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Book Excerpt: Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke by Billy Carson

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This is an excerpt (full prologue) from the book Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke by Billy Carson. Author and 4biddenknowledge’s Billy Carson appears on Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks to talk about how understanding the energy and frequency of money and abundance in all forms and how this knowledge can transform your life and your relationship to and with money.

Prologue by Billy Carson

Being Woke Doesn’t Mean Being Broke

What’s up, guys? Billy Carson here, with some 4bidden Knowledge.

Our mission as humans is to bring heaven to earth. We need to walk in full abundance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, non-stop.

Think about what abundance means to you.

Whatever that is you can have.

Don’t allow any of these “conscious” people or “woke” people ever tell you that you can’t live a happy, wealthy life in the third dimension. Don’t let them trick you into believing if you’re woke you got to be broke. They’ve told me for years I need to be a bicycle riding, tattered clothes wearing monk just to obtain a universal connection.

Don’t listen to that garbage. Don’t listen to that garbage.

I manifest abundance everywhere I go non-stop. I expect abundance in my life. To me, abundance means being able to help people. But to help people at the level I help people, I have to be stable. It is my job to be financially affluent because I help people with tens of thousands of dollars every year. I give tens of thousands, not a hundred dollars, not a five-dollar GoFundMe payment, but well-documented help of tens of thousands of dollars every single year.

Now, in order for me to give those kinds of funds away, I can’t be out here making

$10 an hour, it just won’t work.

What does abundance mean for you?

Great Awakening

What’s Your Abundance?

If abundance means you want to buy pizzas on Saturday and taking it to the homeless people, you need a little extra money. Maybe abundance means your relationship is sound and things work properly, and everybody in your household is happy. Whatever abundance means to you, go for your goal.

No matter what abundance looks like to you, don’t forget, you live in a world of money.

Don’t allow people to hook you in the mindset of being poor and broke. Because if you’re poor and broken up, your actions are telling people who you are. When you are woke, you can use the law of attraction to manifest the things you want in your life, but when you have a live with less attitude you can’t.

Every day, too many people can’t manifest their bill payments, and their lights are getting turned off, and the water’s getting turned off, and their cars are being repossessed. If your life or the life of your family is constantly “having less than you need” you have a problem. You have a serious problem.

If you’re broke, you’re not utilizing the divine source energy within you. If you’re caught up in being broke, you really need to seek some assistance and some help. Take the time to read some self-help books, read some financial books, learn how to do goal setting, and put into action your plans for short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.

You need to be aware of what’s out in the world, to look into alternative modes of investing. Learn to analyze your budget and figure out where you’re wasting money you could take and invest in yourself. These are the things you need to be doing instead of being tricked into being broke! I’m telling you, don’t be tricked into thinking that because you’re woke you got to be broke. Don’t fall for that garbage.

Plenty of people are out in the world who want you to do good for yourself, but many of them never want you to do better than them. Remember that. They want you to do good but never better than them.

Keeping It Real

So, like I have been saying, you need to be able to operate in this matrix. We’re in a matrix and without the right knowledge. This matrix is deadly. Force must be met with force.

A revolution on this planet can not happen with a bunch of people sitting in robes on prepaid cell phones making Instagram posts. I mean, keep it real. Sitting around without action will not

change the world.

To change the world, you have to be able to plug in with power people. You need to be able to flex a little and attract people into the system, into this conscious system we’re trying to create to revolutionize the world.

Why do I move the way I move? Because I’m a person in this third dimension, I’m on a mission to plug in with power people. I attract people in key positions of power; people in athletics, people in government, people in entertainment, people in all different areas of life, all different walks of life who are in power positions.

Power positions are necessary so when we say, “Go, we need this done,” things happen. The matrix bends to our will.

I can’t hold $8 an hour minimum wage job, drive a beat-up Junker, and hope I can muster up enough money to give a guy a free sandwich. If this is me, I am not using the divine energy inside of me. I mean, bless the guy for caring and sharing, don’t make me wrong, but I’m on a world-changing mission right now. I’m not on no ‘give a guy a $5 sandwich mission.’

People start at all different levels. Today, I’m a top-level guy; you know what I’m saying. The world won’t change with everybody being poor and broke and being woke; if you think it will, you’re disillusioned. Don’t let your energy go to waste, to waste. Yes, the world needs people at all different levels. You might have started on a lower level like me, but eventually, you must grow and graduate from being broke. Go ahead and gain a healthy ego and see what you can accomplish.

