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Animal Reincarnation – Your Pet May Be On Their Way Back to YOU!

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Reality although often perceived through the lens of belief is nonetheless far more vast than most of us can fathom.  The existence of life after death and reincarnation are but two phenomena that beg the question as to how incalculable the universe truly is.

It’s been through my own occasional experiences that have called into question for me, the very nature of reality – its scale and scope; its unbounded and wondrous nature.  And the more I experience and contemplate the very essence of these experiences, the more I am convinced that the universe aims to reveal its magnanimous ways to each of us – through synchronicity!

Within this context, I’ve written about one of those, shall we say “incalculable” experiences; my own personal account having to do with the possible reincarnation of my Persian cat Paws, now called “Clover Paws.”  This experience was and is (as it continues to unfold) a most intriguing confluence of events that began perhaps years before the inevitability of the reincarnation was to occur.

The post script to this encounter, upon reflection is rather telling, unfolding through a series of synchronicities.

Shortly after my article, The Phenomenon of Animal Reincarnation was published in December of 2012, I was asked to speak at a conference on animals in the afterlife and present my own personal account as well as the research that I’d done into the phenomenon.  Subsequent to that, I spoke about the subject on the 30 Odd Minutes television program to discuss the research as well as my own reflections on what may be happening relative to the process of reincarnation.  It was largely through these two channels that revealed some very curious phenomena that would not be recognized until recently.

The universe, it seems reveals its nature through synchronistic suggestion, recognized by the experiencer albeit in a very subjective manner.  This has surely been the case for me.

I’d always felt my cat Paws to be somewhat of a messenger, a personal oracle of sorts.  Always healthy and happy during his early years, even during the last days of his life when his health had drastically declined, he’d displayed unusual tendencies which would peak my attention.

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Just two or so weeks prior to his passing in 2012, while I was simultaneously preparing to visit Los Angeles to cover the Conscious Life Expo conference and interview past life regressionist, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, I had a most disturbing but intriguing encounter.  I was sitting in our family room which is situated behind our kitchen.  I could see Paws roughly twenty feet away in the kitchen from my vantage point in the family room.  He had been standing next to his food and water bowl near the kitchen door, stationary.  In an instant so quick, it would be impossible to measure, Paws appeared at my feet in the family room!  Though quite difficult to fully explain, essentially Paws disappeared from the kitchen and re-appeared some twenty or so feet away with no apparent time having passed.  I was dumb struck at this incongruity, probing for some logical explanation as to how this could be.

As a researcher into these areas of inquiry, although I am acquainted with such anomalies, when you are the one who sits right smack in the middle of the experience, it begins to take on an entirely different dimension.  One goes from perceiving from an intellectual perspective to knowing from an experiential one!

We’ve heard of the “doppelganger” effect – a term stemming from German origin, roughly describing the witnessing of seeing a double image of an individual.  It has been associated with the phenomenon of bi-location (seeing an individual in two places at once).  In folklore, this occurrence would often portend danger or even death.  This was the closest I’d come to having glimpsed such an occurrence!

Upon witnessing what appeared to be my cat, roughly in two places at once, coupled with my knowledge that he’d been quite ill, shortly after this happened, I’d wondered if this was an omen of the soon-to-be inevitable.  Whether directly related or not, it would be only a few weeks later that he would succumb!

While in Los Angeles, oblivious to the idea that I’d return back home, never to see Paws again, I relayed this doppelganger-like story to Dr. Goldberg as we discussed various phenomena associated with animal reincarnation, the afterlife and past lives!  Merely a few days after that discussion Paws died while I was still in California!

But the recognized synchronicities would just begin there.

Inclusive of our discussion although not included in my formal interview with him, he told me a story about his dog Karma and how he felt that this dog had been reincarnated twice, now culminating in whom he calls Karma III.  Interestingly, although our planned interview was intended to focus on the process of conscious dying and out of body experiences (OBE’s) of humans, we’d veered off topic a bit and into the subject of animal reincarnation, including his own experience with Karma.  In retrospect, I ponder whether this account was somehow a signal, though not recognized at the time, that my own pet would be reincarnated and returned to us nearly nine months later.

a sign of animal reincarnation?
Paws sends a message about the future from the past.

