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3 Surefire Tips to Tap Your Intuition (And Why This is All You’ll Need)

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Most everyone wants to know how to recognize their intuition, or at least how to know the difference between intuitive hunches and all that other mental talk. As I’ve mentioned before, each of us has our own unique interface with the language of the universe.

It could be auditory

or visual

or kinesthetic (feeling).

Some multi-talented “receivers” have a bit of all three but more often people will tend toward one of the three as their strong “channel.”

Based on my own assessment (and some research), it seems that which is our primary learning style may be linked to our intuitive or receiving channel as well.

Once you’ve determined how your primary receiving channel operates (auditory, visual, or kinesthetic), here are some tips to help you beef up your intuitive antenna and get those messages flowing a lot more!

Use Your Non-Dominant hand

Ambidextrous people need not apply!

It is believed that which ever we use as our dominant hand will determine whether we think more with the left or right hemisphere of our brain. Though some feel this to be pseudoscience, those who are right handed (the overwhelming part of the population) tend to be more rooted in logic, practicality and yes, even ego! Those who are south paws relish in the more intuitive, creative and idealistic aspects assigned to the right hemisphere of the brain.

Yours truly falls into the latter camp and a proud “lefty” at that.

And yet even though the odds for intuitive capacity seem to be in my favor, whether left or right-handed, we could all use a bit of leveling of the scales.

It is my sense that if balance between both the left and right side of the brain can become more harmonious (shaking hands if you will), the opportunity to gain equilibrium will allow both logic and intuition to blend and when that happens, intuition will become more integral to our natural state of living.

In fact in a perfect world, we wouldn’t dare look at the two as separate but part of a greater whole, like the whole of the planet – though the earth has two hemispheres, it operates as a unit. And have you noticed how intuitive nature is on her own?

Practice at least once a day taking the most common tasks that you do with your dominant hand (brushing teeth, stirring a pot, and of course hand-writing) and switch them up to your non-dominant hand.

As for the writing part – be prepared for your 3rd grade penmanship (or worse) to resurface. But alas, you’ll get better with practice!

Strengthen Your Peripheral Vision

Say what? You read this right. Let’s get a little “supernatural” for a minute. Have you or someone you know ever swear they’ve seen something (like an orb or even a ghost) out of the corner of their eye and when they turn to look, nothing is there?

It is believed that there are a plethora of energy forms (including those that are intelligent) that co-exist in the space we occupy. Given the fact that as humans we only see a tiny fraction of the visual spectrum, most other “life” goes unnoticed or undetected.

When you intentionally practice “seeing” with your peripheral sight – essentially directing your vision toward your temples while you are physically focused straight ahead, you can begin to see even more in your environment, whether to your left or right or even above and below you.

I’ve been practicing this technique for years and have noticed that not only am I even more aware of “subtle energies” around me but, you guessed it, my intuitive hunches come more often.

So why is that? How might peripheral vision and intuition be linked?

Just like the subtle energies (orbs, and other beings that are believed to be conscious entities on their own), our intuition is also subtle, yet conscious and very intelligent. Intuition is a part of us but because it seems to exist in that subtle space that we don’t typically pick up, it can be hard to catch.

By strengthening our peripheral vision, we’ll be primed to tune in to many more forms of subtle energy, including our own intuition!

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Here’s what I do…

After meditation, as I’m beginning to open my eyes (and I do this very slowly) rather than focus my gaze straight ahead, I will face center but focus on the surroundings to the left and right of me. Each time, I will identify how far to each side I can see (the chair, the painting on my left, the window to the right and so on). With practice you will be amazed at how much you can actually glimpse when looking peripherally!

Do this on a regular basis and monitor how your intuitive senses have picked up!

And speaking of senses, here’s my third tip to kick in that intuition…

Sense Your Environment

Certainly the ancients didn’t have the luxury of alarm clocks to wake them up or timers to tell them when their food was ready. They relied solely on their senses to know their environment, including incoming weather conditions and other areas of life where survival was concerned.

Though our body’s internal clock is based on natural circadian rhythms that tell us when to sleep, wake and eat, we’ve become too accustomed to not trusting the natural (and magical) process our bodies have built in. If we don’t trust the natural process, how are we ever going to trust our intuition?

Get back to basics!

Go ahead. I dare you. Turn off your alarm clock. Better yet, pack it away. Even for just a week, see if you can allow yourself to wake up exactly when you asked yourself to the night before. Can you sense what time it is in the morning even if your blinds are closed and you can’t see the sun?

We are naturally aligned with this planet including its own clock. We are meant to be in resonance with it. If you can train yourself to get back into conscious alignment with it – you guessed it, you’re apt to be more in alignment with your intuition!

So there you have it! Three tips to tap your intuition to get yourself back into rhythm with the gifts that have always been with you.

It’s time to bring your intuition out of the closet and into your life!

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Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the editor-in-chief of Higher Journeys, an award-winning talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker covering metaphysics, spirituality and personal transformation. Her work explores consciousness, human potential, and the deeper characteristics of reality from a transcendental perspective and her approach to these subjects have been described by many as “clear and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter. Alexis' mantra: If you dare explore the mystery, Universe will more than meet you half way!

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