So, like I said guys, I’m telling you don’t fall for these gypsies and their tricks- I call them gypsy tricks. Those are the fake woke people. They want you to do good but never better than them. As soon as they found out you got a little something, they are angry at you. Don’t fall for the tricks. Guys, manifest abundance.

Try This

Start your own business. Start your own companies. Invest in yourself. Buy real estate. Find ways to help out your family. Change your attitude, your beliefs, and your effort you put into your daily living.

If you’re a musician with a pile of produced music, you better have it out to be heard. If you don’t upload anything on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, then your music is still sitting on your computer. What are you doing? Get that music out.

I own 120 songs in distribution. Don’t contact me about how to make your music famous. Go to a distro kid, go to TuneCore, go to Engrooves, wherever you can go, and put your music in distribution.

Don’t put out one song every month, or one song a year, put out a hundred songs, 200 songs, 300 songs as fast as you possibly can, all going simultaneously, and start making money. It may not be a lot, but it will start to grow. You could be seeing

$2-3,000 a month. You could take that money out and reinvest it into something.

I own 120 songs in distribution, and I get a check; every month, a real live check in my hand.

Stop Playing Yourself

If you smoke weed and you don’t suffer from any kind of PTSD, cancer, any kind of pains, stop smoking weed. Take that money and invest that money into a busi‐ ness. Stop smoking weed you don’t need. Take the money and invest it.

Some of my acquaintances spend $500 to $800 a month on weed, and they aren’t even sick. A complete waste of their money. Take that money and invest that money.

If you have kids, save up enough money to buy a rental property. Now, save all that rental income so that when your kids turn 18, they have money to work with. They could start a business. If they decide they want to go to school, that’s great too. It is up to them to do whatever they want to do if money isn’t an obstacle. You can do this, guys, you need to set your family up the right way to change the world.

Make Power Moves

You guys need to make power moves. Stop getting this mindset, “Oh, I’m conscious now so being poor is good. I’m just a humble being.” If those are your thoughts shake your head and say, “No!” and stop and look up the definition of humble. I don’t think you’re going to like the definition of humble.

The definition of humble is a low person. Humble is seen like you’re beneath the gutter. You need to understand what that word means. You need to understand that you shouldn’t confidence confused with ego either.

I said the other day if I decide to play Michael Jordan, if I take the challenge to play against Michael Jordan, you best believe that I believe I’m going to beat him. Period.

That’s not ego, it’s self-confidence.

Now, are the odds against me that he’ll beat me? Yes. And I’ll lose? Yes. But if I take the challenge, I guarantee you in my heart of hearts, I believe I’m going to beat him. Period. Or I’m not going to take the challenge. Do you recognize it? Power!

Take the Challenge

I raised five kids and I have two grandchildren. Having a family is not easy. I’m not talking off the top of my head; I know what I’m talking about. Five kids raised in this world, and they’re all grown adults. Nobody’s locked up, nobody’s in jail, nobody is on drugs. That’s powerful, man.

If you take the challenge to start a family, you are going to step into a fight. Why? Because when you start a family, you enter a battle.

But wait, you’re going to take the challenge to create a family and you don’t have any plans to supply them with any means; what are you doing? Ah, you took the challenge with no confidence.

It’s time to step up and take your challenge seriously. You have to leave something behind for everybody, leave your legacy. You need to find a way to break this cycle of suffering and begging. At some point, somebody has to step up and make the effort or nothing changes.

So, drop your anger for me, don’t blame me because I stepped up. I came from underneath the gutter.

Where I came from, the crossing guards would rob you on the way to school. Everyone had holes in their sneakers because we couldn’t afford shoes. I would put cardboard in my shoes to keep my feet from touching the street. One time, I had to wear football cleats because football cleats were on sale for $2.99 at K-Mart, and I had to wear football cleats to school as my school sneakers and kids laughed at me every single day.

I wore pants too small because I outgrew them so fast. They got so tight my crotch ripped open, and I had to sit with my legs closed to hide my underwear because of a hole in my crotch.

Eventually, I got more pants, but still only two pairs for the entire school week. Can you guess what I used to do? I used to buy the 79-cent pack of dye from the grocery store Winn-Dixie and I bleach them then dye them overnight to a different color.