Fast forward to late October 2013 – the 24th to be exact.  I’d been putting the final touches on my talk I would be presenting at the Animals in the Afterlife Conference and decided to use an image of Paws I’d taken in the late 90’s (circa 1998) – an adorable photo of him nestled in my bookcase in the apartment my husband and I shared at the time, in New Jersey.  As I gazed at the photo which I’d looked at dozens of times previous, I had a realization never before occur to me.  Nearly every book on the shelves he was cuddled next to intimated perhaps his inevitable return – answers to questions I was currently having about the reality of his reincarnation that couldn’t possibly have surfaced at a more apropos time.  Book titles on my shelf appeared to tell the whole story: We Don’t Die, One With the Light, The Dead are Alive, Small Miracles, Reunions, Apparitions and the Survival of Death – all books I’d used in my research, boldly presented to me with Paws nestled right next to them.  Why had I chosen that image for my presentation – out of possibly dozens?  Why now?  I’d had an epiphany, not possible to recognize until 15 years later.  The universe was speaking, continuing to send me signals that “Yes – your surmise is correct – reincarnation is real and your cat has returned.”  But the synchronicity didn’t just end there.  As I glanced at the calendar before wrapping up my work on the presentation, I’d noticed the date: October 24, 2013.  That date looked familiar to me – it was exactly one year to the day that I’d found him again – Clover Paws was discovered as I perused a cat breeder’s web site on October 24, 2012!  Yet another wink and a nod that, “Yes, this is real.  No need to question further!”

It is fascinating to reflect on our own behavior and how the left brain continues to work overtime – ask questions, be rational, realistic, logical and at times contemptuous, when the right brain (our intuitive side) aims to privy us to the very wonders that are right before us, simply waiting to be revealed through synchronicity.  As long as I continued to question the possibility of such a phenomenon as reincarnation, the louder the synchronicities had to get!

A Messenger of Synchronicity

I’d been preparing another set of images to accompany my appearance on the television program 30 Odd Minutes, a paranormal show that covers a range of strange phenomena.  I was asked to discuss my work into the subject of animal reincarnation.  One of the images I’d chosen for the show would illustrate the idea of “walk in” or “soul transference” (the process by which two souls agree to trade places in order to accomplish a given objective).  Although I didn’t have a chance to get into the subject on the show due to time constraints, the image that I’d prepared to present yielded yet another synchronicity having to do with my colleague, author Ann Bolinger McQuade and her personal account of her golden retriever Rusty, whom she feels to be thrice incarnated.

animal reincarnation
Rusty returns three times!

I’d originally created this image from a photograph and featured it to accompany my article, The Phenomenon of Animal Reincarnation, published on December 2, 2012.  The photo, enhanced with graphics filters portrays three “ghostly” images of a golden retriever overlaid with a rainbow hue.  At the time I created this image, I’d not yet known Ann (whom I interviewed on my show in August of 2013)  Subsequent to our meeting through her being a guest on my show, we continued our discussions, comparing notes on our own personal experiences, including what we believed to be the reincarnation of our pets!

Ann agreed to allow me to tell her story for my animal reincarnation talk for the conference and so I’d used the golden retriever photo to illustrate the “walk in” phenomenon, something that she feels to have occurred during the reincarnation of Rusty, the third time.  Still, it hadn’t occurred to me the fascinating synchronistic connection that was to be revealed later!

While gathering this image along with others for the television program, it all dawned on me.  How was it that I had “arbitrarily” selected an image of a golden retriever back in December of 2012, and from that created an enhanced effect to illustrate the article’s subject matter that yielded three “phantom” images of this golden retriever, perfectly reflecting the story of Ann’s dog, Rusty who had incarnated three times?  I hadn’t even known Ann at the time of creating this image, let alone know of her own animal reincarnation story.  And yet, as if on cue, the synchronicity was inescapable.  Could there have been some part of my awareness that knew I’d become acquainted with her, learn of her own animal reincarnation story and create an image to reflect its reality, albeit long before the story was to become consciously known to me?  Moreover, did she need her own confirmation that her surmise that Rusty had indeed been reincarnated twice was correct?  It seems the universe aimed to utilize me as a conduit to deliver this synchronistic message.

