1. Lori Coens
    November 2, 2017 @ 8:30 pm


    I just watched the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” with my three 20+ year old sons. We loved this movie. It prompted me to look up articles on pet reincarnation and I found your blog. I have a story to tell, one I believe is one of synchronicity or maybe that is just my perception of it? I guess you can decide. I enjoyed your article on Clover and Clover paws. I have two tabbies that are sisters and live with my sons’ but this is a story about my dog.

    I was going through a divorce and custody battle back in 2004. It was a tough time for me and my three sons who were 7, 11 and 13. I was unemployed and desperately searching for a job. My parents were supporting me. We lived in a very wealthy suburb of a large metro city in the US. I really couldn’t afford to rent in this area. My parents stepped up and helped me to rent a three bedroom home about a mile from where my ex was still living in the big house. I loved my new home.

    I remember it was December 29th 2004. My landlord had come over early around 9 am to change out the water heater. He had left the front door open. I was in the kitchen when this big black female lab with a collar that had no tags, sauntered into my home through the open front door. She walked in like she knew exactly where she was going. She walked in like she had a PURPOSE! She sat down in front of me and I petted her. I noticed she was nursing. I thought oh no you have puppies at home. I said to her “I bet you just needed a Mom’s Day Out” She looked at me with her big brown eyes that said yes I did. She followed me everywhere. I told her we needed to find her owner so she we could get her back to her puppies. I swear I got a feeling like she had come to see me for some reason. I was soon to find out. I walked outside where my neighbor and her sons were playing. My neighbor had two dogs and gave me a leash for the dog. I walked her up around the subdivision thinking someone would be out looking for her. I eventually ended back at home sitting with her on my front porch when a truck pulled up and a young man got out. He explained it was his dog and she had escaped through a hole in their fence that he had not fixed. He was in very hot water with his wife because her dog had gotten out and had three puppies at home that were crying for her. Oh boy, so glad I was outside waiting. He was very grateful. He asked if I was interested in buying a puppy. Now I have to go back a bit, the most important thing in my three boys lives from infancy has been my Weimaraner. Two years prior we had to put down our 13 year old male Weimaraner. Ever since all my sons’ wanted was another dog. I was separated and not in a position to buy a dog I said no ask your dad. He said no. That was that until that day. Back to the present. The man whose dog “Lexi” I had kept safe wanted me to come look at the puppies. Yes if I ever got a dog again it would be a female but he told me these dogs were pedigree. The Sire was a yellow lab and a Grand National hunting competition champion. The female line was also hunting competition trained. The female was around $800.00. I told him I could not afford that but would come look at them. I had no intention of buying a puppy. I just wanted to play with them. The next day I went over to their house which was the next subdivision over. They had three black puppies left one female and two males. Lexi came over and gave me a big kiss. She played down beside me. The female puppy came over immediately. She was super friendly the males more reserved. We played and she feel asleep in my lap. They told me they could tell I was someone special who loved dogs. Lexi gave a quick little bark at that. The husband and wife discussed it and agreed to sell her to me for $300. I told them you have just made three boys very happy. I went out that day and bought everything we needed for our new puppy and hid it in the garage.

    The next day was New Year’s Eve. My kids came over that evening. I told them we were going on a special field trip the next at 1pm. They prodded me to tell them where we were going but I would not tell them. All that night they talked about where Mom was taking them on their field trip. After lunch the next day we drove over to the couples house. As we pulled up to the front of the house they said “this is our field trip disappointingly” In walked the couple with the female puppy. They placed her on their laps. She ran back and forth between them giving each one a big kiss. “Whose puppy is this”? I responded “your puppy”. Their eyes went wide, mouths opened and a shocked look was on each of their faces. There was silence for 3-4 seconds ( a record for them 🙂 and then screaming, hooting and jumping up and down. “Mom this is the best field trip ever” If only I had a video camera.

    They named her Raina Dawn Vermei. She will turn 13 this week. She has been every where with us even on vacations. I had to move out to Az to take care of my parents last year and my two older boys moved two hours away to go to college so they could still see their dog well and maybe Mom too. She is the smartest most loyal dog. You tell her once to do something and she does it. She now has a degenerative nerve disease which causes laryngeal paralysis. It has progressed to affect the nerves in her lungs and lower body. The thing is the rest of her bodily functions are perfect. Her mind is as sharp as when she was a puppy. But she is on 5 different medications three of them every four hours to keep her comfortable. It is getting time to make that decision. My kids want to all be there which is a challenge since my youngest is a plane ride away. But we will all do it together.