The next day I went to school wearing a different colored pair of pants. As far as everyone knew, I had at least three or four different colored pairs of pants every week. These are the kind of things I went through.

The food situation was just as bad. If school was out, summer or winter break or whatever, Cairo syrup and toast was all I had for the whole day. The only other food I received was given to me when I got to school. Yeah, the kind of money I grew up with was the nonexistent kind.

So, I took the challenge. I made a guarantee to myself and by the time I turned 12 going on 13, I started selling newspaper subscriptions for the Miami News. I became the top newspaper subscription person, and I took all that money, 100 percent of it, and invested it into electronics. At 14 I started an electronics company and by 15 I was making more than my parents. By 16, I moved out of my parent’s house, had two cars, an apartment, and still graduated from high school all the while running my own business.

So, when I come across these people saying they can’t do this and “I don’t have a clue how I’m gonna get this done,” or “I can’t figure it out,” I don’t have any time for them. I’m not an excuses man. I came from underneath the gutter, man, under‐ neath the gutter!

Do the Research

Have you come across the poem by Tupac, The Rose that Grew from Concrete? I’m that guy, but I’m not the only one that can do that. Everybody can do it. It’s inside of everybody. Every single one of y’all can do that; it’s just a matter of if you want to.

Sometimes, people claim, “I don’t know what to do.” Well, do the work and the work is called research. When I was growing up, I had encyclopedias and dictio‐ naries. I had real books you had to go pick up from the store, from the library. I’d go to the library or the bookstore and study.

In 1998, I met an exchange student in a building that I was living in. I had a health care company and I had just started a little discount health care program. Then came this guy, he was an Arabian guy, he says, “I need to do an internship with a business to build a website.” I go “what is a website?” Remember this is 1998. I said, “what’s a website?” He said, “Well, a marketing piece for your company is on the internet.” Yep, you guessed it, I go “What’s the internet?”

At that time, something like 20 websites existed. All the major companies were players- IBM had one and a few other companies, they were just really simple one-page sites. High-speed internet and all those other bells and tricked out sites hadn’t been invented yet.

I said, “Sure, man, let’s go, let’s do it.”

I went to this guy’s house, started giving him the information, and I sat over his shoulder while he literally created with HTML a website for my company. Every‐ thing he did was incredible. The work was amazing and I thought this is the future. After he was done with the project, he went back to Arabia.

The Next Step

What did I do? I went to a rental center and I got a $19.95 a week computer, a Packard Bell, I used to call it a “Packard from Hell.” It had a 2-gigabyte hard drive and it crashed all the time. Still, I did the work. I connected it with AOL dial-up and started an Internet company, Dot-Com Marketing Group, from scratch, ground zero.

How did I learn all the coding and programming? I used to go to the bookstore and read the books at the bookstore. I didn’t buy them. Instead, I took my little notes, went home and duplicated the work at home.

Next, I said, “Okay, if I can create a nice website template for mortgage companies, this is something that they’ll love, it’s a permanent Ad online.” These ads didn’t require me to produce products; I didn’t need any SKU numbers. All I needed to create a site for the next company was change the colors, change the names around, change the contact information, and some interest rates, and they were good to go.

So, what did I do? I got out the yellow pages. Without any cell phones, all these Google search options hadn’t been invented yet either. I got out the yellow pages, the real thick book, and I would cold call. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday you’d hear me, “My name is Billy Carson with Dot-Com Marketing Group, I’d like to talk to you about getting a website for your mortgage company.”

Call, call, call, call, all day long, all day long. I pitched them the ad, and I set my appointments up for Thursday and Friday. Then I would go out to these appoint‐ ments that I set for myself and sell them websites. Saturday and Sunday, I would

make the websites. I was making 8-10 grand a week, eight to ten thousand a week!

Eventually, I got some people working for me, I doubled it, I tripled it, and I quadrupled it. Turned it into a multi-million-dollar corporation. I took that company and I sold it. I cashed out millions of dollars.

So, guys, don’t buy into this concept of being woke you got to be broke.

Control the Matrix

You have to play in this matrix. Don’t be disillusioned, thinking that you’re going to walk around in this matrix and suffer. Suffering is an option. Don’t believe the craziness. There’s no need or reason for you to own all the power and knowledge that you own and choose not to consciously manipulate the matrix. How can you live with this power and not be able to pay your light bill, your water bill, or make a car payment? No need for that.