Are our notions of time incorrect?

Since this set of occurrences, I’ve contemplated not only the power of synchronicity, but how the universe operates in such a way as to negate the process we understand as linear time.  No matter the framework, and our ability to recognize it as a synchronicity – sometimes a message though created at one point in time, will be revealed out of sequence, at another point in time – just to make that point for you!

The idea that time and space as we have come to understand it is merely a construct and not at its heart a natural phenomenon relative to its linear structure is now being discussed in wider academic circles.  Although a most difficult concept to get ones head around, reality free of time or space constraints and the ability to even affect the past from the point of the present as mind bending as it is, may very well intimate the universe’s mystical and unlimited nature.

When I had that “aha moment” about Ann’s dog (the three incarnations of Rusty) and the image that would perfectly illustrate her story, although created out of sequence, I conveyed the story (and the image) to her.  We both acknowledged how wondrous and mysterious the universe is and how our ability to speak to it may be just what is needed to begin to operate in sync with its infinite character rather than to oppose it!

As tempted as we are to explain away reality, if we keep exploring, keep watching, keep listening and be ready and willing to receive the amazing answers that the universe has to offer, experience will replace mere explanation and our true evolution will ultimately be within reach!

In my recent television appearance to discuss the phenomenon of animal reincarnation I was asked if my own experience with Paws and Clover Paws had altered or expanded my belief system about reincarnation.  Candidly, I replied, “I’ve always had a sense that there is an aspect of the soul that can never be annihilated…But certainly whenever you go through something that’s experiential, this is more than just (as a journalist) doing the research.  It causes you to want to question and explore more, and this experience was certainly impetus for me to do just that.”

Although loathed to say we have absolute proof of animal reincarnation and for that matter reincarnation in general, my own range of synchronicities have been an incredible example as to how the universe is always ready and willing to give stunning evidence into such a phenomenon.  As humans we tend to look at quantifying a phenomenon by the ability to measure it.  To quote alternative researcher and journalist  Jim Marrs…

“Surely we’ve experienced love and we would not argue that love does not exist and yet it can’t be quantified.  You can’t hold love under a microscope, you can’t weigh it on a scale and yet it’s there – it’s real.  So what’s the big problem in understanding that there are things in this Universe that we might not be able to totally dissect and explain scientifically?”

Though largely subjective in scope, the phenomenon of animal reincarnation is just one more thread in the tapestry of infinity that shows just how truly marvelous the universe is!

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Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!


  1. Lori Coens
    November 2, 2017 @ 8:30 pm


    I just watched the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” with my three 20+ year old sons. We loved this movie. It prompted me to look up articles on pet reincarnation and I found your blog. I have a story to tell, one I believe is one of synchronicity or maybe that is just my perception of it? I guess you can decide. I enjoyed your article on Clover and Clover paws. I have two tabbies that are sisters and live with my sons’ but this is a story about my dog.

    I was going through a divorce and custody battle back in 2004. It was a tough time for me and my three sons who were 7, 11 and 13. I was unemployed and desperately searching for a job. My parents were supporting me. We lived in a very wealthy suburb of a large metro city in the US. I really couldn’t afford to rent in this area. My parents stepped up and helped me to rent a three bedroom home about a mile from where my ex was still living in the big house. I loved my new home.

