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Is the Ascension Being Hijacked? The Who, What, and Why of the Control Agenda

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Two powerful and distinct planetary events are underway right now. But is one attempting to prevent or hijack the other? And if so, who or what force is ultimately driving this plan?

The first event has been dubbed “the pandemic.” Though real as it may appear to many – the evidence is overwhelming that this has also served as a well orchestrated and sustained operation that has managed to spiral a Global population into a state of absolute fear, horror, lock down, despair, and division, while surreptitiously threatening to keep humanity under the thumb of tyranny, all behind the guise of “public health.” Regardless of where you sit on the issue, real or contrived, an unrelenting reality of crisis is happening to be sure.

The other is an unprecedented planetary event, the likes of which no human in modern history has ever witnessed. 

This cosmological trajectory, long forecasted by scores of ancient and indigenous peoples and wisdom keepers from every culture and corner of the Globe spoke of this period of time when humanity would participate in a clear and present acceleration of our planet, and an ever increasing frequency shift – one that would organically alter the human species and offer a distinct change to our being-ness in the most powerful of ways. As a result, an inevitable expansion of both planet and human would be in the offing – that is unless something or someone got in the way.

Though a dichotomous and dangerous state of affairs, and one that by all accounts has the classic hallmarks of the spiritual battle of good and evil well documented in many historical texts, this chapter has yet to be fully written.

Believed to be underway for decades, Gaia has now sprung into what, by all estimates is an irreversible frequency acceleration that has not happened for thousands of years. In fact, some researchers say that a change of this magnitude hasn’t occurred in nearly 26,000 years! Commonly referred to as the precession of the equinoxes, both scientists and sages have weighed in on its significance. Where science describes this shift as a “wobble” due to tidal forces and planetary interactions (hence their partial explanation for drastic climate change), the Hindu Yugas for example describe these times of massive change in cycles and cultures of consciousness. Regardless of the method of observation and distillation, few can argue massive transformation is underfoot.

Here is a brief explanation of the Hindu Yugas and their characteristics.

In a “perfect world” and without impediment, the planetary acceleration would otherwise be cause to celebrate this sacred time of growth and expansion, full on. In fact many did back in January of 2020 – ironically just before the current crisis would make its appearance in 3D, when the unprecedented Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurred on the 12th of that month. Sporadic though deliberate celebrations broke out all over the Globe with the promise of ascension and acceleration all but certain. I was witness to one of those gatherings while in Uluru – the Central “pivot point” of the Ascension in the Northern Territory of Australia, while there to deliver a major lecture on the ET/UFO subject at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference.

Small groups gathered to honor and usher in this conjunction – ready, willing and able to integrate the ascension and make it real – certain that this would be the time to seize the shift with excitement and promise. Justifiably so.

But concurrently, under the cover of darkness another agenda was working its own brand of magick. And their goal was (and continues to be) to counter this massive planetary shift at all costs; thrusting itself forward with great determination to halt the inevitable. Ever since that pivotal point in the trajectory, there has been a steady bearing down to try and stop this powerful and positive evolutionary process.

This is a hard pill to swallow and yet one that needs to be taken with a big gulp of water if we are to see ourselves through to our planned ascension!

Several well seasoned researchers in the consciousness space weighed in on this disturbing though revelatory state of affairs – each giving their own purview on what may really be going on in this regard.

One is metaphysical and alchemical researcher Robyn McClendon who says that without question, there is currently an attempt to block our ascension and that of our planet.

“The way I would describe what’s been going on for the last two years, specifically around the ascension…is that there are a lot of blocks. A lot of them have to do with what we have understood to be a system of controllers, a system of [what is called] the cabal, illuminati – it’s known as a lot of different things. I refer to this system as the fungus – and it serves as a counterattack on what is already beginning to happen and has been happening for a couple of decades [with the planetary expansion],” Robyn said.

This counterattack on an otherwise organically thriving environment that includes the human species, some feel are the system’s last attempt at seizing total power and control before it’s too late.

Why the rush to rule?

Many who are vested in seeing to it that humanity stays under complete control via an authoritarian, totalitarian and draconian system, are also well aware of the frequency acceleration currently underway and all of its moving parts. In fact, many who occupy the upper echelons of power, though quiet as it is kept are well versed and practiced in the occult and esoteric arts and rely heavily on its energetic framework to both leverage this knowledge to instigate control while also hijacking its otherwise positive influence on the larger eco-system of humanity and the natural world.

With this deep knowledge of what seems certain about the massive planetary energies that are poised to shift the evolutionary tide, some feel that the “esoteric insiders” are scrambling to halt the cycle.

Energy healer and spiritual teacher Mark Bajerski has crossed paths with some individuals who say they are on the “inside” of some of these circles and well aware of the process and what they are doing to influence the matrix in order to forcefully abort a major planetary event.

“You’ve heard the expression, ‘All roads lead to Rome.’ I say, all doorways lead to CERN (aka European Organization for Nuclear Research). In my estimation CERN is hijacking not only the God particle, they are hijacking our soul and trapping our spirit…it’s very dark and very dangerous and it’s happening right now,” Mark said.

He went on to mention his research into the ceremonial aspects of the CERN outfit and how dark their agenda truly is.