I am not saying you need to go out and be a multi-millionaire, but your needs should be met with ease. There should be no suffering, no anguish, no calling up relatives and begging for their help and asking for money. This behavior shouldn’t exist, not if you really own the path of being conscious.

Abundance should flow to you instantaneously. Anything you need, boom, magi‐ cally it becomes yours. Use your intuition to recognize and realize when opportu‐ nities are arising in your life. Jump on those opportunities and become a visionary. Grow to be able to realize what’s coming next, to own the next big thing.

Find a Need and Fill It

You maybe trying to figure out what you are supposed to do in your life, how are you supposed to make money. The first thing you have to do is find a need and fill it. To do that, find your passion. Find something your like or can do really well. Now if you find a need for this thing, you can make money with it.

Whatever it is, whatever that passion you have is you need to own it.

If you have a passion for drawing or making art, say, “Okay, I’m art.” Either you are already good at it or you need to perfect your art. The next step is now to find out what need is there for art today? Consider, there’s a huge need for all these conscious accounts to get a lot of good graphic content out. There’re millions and millions and millions of clients right there that you can tap into if you can create good graphic art.

Create an account and go Brand a look. Add that account to your resume. Maybe the first one you do for free and continue building your resume for a few months. You give them a test-run. Create all the artwork upfront they will need for the next three months. When they like it, then you can negotiate with them. Have them bring you on board. Finally, you get paid for your passion.

See, this is the kind of thinking you need to have out here, guys, in this matrix.

Learn to manipulate this matrix and beat it up.

Find the Loopholes

Have you figured out what you are supposed to do in your life, how you are supposed to make money? The first thing you do is find a need and fill it. Find something you are passionate about, something you can say, “I like this thing and I can do it really well.”

Whatever it is, whatever that passion is you need to own it. This is the kind of thinking you need out here in this matrix. You must learn to manipulate this matrix and beat it up.

Fine the Loopholes

Find the loopholes in everything. In everything that exists, find all the loopholes in it. Find the loopholes in taxes, your ability to save and invest, loopholes so you can make time for your family while still having your personal success. Find all the loopholes; dig into it and dig deep.

I’m going to give you a loophole right here.

Let’s say you want to buy a nicer car. If you do, you want to build your credit up. Car credit is very tricky. With car credit, you’re only going to get a car for the same amount of money you spent on your last car.

So, if your last car was $30,000, then your next car credit is $30,000. Even if you can make the payments for a car with a cost over sixty or seventy thousand, you’re not going to get it unless you put a lot of money down.

Well, this is what you do, guys. First, you get a small extra car, not your primary car, but a two or three-thousand-dollar Junker. You put down about a thousand dollars and the rest you finance. After four months of making payments, you refi‐ nance that car. Your car is now considered paid off.

You don’t even need to drive these cars, you just need to build your car credit. Now you go back, and you double up on that first car. You pay that money, you refinance it, make a payment for four more months, refinance it again.

It’s time to get a bigger car. You keep stepping it up until you can get a big, big car. Now if you got a car worth $30,000, you can refinance that one, now you can probably step up to a $45- or $50,000 car. Pay that for four or five months, refi‐ nance that car, then trade it in before you get negative equity in it for a car costing

$80 to $90,000. There’s your loophole.

Want an even larger matrix shift? I can tell you how to drive an exotic car for free. One day I said to myself, “I’d like to drive Rolls Royce.” But I didn’t want to pay

$3,000 a month out of my income for that, and an additional thousand dollars for insurance. How can I get this car for free? I can if I create an income source to cover the cost.

My end game? I bought myself a Rolls Royce, rented it out for 10 days a month, and drove it for the rest. The car is free for me. I’m driving a Ghost!

I did this by finding a reliable source that knew how to handle my car the way I liked. The source, an exotic car rental company. Our partnership agreement covered the car payment, insurance, and some profit. A win in every direction.

Come on, man, you got to play in this matrix, or it is no fun. You need to dominate this matrix. If you don’t dominate the matrix, the matrix will dominate you. Every single thing I do, I find a way to beat this matrix down and bend it to my will. Everything I do, I’m looking with the intent for an opportunity to manipulate this system. I’m manipulating this system at every angle, every possible angle. I’m not inside the box thinking, “I can go and get a job, and this is what my income is for the week, and now here’s my budget, and with this budget, this is what I can pay for.”

No, I operate with power. If I want something new, I find an income source to pay for it. Period. Guys, think smart.