    I remember it was December 29th 2004. My landlord had come over early around 9 am to change out the water heater. He had left the front door open. I was in the kitchen when this big black female lab with a collar that had no tags, sauntered into my home through the open front door. She walked in like she knew exactly where she was going. She walked in like she had a PURPOSE! She sat down in front of me and I petted her. I noticed she was nursing. I thought oh no you have puppies at home. I said to her “I bet you just needed a Mom’s Day Out” She looked at me with her big brown eyes that said yes I did. She followed me everywhere. I told her we needed to find her owner so she we could get her back to her puppies. I swear I got a feeling like she had come to see me for some reason. I was soon to find out. I walked outside where my neighbor and her sons were playing. My neighbor had two dogs and gave me a leash for the dog. I walked her up around the subdivision thinking someone would be out looking for her. I eventually ended back at home sitting with her on my front porch when a truck pulled up and a young man got out. He explained it was his dog and she had escaped through a hole in their fence that he had not fixed. He was in very hot water with his wife because her dog had gotten out and had three puppies at home that were crying for her. Oh boy, so glad I was outside waiting. He was very grateful. He asked if I was interested in buying a puppy. Now I have to go back a bit, the most important thing in my three boys lives from infancy has been my Weimaraner. Two years prior we had to put down our 13 year old male Weimaraner. Ever since all my sons’ wanted was another dog. I was separated and not in a position to buy a dog I said no ask your dad. He said no. That was that until that day. Back to the present. The man whose dog “Lexi” I had kept safe wanted me to come look at the puppies. Yes if I ever got a dog again it would be a female but he told me these dogs were pedigree. The Sire was a yellow lab and a Grand National hunting competition champion. The female line was also hunting competition trained. The female was around $800.00. I told him I could not afford that but would come look at them. I had no intention of buying a puppy. I just wanted to play with them. The next day I went over to their house which was the next subdivision over. They had three black puppies left one female and two males. Lexi came over and gave me a big kiss. She played down beside me. The female puppy came over immediately. She was super friendly the males more reserved. We played and she feel asleep in my lap. They told me they could tell I was someone special who loved dogs. Lexi gave a quick little bark at that. The husband and wife discussed it and agreed to sell her to me for $300. I told them you have just made three boys very happy. I went out that day and bought everything we needed for our new puppy and hid it in the garage.

    The next day was New Year’s Eve. My kids came over that evening. I told them we were going on a special field trip the next at 1pm. They prodded me to tell them where we were going but I would not tell them. All that night they talked about where Mom was taking them on their field trip. After lunch the next day we drove over to the couples house. As we pulled up to the front of the house they said “this is our field trip disappointingly” In walked the couple with the female puppy. They placed her on their laps. She ran back and forth between them giving each one a big kiss. “Whose puppy is this”? I responded “your puppy”. Their eyes went wide, mouths opened and a shocked look was on each of their faces. There was silence for 3-4 seconds ( a record for them 🙂 and then screaming, hooting and jumping up and down. “Mom this is the best field trip ever” If only I had a video camera.

    They named her Raina Dawn Vermei. She will turn 13 this week. She has been every where with us even on vacations. I had to move out to Az to take care of my parents last year and my two older boys moved two hours away to go to college so they could still see their dog well and maybe Mom too. She is the smartest most loyal dog. You tell her once to do something and she does it. She now has a degenerative nerve disease which causes laryngeal paralysis. It has progressed to affect the nerves in her lungs and lower body. The thing is the rest of her bodily functions are perfect. Her mind is as sharp as when she was a puppy. But she is on 5 different medications three of them every four hours to keep her comfortable. It is getting time to make that decision. My kids want to all be there which is a challenge since my youngest is a plane ride away. But we will all do it together.

    I know Raina is a very advanced dog soul. I can only hope if I ever get another dog she will come back to me. The movie “Dogs Purpose” certainly gave me hope even if it was just a movie.


    Lori Coens.


    • Alexis Brooks - Editor, Higher Journeys
      November 9, 2017 @ 12:16 pm

      Dear Lori,
      What a beautiful story. Though the decision you anticipate you’ll have to make soon is a difficult one, it certainly sounds like Raina (“Lexi”) is a wise soul…of that I have no doubt. I have become increasingly aware and sensitive and grateful to our animal companions over the years, particularly after losing my Paws and the idea that he would come back (now Clover Paws). Their love and loyalty are unconditional, and their wisdom and intuitive sense is something we can all learn from. I have such reverence for these beautiful souls. I too hope that your Raina returns to you. You could simply ask her. A quick little story. As our Paws was failing in health and my husband would spend numerous hours being by his side as he knew the time would be short for him, one day he “heard” Paws say (somewhat telepathically), “You will see me again.” Never did my husband think that the cat would come back in this way. Truly his conviction that this IS our reincarnated kitty is unwavering. It’s admittedly taken me some time to fully process that, but now I embrace this incredible notion. I wish you all the best and do feel free to message me if/when your beloved companion returns. I’ll be thinking of you! Best, -AB


