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“There is nothing more satisfying, more gratifying, and more humbling than speaking from the heart in front of an audience and watching them respond with enthusiasm, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose in creating the reality they truly desire. That’s what I do this for!”
– Alexis Brooks

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Transformation through Spiritual Wellness

Featuring a guided meditation by Alexis Brooks and Steven Halpern

This approximately 1-hour presentation offers an overview of spiritual wellness through a unique form of guided imagery, relaxation, and creative visualization techniques. 

Based in part on her best-selling book Conscious Musings, Alexis will explain the consciousness involved in the manifestation process by sharing a unique form of heart-based breathing that is used in conjunction with guided meditation. 

Included in this event is a 20 minute meditation retreat in which participants will be guided into an idyllic scenario  using the Transformation through Spiritual Wellness meditation of which Alexis and Grammy nominated New Age Recording Artist Steven Halpern collaborated.

Each participant will receive a complimentary copy of the recorded Transformation Guided Meditation to take home!


Book Talk and Signing

Based on the #1 Best-Seller – Conscious Musings

Conscious Musings (released in March of 2014) hit #1 best-seller status on Amazon on its debut and has subsequently appeared on the best-seller list in several categories since it’s release in the areas of metaphysics, cognitive psychology, and social theory.

Alexis offers a “deep dive” into Conscious Musings  by outlining all of the elements of transformation with a unique purview into the true nature of reality.

Among the topics covered in this book talk are:

The individual and collective social consciousness of humanity – What is it that we’re doing to prevent real personal evolution and how we can reverse the current trajectory to a more positive course. We will examine habitual thinking patterns, the individual vs. the collective, the subjective spiritual journey, and much more!

The mystery and magic of metaphysics – What is the paranormal? What is the true nature of reality, and what role do we play in this bizarre matrix? This section will go into both personal anecdotes of “high strangeness” as well as universal messages, all hinting that the less obvious (and normal) aspects of life are where our attention should be focused. How can we transform ourselves by paying attention to the anomalies of life? We’ll explore this together.

The consciousness of abundance – What is abundance? How is it defined? And do we have the ability to shape how we bring abundance into our lives? Alexis will give examples of how we are and can be conscious manifestors. Through techniques like simple routine shifts, probing the rich dream landscape, and using heart based techniques for manifestation, she will outline how each of these and more can be used to bring abundance into your life.

The talk will conclude with a Q & A session with the audience.

Watch as Alexis discusses insights from Conscious Musings with Lilou Mace



The Evidence for Animal Reincarnation

Clues, Characteristics, Confirmation!

Based on the original lecture, The Case for Animal Reincarnation presented in November of 2013, Alexis expands her thesis about how our beloved animal companions can reincarnate.

This comprehensive presentation builds the case by exploring the historical beliefs of cultures the world-over about reincarnation, past lives, and how we (human and animal alike) are all cosmically connected.

Alexis then integrates indigenous ideas about how the animal kingdom can and does reincarnate similar to humans.

You will learn about techniques that can be practiced to understand if, how, and when your animal companion may return to you.

This presentation is based on Alexis’ 2-hour recorded volume of “Evidence” which is available here.

Watch as Alexis discusses her personal journey into the phenomenon of animal reincarnation.

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