The False Control

Everything here in this system has you thinking it’s a parameter that you must follow and live by. Parameters don’t block me; they disappear for me; they don’t even exist. I find a way where other people think there is no way. I can always find a way.

When you see people thinking a cup is half empty, remind yourself, “No, the cup is not.” Some people say, “Well, the cup is half full.” They are so proud of themselves. No, no, no, no. The cup is always full. You know why? On top of the liquid there are atmospheric gases. The oxygen that you’re breathing in is a gas, and mixing with this oxygen is hydrogen, Krypton, helium, argon, and various other gases. These gases are mixing with what were you inhaling, and that gas is inside the cup too. The cup is always full.

My cup is always running over, there’s no such thing as a half-empty cup.

You see, there’s no such thing as ‘the sky’s the limit’ because the sky for me doesn’t exist either. The sky doesn’t exist. This is the mindset that you need. If you want to dominate this matrix, if you want to make money, then you find a way.

Someone has to break the cycle. Stop falling for the foolishness from these gypsies, talking about you got to be broke to be woke. Stop walking around stinking in rot raggedy shoes, on raggedy pants, and all dirty riding bicycles everywhere. If you want that life, do it; but, if that’s not what you want to do, realize there is a choice. Don’t be afraid to do what you like. Don’t be afraid to be who you like.

Live Your Best Life

I’ll tell you what, I’m going to live my best life 24/7, seven days a week non-stop; non-stop. Why? Because my mission is to bring heaven to earth and I’m in heaven. I’m in heaven now. I’m not going to wait till I die to live, I’m going to live heaven now. You won’t find me missing out on trips around the world, unable to enjoy this planet so that people can think I’m woke. That’s stupid, absolutely dumb. Dumb.

I’m gonna live now.

I’m gonna live in the now and enjoy this life and when my spirit separates from this avatar body and recycles back into the system, I’m gonna come back and live again! You see what we do. I’m not going to live through five and six lifetimes, living poor and broke and suffering in agony and everything else. Forget that, I’m gonna be like Thoth.

I’m going to choose to incarnate at will. That’s my goal. Do you see the mindset from me is different? Not, “Oh man, I wonder what’s gonna happen when I die.” That’s the difference between my thought process and a lot of other people’s thought processes.

This Universe Doesn’t Recognize Weakness

I’m a power person. I deal in power–the power of my mindset, power of my thoughts. Everything is power. You can’t come weak with this universe; this universe doesn’t recognize weak frequencies. It doesn’t recognize low frequencies. It doesn’t recognize weakness, period.

What happens in the wild when a weak animal is found? The weak animals get devoured. If a lion is chasing a big thick fat wildebeest and sees an old sickly animal, that lion will cut the chase and grab the old decaying animal. The lion always looks for the weakest point.

You need to look for the weakest point and take your break, find your loophole. Be strong. Man, you need to be witty. If you don’t think that you’re witty or you don’t know these kinds of things, you need to help yourself get on the witty level. Forget every reason you made up to be anything less.

You got smartphones in your pockets. Take it out. Everything you need is on YouTube. Everything you want to know is on Google. Pick any search engine. You can find a lot of blogs and articles that think outside the box. Find how to create wealth and alternative ways of making money. All this stuff is available right at your fingertips, so stop going, “Man, I wish I knew this.”

There are about10 million articles currently out there on the internet about alter‐ native ways to make money. There are millions of them. You have no excuse. There is no excuse, so stop being complacent. Stop waiting for things to fall into your lap. Stop begging and pleading and hoping things happen to you and go out there and dominate this planet.

Dominate this world. Make things happen for yourself. Power gotta meet power. You can’t move as weakness. If you move weak, you’re going to get devoured out there.

Join Me at the Top

I’m just dropping a couple of tidbits on you guys. Man, I appreciate you guys. I love you all. I want to see everybody do good. Everybody needs to come up. I’m

not one of these people that want to be the one on top and witness everybody else failing. Everybody can make it.

Everybody can reach whatever level of success in your mind that you think is good for you and your family. And when you reach it, I want to applaud you and I want to be happy for you. I’m not one of these haters out there that just wants to see everybody doing bad because they don’t feel like they can do anything themselves.

Like one guy was commenting on my post regarding how I donated 12 million dollars since 2004 till now in the form of money, revenue, scholarships, building YMCAs and sports centers, and all kinds of support. His comment was that wasn’t good enough, and his reason? Because I own a Rolls Royce!