    • Nanny
      March 3, 2019 @ 7:12 am

      I believe in it. I believe my current cat maybe my first cat reincarnated in the current one. My first died at the age of 17 on March 27, 2007. My current cat was born according to the vet on March 29, 2018. The personalities are different in some ways, but both are smart and learn fast. Plus the story of my current cat is amazing. I won’t go into it, but maybe my first cat knew it was time and came back as my current cat. All I know is my current cat stole and healed my broken heart at the same time


  2. Catie
    April 26, 2018 @ 12:35 am

    I ride a chestnut Irish Warmblood horse named Ollie, and my uncle had an Old English Sheepdog named Ollie who died when I was little. They both have similar personalities and the same name. My grandma must of been reincarnated into my mom’s and my cat, Lola because Lola is a picky eater like my grandma was. I’m still waiting for my dad’s dog, Taxi to come back to us, or my two guinea pigs, Hazel and Gabby to come back to me.


  3. Rhiannon Mcdonagh
    October 4, 2018 @ 11:48 am

    I had a fur member pass away in 2016 on March 19th. We had him since he was a puppy back in 2005, his birthday was the 9th September 2005. Now when he passed I lived out of home and was never given the opportunity to say goodbye as he passed suddenly without notice or any illness we could see.
    Fast forward to November 2017, I find 4 kittens up for adoption on Facebook (I am all for rescuing animals from shelters but they were being given away for free I seen it as rescuing in a form). The day I went round and seen the kittens for the first time I was told out of 4 they wanted to keep 2.
    Two of the kittens were fully ginger, one was ginger apart from white socks and finally a fully white kitten no markings (mum was full ginger too) he was one they wanted to keep, so I set my eyes upon the others ignoring the 2 I was told were unavailable.
    I was holding a female kitten and was about to say alright I guess you will do when the lady who owned the cats told me to wait and that stated that the white kitten unphased had been sitting next to me the whole time as I spent 20minutes playing and choosing, he hadn’t moved or gotten distracted just wanted to be near me.
    I was then told she had no choice that he had picked me to be his owner I couldn’t say no it was assured he came home with me. I asked for a birth date as I love to celebrate the little things..
    Turns out my cat shares the same birthday as my bestfriend of 10years did the 9th of September.. Since then the bond between me and Rengar has become unbreakable, he even acts like a dog sometimes following me around never leaving my side. Even stretching up towards me to plant kisses and boops on my face.
    It’s truly unique and I found your story its a magically experience that can be found, sometimes it can even find you. 🙂


    • Alexis Brooks - Editor, Higher Journeys
      October 18, 2018 @ 5:29 pm

      I think your last sentence says it all: “It’s truly unique and I found your story its a magically experience that can be found, sometimes it can even find you.” …magical indeed! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Mary
    April 22, 2019 @ 12:19 am

    My beloved dog passed away about 2 weeks ago…he passed away a week before he turned 8 years old. His death was sudden and unexpected, leaving me in shock and unexpected grief. Interestingly enough, he passed away the same date my grandmother had heart surgery and surely enough, he died of a heart condition. Before his death, I kept seeing heart shaped images everywhere! Even after his death, I keep seeing images of hearts almost everywhere as well as other signs. One day, I just had this profound feeling that he will be coming back to me! I’m not sure how to explain that feeling but when I’m in the moment of feeling that way, I have no doubt! I’m relying on signs that I see and feel to lead me but I do experience doubt at times. It’s only been 2 weeks but I’m hoping that my “feeling” continues to stay strong. I’m praying everyday that he will be back and reincarnated.