Watch: A Deeper look into the motivations of CERN…

“Just to be clear…this is not just science, this is science religion. This is all to do with occult. This is all to do with a spiritual battle that we’re going through [right now]. We are talking about those that are in this world but are not of this world; entities who are controlling us. HAARP, 5G technology…All of it is connected!”

-Mark Bajerski

Robyn McClendon agrees with this assessment…

“We need to understand exactly what we’re up against. We’re up against something that is absolutely diabolically wanting to take humanity out! We have to get real clear on what we’re looking at. So often times people ask, ‘Why would they [execute such a diabolical plan]?’”

Robyn reminds us that the assumption is that they are human and therefore wouldn’t do such things to their own species. But we have to come to grips with the fact that we may just be dealing with a phenomenon that is not only non human but focused squarely on the annihilation of humanity as we know it!

So are we actually dealing with an interference of NON-HUMAN proportions?

Join us for a powerful interactive event where we will dive deep into the agenda behind our current state of affairs: why the accelerated clamp down on global society is happening now, who or what is really behind the plan and how to shift out of this well orchestrated Matrix. Register HERE for this exclusive LIVE event.

Christopher Macklin, an alternative researcher and energy healer who’s more recent work has been focused on correlating elements of what is known as the deep state, big pharma agenda and the alien connection stresses that whether we want to believe it or not, the idea that we have and continue to be influenced by a broad-based plan controlled by entities not of this world is a real phenomenon.

“There’s a big element of off-planet beings that are influencing things…they are a part of this covenant to take over the earth and the human race.”

In this video, Christopher Macklin explains the depth of off world entities and attachments.

The discussion about off-world entities controlling the earth that include the Anunnaki, Draconian, Archons and others is certainly not new.

Some Ancient texts dating back thousands of years, including that of the The Gnostic texts known in its revised form as the Nag Hammadi Scriptures specifically reference the Archon influence over humanity as one of complete control and authority.

One section of the Nag Hammadi originally titled the Hypostasis of the Archons then later revised as: The Nature of the Rulers, lays this out in explicit detail.

“The Nature of the Rulers is a Gnostic treatise classified by scholars as representing Sethian thought, which the author claims is being sent to an undisclosed recipient in order to clarify who the archons, or world rulers, are and how the struggle with the archons is to be carried out,” wrote Marvin Meyer, editor of the International Edition of The Nag Hammadi Scriptures.

No doubt, we are currently bearing witness to a struggle of gargantuan proportions, though most do not understand the underpinnings of this planetary power play.

“To be sure, a major point of the [Nag Hammadi] text is that the malevolent demiurge and archons are real and do exist, but when they are opposed vigorously by the children of the light, they will be defeated,” Meyer went on to write.

Christopher Macklin feels that the power play for complete take over is being waged by multiple entities, including what he calls Reptilian Hybrids – human looking entities that have been created to infiltrate various factions on the planet in order to start moving and changing the way we live in order to create a permanence of world order and increasingly diminished human rights.

As mentioned earlier in this piece, though these entities operate under the cover of darkness, they can also appear in plain sight, promulgating their grand plan for all to see.

There have been numerous examples of this blatant display of human takeover throughout recent history, which begs two questions: One – Do they want or need to let us know their plans for us? And two – Are they so certain of their ability to socially engineer the masses to the point of not recognizing the obvious, despite the proverbial writing on the wall?

Dylan Charles, editor of the blog, Waking Times had this to say in a recent piece he wrote on mind hacking through mass hypnosis.

“…the best way to explain what’s happening is to look at how mind control, social engineering, propaganda, and hypnosis affect the mind and steer the individual away from individualistic and self-governing behavior. The hysteria so prevalent today only makes sense when you recognize that most people are truly not thinking for themselves, but are instead programmed to run scripts and programs that have been prepared for mass consumption,” Charles said.

Let’s remind ourselves that simultaneous to these disturbing state of affairs, something equally powerful and magnanimous is taking shape, that having to do with the unstoppable metamorphosis of Mother Earth and her people – the human race.

It is believed on the part of some that this has everything to do with the current state of desperate measures to keep humanity confined and unable to reach this next evolutionary step.

Robyn McClendon feels strongly that there are ways to remain out of the Matrix like web that seeks to keep us locked down and out of sync with the planetary frequencies that continue to accelerate.

“There are a number of practical techniques that can be used to re-wire the brain of the individual, not only to understand what we’re up against, but to bypass the control mechanisms altogether,” Robyn explains.

Get insider knowledge about the deeper implications of what’s going on and learn how to stay on the High Frequency Path to ensure this hijack does NOT happen!

As dire as it may seem, humanity is wired to wake up and evolve like never before. By aligning with the accelerating frequency of this planet, we indeed become a resonant antenna for that frequency, then able to bypass an agenda that McClendon says, “absolutely wants to take humanity out.”

To reiterate Marvin Meyer’s interpretation within the Nag Hammadi “…when they are opposed vigorously by the children of the light, they will (emphasis added) be defeated.”

Indeed it is time to recognize the darkness that pervades the earth in order to bring the light into focus.

For how can we know how brilliant the light can be until the time that we are willing to glimpse the shadow?

Now is that time!

Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!

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