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Billy Carson on Reprogramming Your Cells for Success

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4biddenknowledge founder & entrepreneur Billy Carson says in order to reap abundance you have to re-program your cellular structure with new coding.

Though we’ve heard it said many times and in different ways, it bears repeating: You cannot have or be that which you are not in alignment with. You cannot attract that which you desire if you are not in resonance with it.

These are my own distillations of perennial knowledge that essentially says, considering all things consist of energy and have their own unique signature – yes, money included, in order to bring that into your life, you must first mentally, emotionally – psychologically and energetically align yourself with that signature.

Billy Carson – alternative researcher, successful entrepreneur (of multiple ventures) and author of the new book Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke insists that before anything (or anyone) can come into your life, you must be of the mindset that it is your birthright to be in alignment with that which you desire.

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Unfortunately, due to generations of programming the mind to accept a life that is predicated on lack and survival (at best), a relative few will escape this mind matrix in order to reap true abundance. Unless you are willing to first understand the relationship between you and abundance and be willing to literally re-program your cells to accept the new code, you will likely get stuck in a matrix that will continue to dish up the same program of lack and limitation.

…and who wants that?

“We have to deprogram the old coding and re-program the new coding…” Carson says, because the ideas that we hold about every aspect of our life, including our lack of financial resources overtime, literally becomes an encoded message within the cellular structure. Inevitably, that which is encoded must play out at some level in our daily lives.

In my chat with Billy Carson we discuss this very dynamic along with what it will take to re-program our thinking and thus our own energetic structure in order to realign ourselves with that which we call abundance.

Though our conversation was related primarily to money, Carson was clear that abundance can mean any number of things. Whether it’s financial resources, good food or healthy relationships, we cannot expect to experience these things unless and until we change the frequency of our own thoughts (and actions).

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We also discuss the idea that money may not be what many think. I open with the idea that money and water have a very close relationship, and from a subatomic level, may actually hold an energetic signature that is very similar to that of water or fluid.

I’ve always been fascinated with the intelligence of water; how it holds memory and can be structured under the right conditions.

In my conversation with Carson,  I open with the idea that if money is water, and we are made up primarily of water, then at some level we are money (or at a minimum are naturally in alignment with what we call currency!)

There’s the cliffhanger for this post! Now go watch or listen to the full episode to see where Billy Carson and I take this concept.

Bottom line, once we understand how this relationship between ourselves and abundance works, the idea of lack (of any kind) will truly be a thing of the past!

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