    • Alexis Brooks - Editor, Higher Journeys
      April 25, 2019 @ 6:39 pm

      Thank you so much for sharing your “heart-felt” story and memory of your beloved animal companion. And I do hope that in whatever way is most appropriate, that you will see/feel and perhaps be re-united with your beloved friend. Know that the signs are all-ways around us and come in multiple forms, if we just look. Your friend is near. For that I’m sure! Cheers, AB


    • Cindy
      March 4, 2021 @ 6:38 pm

      Oh my yes… Magic is all around us… I believe it is the evidence of the miracles that we have not yet experienced or had come to fruition… one must always have Hope and Faith and by all means Don’t Stop Believin!!!


  5. Emma Chambers
    May 22, 2019 @ 10:53 pm

    I met someone at a friends house this year who talked to my beloved recently deceased cat Claudie.
    My friend and I hadn’t seen eachother in 10 years and I hadn’t posted any pictures of my cat as per the following story.

    Thus this girl would have no way of giving me such specific information regarding my cat.. But she talked to him and described him perfectly. ‘he’s very proud and somewhat arrogant’ she laughed and he’s waving a pink collar saying ‘what was with the pink collar?’

    I got a pack of cheap collars and when I was putting the last one on, the pink one. I felt weird about it for some reason and remember questioning myself about putting a pink collar on a boy cat and then thought I was being stupid.

    She said he still sleeps in behind my back squashed between me and the mattress. Which he would do..

    He told her that he was completely in his element when we finally moved to a farm (even though sadly he didn’t get that much time to explore) which no one knew about.

    He nearly drowned in a septic tank on a farm before i got him and been extremely skiddish and I spent my life trying to keep him safe. While allowing him to explore.
    He was always on high alert and wouldn’t like too much of a pat but would sneak under the covers and sleep and then when he woke and realised I was patting him, he would get up and walk just far enough way I couldn’t reach and sit down.

    He was always cleaning himself and was totally arrogant. The best Bubba ever.

    She told me he said he used to be a mechanic and he wasn’t used to being a cat and it was just his time. I disagree it was his time but do agree totally he didn’t know how to cat.

    She talked to my Nan which was even more amazing but this was way too specific and totally for real and made my broken heart mend enough.

    I also have photos of him on my other cat when I asked him to show himself. It’s amazing and for real


  6. Zane R Nobbs
    July 16, 2019 @ 8:56 pm

    Last night (Saturday 13 July 2019) I lost one of my best friends of all time, her name was Bebe, also known as “UFO Kitty 3” as that’s when she showed up. It all started back in 2007 when my mom died. Antonella and I were simply miserable with mourning, going through the estate and all of the other crap that comes when we lose loved ones. We were sitting out on the porch one evening and suddenly a bright light began dancing across the sky in a zig-zag pattern. We weren’t sure if it was an aircraft or something else, but it didn’t make any noise. We noted it and went to bed. The next day a calico cat showed up on our porch, evenly patched with red, black and white. We named her Elizabeth, “LizzyB” for short. She proved to be the sweetest cat we’d ever had. About a week later we noticed the light again, doing the same pattern. The next day another calico cat showed up on the porch, similar to the first but with more white. We named her Cassandra, “Cassi” for short. She was very lovable. The following week the light appeared again, same pattern, same results! A third calico showed up, mostly white, and we named her Bebe. It was at this point that we also referred to them as “UFO Kitty 1,” “UFO Kitty 2” and “UFO Kitty 3.” They were a very happy family and fiercely loyal to one another. They also had lots of kittens, which was OK at that time as we were still on our farm. The year we moved, 2011, we sadly lost LizzyB and Cassie to the FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) virus, but Bebe survived. Over the years Bebe was always here and became a fixture in our new house. She welcomed additions to the family and was very aware of things happening around the neighborhood. She was extremely loyal to me and listened attentively when spoken too. Typically we went through the flea/tick/mite seasons with little incident since we use the Hartz system to keep parasites under control, but this year, most likely due to her age, even with all of the safeguards, Bebe became sicker and sicker. She seemed to know her time was near, but we didn’t want to loser her. Sadly, on our race to the Great Lakes Pet Emergency Center last night she succumbed to sickness on the way over. She will be sorely missed, but at this moment is playing with her sisters (don’t ask me how I know, I just do) once again. Too often we assume our loved ones will be with use forever, only to lose them gradually or abruptly, as in this case. Take a moment and appreciate those around you, humans and pets, and remember, no matter how difficult the situation, we are eternal beings, whether human or animal, and this is just a temporary separation. God bless everyone.