    I know Raina is a very advanced dog soul. I can only hope if I ever get another dog she will come back to me. The movie “Dogs Purpose” certainly gave me hope even if it was just a movie.


    Lori Coens.


    • Alexis Brooks - Editor, Higher Journeys
      November 9, 2017 @ 12:16 pm

      Dear Lori,
      What a beautiful story. Though the decision you anticipate you’ll have to make soon is a difficult one, it certainly sounds like Raina (“Lexi”) is a wise soul…of that I have no doubt. I have become increasingly aware and sensitive and grateful to our animal companions over the years, particularly after losing my Paws and the idea that he would come back (now Clover Paws). Their love and loyalty are unconditional, and their wisdom and intuitive sense is something we can all learn from. I have such reverence for these beautiful souls. I too hope that your Raina returns to you. You could simply ask her. A quick little story. As our Paws was failing in health and my husband would spend numerous hours being by his side as he knew the time would be short for him, one day he “heard” Paws say (somewhat telepathically), “You will see me again.” Never did my husband think that the cat would come back in this way. Truly his conviction that this IS our reincarnated kitty is unwavering. It’s admittedly taken me some time to fully process that, but now I embrace this incredible notion. I wish you all the best and do feel free to message me if/when your beloved companion returns. I’ll be thinking of you! Best, -AB


    • Nanny
      March 3, 2019 @ 7:12 am

      I believe in it. I believe my current cat maybe my first cat reincarnated in the current one. My first died at the age of 17 on March 27, 2007. My current cat was born according to the vet on March 29, 2018. The personalities are different in some ways, but both are smart and learn fast. Plus the story of my current cat is amazing. I won’t go into it, but maybe my first cat knew it was time and came back as my current cat. All I know is my current cat stole and healed my broken heart at the same time


  2. Catie
    April 26, 2018 @ 12:35 am

    I ride a chestnut Irish Warmblood horse named Ollie, and my uncle had an Old English Sheepdog named Ollie who died when I was little. They both have similar personalities and the same name. My grandma must of been reincarnated into my mom’s and my cat, Lola because Lola is a picky eater like my grandma was. I’m still waiting for my dad’s dog, Taxi to come back to us, or my two guinea pigs, Hazel and Gabby to come back to me.


  3. Rhiannon Mcdonagh
    October 4, 2018 @ 11:48 am

    I had a fur member pass away in 2016 on March 19th. We had him since he was a puppy back in 2005, his birthday was the 9th September 2005. Now when he passed I lived out of home and was never given the opportunity to say goodbye as he passed suddenly without notice or any illness we could see.
    Fast forward to November 2017, I find 4 kittens up for adoption on Facebook (I am all for rescuing animals from shelters but they were being given away for free I seen it as rescuing in a form). The day I went round and seen the kittens for the first time I was told out of 4 they wanted to keep 2.
    Two of the kittens were fully ginger, one was ginger apart from white socks and finally a fully white kitten no markings (mum was full ginger too) he was one they wanted to keep, so I set my eyes upon the others ignoring the 2 I was told were unavailable.
    I was holding a female kitten and was about to say alright I guess you will do when the lady who owned the cats told me to wait and that stated that the white kitten unphased had been sitting next to me the whole time as I spent 20minutes playing and choosing, he hadn’t moved or gotten distracted just wanted to be near me.
    I was then told she had no choice that he had picked me to be his owner I couldn’t say no it was assured he came home with me. I asked for a birth date as I love to celebrate the little things..
    Turns out my cat shares the same birthday as my bestfriend of 10years did the 9th of September.. Since then the bond between me and Rengar has become unbreakable, he even acts like a dog sometimes following me around never leaving my side. Even stretching up towards me to plant kisses and boops on my face.
    It’s truly unique and I found your story its a magically experience that can be found, sometimes it can even find you. 🙂


    • Alexis Brooks - Editor, Higher Journeys
      October 18, 2018 @ 5:29 pm

      I think your last sentence says it all: “It’s truly unique and I found your story its a magically experience that can be found, sometimes it can even find you.” …magical indeed! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Mary
    April 22, 2019 @ 12:19 am

    My beloved dog passed away about 2 weeks ago…he passed away a week before he turned 8 years old. His death was sudden and unexpected, leaving me in shock and unexpected grief. Interestingly enough, he passed away the same date my grandmother had heart surgery and surely enough, he died of a heart condition. Before his death, I kept seeing heart shaped images everywhere! Even after his death, I keep seeing images of hearts almost everywhere as well as other signs. One day, I just had this profound feeling that he will be coming back to me! I’m not sure how to explain that feeling but when I’m in the moment of feeling that way, I have no doubt! I’m relying on signs that I see and feel to lead me but I do experience doubt at times. It’s only been 2 weeks but I’m hoping that my “feeling” continues to stay strong. I’m praying everyday that he will be back and reincarnated.


