1. Zina C
    January 19, 2016 @ 8:04 am

    My parents are atheists.

    My first time praying to Allah i saw this HOODED TALL BLACK EYELESS MAN walking through the hallway from one room to another. Looking at me! I will never forget this, it wasnt in the middle of night, it was 21:00 pm! And i never see paranormal things.

    Years later i started googling for “black ghost with hoodie” – and saw this picture:
    – the third picture with the tall hooded man

    I started crying, this could not be! So scary OMG!!
    Over the past years it has slowly sunk in my reality that sending prayers to just something is very dangerous.
    No wonder why the muslims believe in djinns.

    My tall hooded ghost did not come towards me THANKYOULAWWWD, but i have read stories where they do and make you suffer or tell you that they will kill you. I was actually more flabbergasted (18 yrs old) than afraid, the ghost was more of an observer. But in hindsight i am soo gratefull to not have had to deal with him!!
    Watch out where you send your prayers and energy towards.

    I have found (my) God, the one and only creator will (for me) never want to be worshipped in a materialistic sense (black stone Mecca, certin winddirection, or an earthbound person like Jesus or Mary… He is everything, he is energy (maybe?), the good and the bad. And he will give you both (i think). I respect everybodys view on this subject. Do what makes you happy 🙂

    Hope reading this post will make someone else feel less crazy.
    Love peace and happiness to all of you! XoXo!!

    ps i think fear is an appropriate feeling for a healthy approach on “shadowpeople” whatever they may be… and i hope NOT to see them in the afterlife…


  2. Zina C
    January 19, 2016 @ 8:26 am

    I have eyes like a HAWK, i really tried to zoom in on this “shadowman” but i could only see his hoody – black with a red rim on the front of the cap all the way to his knees which was the end of his cape. He also had black high strapped boots and he was stepping sideways, but did not make a sound. It was a sideway step, but the body floated kind of. I did not blink, i saw it for 3-4 seconds. No face, i really tried to see it but there was only black…

    A couple of years ago when my aunt died, i saw my aunt… as an angel. I did not have a relationship with her at all actually… But i saw her when i came home from grocerieshopping. There was a very bright ray of light from the sun, and she stood there like she was made out of diamond. A rainbow came from her diamond figurine out of the lightray.

    These are the two things i have personally seen, and i can tell you, the shadowman is neither family nor an angel.

    Hope you make progress in your research!


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