  7. Alen
    December 16, 2020 @ 2:54 pm

    I unintentionally poisoned my cat Max whom I rescued as a badly infected kitten. Upper respiratory infection effecting his eyes severely.
    I poisoned him with a flea treatment and didn’t realize it had something to do with his sudden sickness because the emergency veterinarian said it’s FIP. This misdirected my response to save him again. I’ve never felt worse in my life. Initially I was hopeful that there is reincarnation but now I think even so, it certainly is never going to be the same exact being. I’d be happy with one that makes me feel like it’s Max, but I’d never really be certain, unless some immaterial being appeared and assured me..perhaps.
    Max was a pale cream buff,.or yellow with a striking swirl, entirely orange eyes, really smart, really cute and loving. He was more like a person or a little dog. He had very unique cute behaviors. I am sure that I’d recognize a being like him.


    • Alexis Brooks - Editor, Higher Journeys
      February 1, 2021 @ 2:06 pm

      Hi Alen,

      I’m sure this honest mistake culminating in your Max’ passing has been hard to process for you. Somehow I feel that even those so called “accidents” have purpose and perhaps Max’s unexpected demise is a case-in-point. Whether he comes back (re-incarnates) to you as another “kitty” or chooses to remain in discarnate form, you will always and forever be connected. Curious to know if you’ve dreamt of him and if any messages have come through?

      Sending Blessings!


  8. Inga Brereton
    March 11, 2021 @ 10:50 pm

    Dear Alexis

    I’m SO glad I came across your site.

    Although my current darling moggie – Minerva (Minnie – with hindsight, her name really should have been Theodora), is in some ways very different from my late sweetheart Emily, she has one particular trait that is SO reminiscent of Em-cat (Minnie LOVES butter – as did Emily). Amazingly, I didn’t remember this – although my sister did.. Em was also a dog-cat and usually came when called (except around the full moon; this was AFTER she developed the courage to go outside)… Unlike Em (a short-haired calico cat – according to the vet; we sometimes use different descriptions in the UK from the US), Min is a long-haired cat – with the softest, silkiest fur – just like Emily.

    Minnie-mog came into my life as a tiny, tiny kitten (I’d been trying to catch her mother – in order to spay her) and ended up with Min – although she looks nothing like Emily.

    I think she (Em) was waiting to find me again so that I could be part of the first stage of her new existence (how Emily came into my life in the first place is a long story). I met Minnie in the States – having come here via Belize (another story for another time).

    Anyway and, along with other websites that espouse the continued existence of our beloved furry friends – AND us, your website has given me hope for the future; it’s always SO hard to say ‘goodbye’ to our darlings..

    I don’t know if you’ve ever come across Ainslie MacLeod; if not, check him out here:

    Best regards,

    Inga Brereton ( yes, I absolutely ADORE corgis.. 🙂

    PS. Being technologically-challenged, I’m not up to speed with my blog, so even though I’ve included the website here, I haven’t posted in a while – although I’m getting ready to do so soon.. Little details like ‘about me’, how to add comments et al, are currently beyond me and I don’t have the wherewithal to pay someone to sort these minutiae out – just yet..


    • Alexis Brooks
      March 12, 2021 @ 10:11 am

      What a lovely note Inga. Thanks so much! And thanks for sharing your touching account. Though we can’t be sure the means by which our animal companions can return to us (including their “appearance” in their new incarnation) our loving ties to them in the previous life somehow carry over and we recognize the soul essence in them no matter what. I think you’ve done just that! Blessings to you, and your beautiful kitty(s). – Alexis


  9. Suri
    August 21, 2021 @ 1:07 pm

    I cried reading this and I’m further moved by the responses.