    • Alexis Brooks - Editor, Higher Journeys
      April 25, 2019 @ 6:39 pm

      Thank you so much for sharing your “heart-felt” story and memory of your beloved animal companion. And I do hope that in whatever way is most appropriate, that you will see/feel and perhaps be re-united with your beloved friend. Know that the signs are all-ways around us and come in multiple forms, if we just look. Your friend is near. For that I’m sure! Cheers, AB


  5. Emma Chambers
    May 22, 2019 @ 10:53 pm

    I met someone at a friends house this year who talked to my beloved recently deceased cat Claudie.
    My friend and I hadn’t seen eachother in 10 years and I hadn’t posted any pictures of my cat as per the following story.

    Thus this girl would have no way of giving me such specific information regarding my cat.. But she talked to him and described him perfectly. ‘he’s very proud and somewhat arrogant’ she laughed and he’s waving a pink collar saying ‘what was with the pink collar?’

    I got a pack of cheap collars and when I was putting the last one on, the pink one. I felt weird about it for some reason and remember questioning myself about putting a pink collar on a boy cat and then thought I was being stupid.

    She said he still sleeps in behind my back squashed between me and the mattress. Which he would do..

    He told her that he was completely in his element when we finally moved to a farm (even though sadly he didn’t get that much time to explore) which no one knew about.

    He nearly drowned in a septic tank on a farm before i got him and been extremely skiddish and I spent my life trying to keep him safe. While allowing him to explore.
    He was always on high alert and wouldn’t like too much of a pat but would sneak under the covers and sleep and then when he woke and realised I was patting him, he would get up and walk just far enough way I couldn’t reach and sit down.

    He was always cleaning himself and was totally arrogant. The best Bubba ever.

    She told me he said he used to be a mechanic and he wasn’t used to being a cat and it was just his time. I disagree it was his time but do agree totally he didn’t know how to cat.

    She talked to my Nan which was even more amazing but this was way too specific and totally for real and made my broken heart mend enough.

    I also have photos of him on my other cat when I asked him to show himself. It’s amazing and for real


  6. Zane R Nobbs
    July 16, 2019 @ 8:56 pm

    Last night (Saturday 13 July 2019) I lost one of my best friends of all time, her name was Bebe, also known as “UFO Kitty 3” as that’s when she showed up. It all started back in 2007 when my mom died. Antonella and I were simply miserable with mourning, going through the estate and all of the other crap that comes when we lose loved ones. We were sitting out on the porch one evening and suddenly a bright light began dancing across the sky in a zig-zag pattern. We weren’t sure if it was an aircraft or something else, but it didn’t make any noise. We noted it and went to bed. The next day a calico cat showed up on our porch, evenly patched with red, black and white. We named her Elizabeth, “LizzyB” for short. She proved to be the sweetest cat we’d ever had. About a week later we noticed the light again, doing the same pattern. The next day another calico cat showed up on the porch, similar to the first but with more white. We named her Cassandra, “Cassi” for short. She was very lovable. The following week the light appeared again, same pattern, same results! A third calico showed up, mostly white, and we named her Bebe. It was at this point that we also referred to them as “UFO Kitty 1,” “UFO Kitty 2” and “UFO Kitty 3.” They were a very happy family and fiercely loyal to one another. They also had lots of kittens, which was OK at that time as we were still on our farm. The year we moved, 2011, we sadly lost LizzyB and Cassie to the FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) virus, but Bebe survived. Over the years Bebe was always here and became a fixture in our new house. She welcomed additions to the family and was very aware of things happening around the neighborhood. She was extremely loyal to me and listened attentively when spoken too. Typically we went through the flea/tick/mite seasons with little incident since we use the Hartz system to keep parasites under control, but this year, most likely due to her age, even with all of the safeguards, Bebe became sicker and sicker. She seemed to know her time was near, but we didn’t want to loser her. Sadly, on our race to the Great Lakes Pet Emergency Center last night she succumbed to sickness on the way over. She will be sorely missed, but at this moment is playing with her sisters (don’t ask me how I know, I just do) once again. Too often we assume our loved ones will be with use forever, only to lose them gradually or abruptly, as in this case. Take a moment and appreciate those around you, humans and pets, and remember, no matter how difficult the situation, we are eternal beings, whether human or animal, and this is just a temporary separation. God bless everyone.


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