He told me I shouldn’t have a Rolls Royce. He told me I should be riding a bicycle. So, the 12 million wasn’t enough? Do you see the mindset of the gypsies? I hate to use the term “gypsies” but that’s the only thing I can relate them to. People, get out of that mindset. There is no revolution on this planet with a bunch of people thinking everybody needs to be broke and poor, it’s not going to happen.

Jesus Christ

Some people don’t believe he existed, Jesus Christ, but I know he existed. His name, though, was Yeshua. After all the research that I’ve done, my opinion is he was never crucified. Instead, he was a very spiritual person who traveled the world. He went to Tibet to learn the mystic arts, he went to India to learn Reiki healing, and he went to Egypt to learn the ancient Egyptian mysteries.

Yeshua taught reincarnation; the story in the Bible is actually largely inaccurate. But regardless of the point, the point of why I’m bringing him up is, everywhere he went, he manifested abundance.

This is a man who had no job, no income, no money, no financial resources what‐ soever, but he manifested abundance everywhere he went. Everywhere he went, he had food, clothing, a place to stay. People rushed and flocked to him to give him whatever he needed wherever he went. You know why? Power to power. It’s a power play. When I walk into a room, I expect the same thing. I expect power. I expect people to come up and say hi to me and shake my hand. And I give them the same “hey, I appreciate you” every time.

I feel my power. And you must gain that mindset. You got to get with people on your level and understand the power play. And when you have the power play mindset, everything comes to you. People will flock to you and give you stuff. If you need some help or assistance, people are going to look out for you.

People Take Care of Power

If I go on the internet and say, “Hey guys, I need a graphic designer to make me two images for this project I’m working on as a volunteer, I’m gonna have a hundred people do that right away”. And it’s not because I got a million followers and all this other kind of stuff, it’s because people understand power to power.

They want to help out, they want to be part of power. You need to understand that, too.

So, when you change your mindset from weakness to power, when you stop begging and hoping, and you command greatness and abundance through power, it appears.

“I command that this need be met. I command that this opportunity be met. I command that this situation be taken care of.” When you command greatness, you can relax and enjoy what happens in your life. Just like a snap of your fingers, just like that, things are going to flip around for you and you’re going to recognize how much power you really is truly yours. Then it’s just a matter of how you can control that power.

Just like the Jedi, you exist with the dark side and the light side. You are able to control both. You have the power inside of you. There’s no need for suffering. There is no need to struggle with being broke and poor. Situations where you can’t keep a car, you don’t have bus money, no food in your house, all that should not exist. If you operate in power mode, in the law of attraction and in conscious‐ ness, and through helping other people, you can have whatever abundance is for you.

I’ve noticed something I do is I help people every single day. Every single day, I make it my business to do something to help somebody. I’ve been doing it for decades. Decades. So, if I get myself a nice car or a nice watch or a nice house, you know what, I deserve it. Plus, I understand that I deserve it.

If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody else. Like I said earlier, you need to help yourself. If you’re on an airplane having some kind of malfunction and those oxygen masks drop down from the ceiling, you have to put your oxygen mask on you first. After your mask is on and oxygen is flowing, then you can help somebody. You understand that. Don’t forget it.

Peace and love from 4bidden Knowledge. I love y’all.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher from Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke, © 2020 Billy Carson. Published by 4biddenknowledge Inc.

Billy Carson is the founder of 4biddenknowledge Inc. Billy Carson is the Best Selling Author of ‘The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets’ and is an expert host on Deep Space, a new original streaming series by Gaia. This series explores the Secret Space Program, revealing extraordinary technologies and their potential origins. Billy Carson also serves as an expert host on Gaia’s original series, Ancient Civilizations, in which a team of renowned scholars deciphers the riddles of our origins and pieces together our forgotten history documented in monuments and texts around the world. Billy is also a frequent guest on Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks.


  1. LaJuana K. Williams, Ed.D.
    August 17, 2021 @ 1:53 am

    I enjoyed reading this excerpt. It stated much truth, and certainly gave a road map to follow that will help many people to take a long honest look at how they live their lives, and to consider what their private expectations have to do with the level on which they do so.


  2. Loren Shayne
    August 23, 2021 @ 6:45 pm

    Wow!!! Billy, give me a jingle at 770-845-9329. I want 5 minutes of your time! All the best, Loren.


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