    How did you know Clover Paws and Paws were one in the same? Looks, mannerisms, both or was it just obvious personally.

    I’m looking forward to the return of my princess who made life worth living all those years ago when she came along.
    I was so depressed, struggling and knew the road ahead was going to be tough as someone not built for the society many of us live in. I had never skipped class but one day I felt no motivation to go in or even get up to wash and dress, that was the day our beloved dog showed up, a stray, underweight puppy who approached my mother on her way to work, who had believed I had the day off. The dog quickly made herself at home and was loved by everyone, family, neighbours, people who didn’t like dogs, one relative was petrified of dogs not too long ago dogsat her, a better dog couldn’t have walked into our lives, sweet and full of personality. I had to live for her, I had to work so that she had the best food and vet care when she needed, I had to walk her even though I’d rather not be outdoors, I had to look after myself as doing this is caring for her, she was even my main motivation to get a car, which isn’t an easy feat in my country. When the dog first arrived, her age was estimated, she was born the month I was last assaulted by a past abuser, who happens to be frightened of dogs.
    Life improved so much and there was still so much more to do, I just wonder if she believes her job is done because her presence bought about nothing but positive change, I hope not, she has a loving home on earth always, I’m on the lookout for her return and things will only be better.


    • Alexis Brooks
      August 25, 2021 @ 3:51 pm

      Though I have heard from one animal communicator that animal “reincarnation” is rather rare, I do feel it is a distinct possibility, if the mission of your animal companion with you is yet to be complete. Both my husband and I knew (based on VERY distinct and unavoidable similarities plus a gut knowing) that Paws somehow managed to return as “Clover Paws.” Still floors us ’til this day! We don’t know how it all works, but oh how magical it is, indeed!

      Thanks also for sharing your touching story!


  10. Janette
    November 12, 2021 @ 11:09 pm

    I really like all you write about but am curious and disagree how you “believe” our pets rarely reincarnate. Clearly, someone had a bias that you trusted. I have heard and have had personal experience with a reincarnated cat. And actually, since we are very bonded, of course they would reincarnate back. Just as family members and marriage partners and children all reincarnate, changing roles many times. The love will always draw them near us. Sometimes you have to get a good Animal communicator to help bridge the communication so that you can be guided back, the place, the time, the outer look. That is what happened to me with my cat. I was hoping for a different cat to come back, one that had a tragic passing and who would have a hard time easily connecting at the exact place and time. Instead a different cat found his way to me, and since he was always the “love cop” as we used to say, always making sure he got the majority of the attention and love, he came back in a dream first, and it was absolutely my old cat, he had a specific rolling around action, like an esctasy endulations, thrilled to have connected with me in the dream. I had regularly visited a cat rescue place, and so I put the word out there THAT WAS THE PLACE we would find each other. Indeed, I found my one cat that came to me in a dream. The other one I later started dreaming about, and he ended up coming through in a different place, far away, and more to that story, but I could not make that connection happen. But we tried. In the future, I have promised my fur beloveds, I will be near pregnant animals and help guide them in that way. I recently had a beloved dog pass unexpectedly by getting by a car from a friend, just a few feet from me, seeing all the gore. I am still am in shock and grief, but am determined that we will find each other again, through a pregnant mom dog. YES, I AM LOOKING FOR AN EXPERIENCED PERSON WHO CAN HELP GUIDE US BACK TOGETHER AGAIN.


    • Alexis Brooks
      November 17, 2021 @ 7:19 pm

      Hi Janette,

      I’m grate-full for your weigh in and will say without delay that this process we call reincarnation is still such a mystery (at least for me). Though I suspect such a process is a very real part of our human and spiritual experience, I’ve always been a bit conservative (and humble) about how it works. That said, let’s keep our inquisitive nature alive (and our animal companions in the process). For whether in memory or in a physical re-incarnation, I know their love is all-ways with us!

      Cheers and Blessings!


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