Alchemical Ritual.
  • How to look at planetary evolution through different lenses to stimulate different viewpoints from previous programming.
  • How to re-wire your brain to connect with the Quantum field: moving from two value to four value logic.
  • How to develop your intuition and elevate it to the primary sensory receptor for strategies to recognize your intuitive voice.
  • How to understand the programing and overlay of the matrix in the areas of religion, history, politics, education, government, media, and science.

You will learn how to:

  • Determine the importance of your own ET contact encounters – what the message is for you.
  • Face the confusion and fear with courage and become a conscious investigator of your own experiences.
  • Proactively participate in your contact encounters (self-initiated contact).
  • Engage others in dialogue about your encounters: when and if it is appropriate, in order to foster a meaningful dialogue about your experiences.
  • Find ease and peace with your encounters so you can continue on a path of positive life fulfillment.

Have you or your family had ET contact and UFO encounters but want a better understanding about what it is, who “they” are and why you?

Journey down the rabbit hole of the ET contact encounter phenomenon with one of the most influential trailblazers in the field, Whitley Strieber!

Through Whitley’s personal life journey that includes a lifetime of ET contact encounters, you will learn how to discern the significance of your own experiences with the ET realm, identify the significance of your encounters, while positively embracing the reality of your contact experiences.

If you are struggling with the mystery and conflict your encounters may be causing or you need clarity and resolution about the validity of your personal experiences with non-human intelligence, then this is a MUST ATTEND event made just for you!

You will get access to powerful techniques and approaches to better handle the ET contact interaction and gain knowledge about how to integrate the experience into your everyday life without fear of ridicule or judgement from the “outside world.”

Do you feel you are being visited by Earthbound Spirits and want to know how to protect yourself?

Understanding the Unseen Realms is an intensive presentation and workshop in which Barry Littleton will describe in full detail the phenomenon of earthbound spirits (souls of the deceased still connected to the earth plane), how and why they choose to remain and how they often attach to individuals living on this planet, creating challenges for unsuspecting individuals.

You will discover if and to what extent you may have an attachment through a step by step process of identification as well as individual traits (emotional or mental stress, physical debilitation, addiction, or other life challenges) that you may be battling.

The attachment phenomenon often goes unnoticed or undetected due to little to no knowledge about the reality of such a challenge.

Barry will clarify based on his years of work with clients who have had spirit attachments, how common the phenomenon actually is.

You will then learn practical and unconventional methods by which to identify the problem in order to protect and/or eliminate the attachment from your life.

We will also explore how the reincarnation cycle plays heavily in each successive life/death process for everyone.

Black Woman Meditating

In this intensive 3-hour workshop you will learn:

  • How to identify characteristics that may point to an individual spirit attachment.
  • How to detect the ways in which the attachment is connected your own energy field and in which parts of your life they are affecting. (mental/emotional, physical, financial, relationships, etc.)
  • Where earthbound spirits typically “reside” to seek their host.
  • Specific methods and protocols to protect yourself from the influence of spirit attachment.

This unique presentation will show you:

  • What we are going through as a planet and why now it’s so difficult to process this swift change.
  • How to process the “madness” with ease, understanding and the courage to live your life despite what others are encouraging you to do.
  • How to proactively participate in your contact encounters (self-initiated contact).
  • How to confront your own personal challenges, despite this turmoil and what first steps are necessary to master the self sabotage cycle.
  • How to go forward with a new/renewed sense of purpose and passion.

Do you want to get back in control of your life and get rid of self sabotaging habits once and for all?

Activate Your Power to Win in Challenging Times with accomplished self mastery coach Dylan Charles will show you how to re-establish total personal, spiritual and emotional equilibrium during what Dylan and others have described as the current spiritual battle that’s underway.

Gain unique and proven tools to master emotional sobriety for troubling times, reclaim your power during a time of authoritarian control, identify and heal self limiting beliefs and negative thought loops and free yourself from being a slave to your own mood patterns.

Get to Know Your Workshop Presenters

Cynthia Sue Larson

Consciousness Researcher

Well known as the “Quantum Optimist” and creator of Reality Shifters.

Whitley Strieber

Best-Selling Author of Communion

World renowned researcher on ET contact and UFO abduction.

PMH Atwater

Near-Death Researcher/Author

Best-Selling author of 18 books and world authority on near-death research.

Robyn McClendon

Metaphysical Teacher/Business Coach

Developer of the intuitive coaching course, “The Holy Grail Program.”

Dylan Charles

Self Mastery Coach/Shamanic Practitioner

Founder of and instructor of numerous mastering self sabotage courses.

Barry Littleton

Spiritual Medium/UFO researcher

Psychic councilor and well known speaker on alien abduction and parapsychology.

Meet your workshop host
and moderator, award-winning
journalist Alexis Brooks

“It has been a great pleasure and honor to host

this series of amazingly powerful workshops and

presentations. Being with a group of like-minded, conscious individuals

who have taken their power into their own hands gives me

so much joy and hope for our individual and collective future.

The journey indeed continues!

I hope you will join us during this pivotal time in our

human history.”

With Love & Gratitude, 

– Alexis

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